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  1. Forum itself is nice. The mouse-in-wheel which seems to be keeping everything operating is getting very old. I used internet bulletin boards 10 years ago that were more stable and had better connectivity (not sure that's a word). It's been real, it's been fun, but it hasn't been real fun. I'm done with it. I'll miss the information but it's not enough to overcome my frustration with the stupid timeout errors. Whoever is running the show should be a little ashamed and get their act together. Don't bother with witty responses...I won't be here to see them.
  2. I think they're tanking the Wherigo thing. There hasn't been any support for it from mfr, at least for the Oregon. I'd like to develop cartridges myself but why bother? The compiler is buggy and the Oregon doesn't function with the cartridges correctly. It's too bad because there is potential for great fun.
  3. That figures. About two weeks ago I bought one for my Oregon and laptop. They don't make one for my phone else I'd have one for it too.
  4. Two failed hookups to the PC before I could run the new beta. Sure hope that problem gets fixed. This makes three computers that the unit locks up with when connecting. New laptop, one week old.
  5. I got an email from garmin that 2.98 was available. My email to garmin beta was specifically about the unit not seeing the birds.
  6. Why wouldn't both units, side by side, display the same activity? Don't have any idea. It just seems like when the Oregon is acting strangely it coincides with a change to satellite status.
  7. My guess is that the Oregon is not handling the active/inactive status of satellites correctly. http://www.navcen.uscg.gov/navinfo/Gps/ActiveNanu.aspx http://www.navcen.uscg.gov/navinfo/Gps/Nan...?NanuId=2009032 Oddly enough, it's the same day you were reporting errors. Don't know if the times line up. The satellite was out for almost 12 hours. Last time I had problems it was related to satellite status changes. I could be wrong.
  8. Good deal. If those Energizers are new you'll probably get a little more out of them after a few cycles.
  9. Wow, I've never seen mine show 4 feet, best I think is 8 feet. Maybe I'll give the method a shot.
  10. Check this out: http://www.javad.com/cgi-bin/jgnss/cgi?Action=SatView Note the difference in how 01 and 05 (GPS) are notated although both are unhealthy. This may account for the way your gpsr is handling them differently.
  11. I picked up a pack of the screen protectors at BestBuy for a few bucks. Use on my Oregon and my cell phone. Cut to fit, replace as you wish.
  12. I just sent them an email with a link to the slideshow of screencaps and the description of the problems I've been having. Crossing fingers, toes, arms and legs.
  13. Here's some caps from this morning, photobucket slideshow. Notice the far right satellite keeps changing numbers. Sometimes it would lock, most times not. Bars at bottom show lots of satellites at times with weak signal strength but none are visible. This thing is whacked out. I may revert to prior version. Also, half the time I plug into my computer (both at home and work) it fails to connect with the computer and locks up. Only way to fix it is to pop the batteries.
  14. Was out all day on the motorcycle. Reception was terrible all day. Multiple power cycles, WAAS/no WAAS made no difference. Could see birds in the satellite page but no joy in locking on them. Max of 4 sats all day long. Multiple times got message 'Satellite Lock Lost' while on the road. Bad, bad, bad.
  15. Still seeing terrible accuracy and reception of 4 out of a possible 12 sats. Didn't take a screencap this time, we all know what it looks like. Caching would be out of the question if I had planned to spend the day doing that.
  16. The 'D' in the satellite signal strength bar means that it has WAAS lock. Prn51 doesn't have it because it is the WAAS satellite.
  17. Did you steal my GPS?? Mine was fine when I went back out a few hours ago. Yours probably will be in a while. I'm curious as to what's making this happen...beyond my speculation.
  18. As if your second tap will be that much better than your first...and put the pin right where you want it? And what doesn't make sense about my comment? Accidental taps happen all the time for me, mostly when I'm panning the screen.
  19. Just went out and stuck the Oregon in my car, turned it (Oregon) on. Reception back to normal. Not such a good idea IMO. Would be way too easy to accidentally start placing new waypoints. It's pretty easy as it stands, I think. Push screen to get the visual pin, tap the banner at the top, choose mark waypoint button (if memory serves me correctly).
  20. Go figure?! Hopefully it will be better this afternoon. I'm at work all day anyways.
  21. http://www.navcen.uscg.gov/navinfo/Gps/ActiveNanu.aspx Looks like prn16 was out of service for a day and then fired back up yesterday sometime. That could be the problem if my guess about satellite status changes is correct. Mine was receiving properly yesterday at 12:30pm.
  22. Fired up the unit this morning on the way to work. Terrible satellite reception. Constellation wasn't great but there were birds up there to be listened to. Screencap was after the 10 minute ride to work and standing in open parking lot. Not sure how much it's related to new firmware. If a satellite has changed it's status the Oregon seems to have a hard time interpreting that change.
  23. I export all child waypoints as POIs so they don't count against the waypoint limit and, more importantly, they don't clutter up your waypoint list. All doable with GSAK and the Oregon400T using free macro. Should be possible on yours also.
  24. I concur on just about all the comments. My only deviation will be to say that with thick gloves on, winter motorcycle gloves, the touchscreen was hard to operate. Probably no harder than trying to push a small button on any electronic device with same gloves on. I use the RAM mount in both my car and on my motorcycle. Very flexible, top notch.
  25. Looks like they're testing the L5 band on prn01. I think L5 is a commercial band. As far as I can tell it's not broadcasting on L1/L2 yet.
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