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  1. I didn't see that, but I don't call that an answer.
  2. I was just curious if I'm the only one that's not recieving my Pocket Queries, I haven't recieved one for three days and it's killing me, I even programed a new one and it dosen't look like it's going to show either.
  3. I found your cache the same day it was moved, like I said in my log the board that is on the fence was put their by kids to cross, how do I know this, I watched some kids do it. The cache is a great cache get it back on line and don't worry about it getting moved, you'll find people do that, I've had caches moved to the point I couldn't even find them. One thing you might do is add the coords. to the parking area, that might help. Again don't let one person spoil your fun, it's a great cache, now get out there and hide some more.
  4. Please put me on the list, I need something to do since I'm laid up and can't cache.
  5. Well I was hoping to stay out of this thread but now I have to join in...Oh I've fallen and got brused up but last weekend put the iceing on the cake or should I say the cast on the arm... There were 8 of us out riding ATV's and Geocaching and having a very good day until the dreaded moment...now keep in mind I have only 2 speeds when riding...stopped and full throttle...we were on our way to the next cache when it happened...I picked the wrong line around a corner, hooked my left front tire in a rut and the rodeo was on, I didn't make the 8 second ride...as soon as everything came to a stop I knew I was hurt I just didn't know how bad... About 5 hours later I arrived at the ER...after getting my riding stuff off they took me into xray and gave me something for the pain (thank god) then came the news...now all this time I was thinking a broken arm but no I have to do things right...I had shattered my wrist... I had emergency surgery on Monday and now have a Titanium plate and 8 screws holding my wrist together... It could have been alot worse and what really makes me mad is I'm 46 years old and until now I have never broken anything or had any type of surgery... Maybe I need to slow down a bit...Naaaaaaa
  6. Got mine a couple days ago very nice and many thanks... Hey CavScout I just got notice that my TB has made it to Iraq...you need to locate it and get it logged... http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=132974
  7. Just ran out to the mail box...still no coins...
  8. I think I'll be implementing that method on about 10 or so Idaho - 2005 coins that I have. The goal isn't so much to stop them from showing up on eBay but to make sure that all local cachers have a shot at finding one, and not the usual suspects who all have coins. You still have those coins?...I can't believe it...you were given those extra coins to give out at events and such I see that hasen't happened...it makes me sorry that those extra coins were even given to you to hand out in the first place...
  9. Hey wait don't forget about by caching buddy... http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.as...d0-b825b26740fb
  10. I send my congrats to Blindleader on the FTF the Washington Challenge...that didn't take long...NOW...how long would it take you to complete my Idaho Challenge...
  11. Please put me down for 1 regular and on the waiting list for 1 silver...Thanks
  12. RK you forgot one http://www.coinsandpins.com/
  13. Coinsandpins did our Idaho coins...real good to deal with, no problems on making changes and believe me there were lots of those...Our coins turned out great.
  14. I was just wondering who was making your pins...I have been toying with having some pins made as a sig. item and the prices you have listed are much higher than what I was quoted...
  15. Longest hike or the longest...worst day ever...a few of us got togethet to do this whole series...it's a wonder any of us lived thru it... http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...c3-cf21e08c9093 I just listed one of them out of four in the series we only got two of them done...stillhaven't had enough guts to go get the other two...read our logs.
  16. I am not sure that ShowStop understands that this is not a Pre-Pay list. This is simply a waiting list to be on the pre-pay list. If the coin is not pleasing, we are under no obligation to purchase. If Showstop looked closely, it would have been noted that certain people were only interested IF the coin were gc trackable. I didn't see Showstop on the list; so what is the compaint? I relly don't see it as a complaint...I see it as a concern...the same concern that made me get out of the coin club I was in...they buy anything that comes out...it's very simple if you think about it...1k coins spoken for and still no art work...they may not be ready to be paid for yet but why would anyone let that many people put their name on a waiting list without at the very least a hand drawing of what the coin might look like...this is just not a good way to do it... I'm getting ready to have some coins made myself but I will post the art work at the same time I announce the coins...just my 2cents And you are correct before you say anything my name isn't on the list either...and for that very reason...
  17. This happens to be my favorte time of year...as an avid geocacher as well as an avid hunter I combine the two into one trip...I try to find 2 or 3 unfound caches in an area that has fair deer and elk hunting and go for it...I personaly don't wear much hunter orange...I'm just funny that way...the joke around here has always been if they can see you than your a better target...I truely believe that sometimes...Mondays the day and I can't wait...
  18. Logging a bug that was taken to an Event isn't really a big deal I don't think, I have done it...BUT...I am losing intrest in TB's simply because of the ones that will email everyone to get the tracking number just so they can log the TB just for another number on their stat page...I mean come on people if your going to log a TB you should at the very least lay eyes on it...I have a simple rule...I won't log a TB unless I hold in in my own 2 hands...off soap box...
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