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  1. Howdy all, Is there a way one can list currently active travel bugs in order of total miles travelled? Say from most miles to least... Thanks!
  2. I too would stick to Topo mapping on the Garmins or using a laptop with Mapsource. You would end up with a pretty heavy "New York Phonebook" of a map guide in paper version for just 1 state. I have not printed anything from Mapsource so I can't really report on that but I'll stick up for the mapping on screen!
  3. I have noticed that there have been quite a few thefts of caches over the past months including one of my own. WHAT is the sensation that one can possibly achieve by doing this? I had a basic ammo box with little value at all of items inside stolen and 2 travel bugs lost. This cache was in such a remote area of the Wisconsin northwoods national forests and was not easily if at all seen unless you were really digging. Either someone watched other cachers there or someone is going onto Geocaching.com and getting coordinates to steal them. This is crazy. There's about a half dozen out of 30 I have planned for seeking for the winter months that have been stolen. What's wrong with people? get a life.. I would think if the US Forest Service confiscated it, they would contact me right? All the official geocache emblems and contact info were inside. Not sure why they would take it anyway. They gave full permission for me to do this 3 years ago and I don't think they changed their stance since?
  4. Howdy everyone.. Been a cacher for a while but just got into the coins. I'm looking for a couple of 2005 Wisconsin Geocoins if anyone has 1 or 2 they would be interesting in selling. As I said, I am new to coins so I don't really have anything to trade .. I check eBay but they are few and far between and I get outbid when not around or by some astronomical amount. Thanks in advance! Mike
  5. some of us have to work weeknights Mike K9DRX http://www.qsl.net
  6. try geocaching naked. that way they will pay attention to that more than what you are doing. http://www.qsl.net/k9drx
  7. ok, well that shoots my echolink idea in the rear. No IRLP around here that I can control. Thanks anyway. Mike K9DRX http://www.qsl.net/k9drx
  8. OK, I guess I need to check the forums more!! Anyway, Is this net still taking place on a regular schedule on Echolink # 243326?? If not, it should! This is a cool idea! If so, I would like to dedicate a section on my webpage with all of the information about the net and there is also a local repeater in my area I could send the Net out over to spark some interest in GeoCaching. Thanks! Mike K9DRX http://www.qsl.net/k9drx
  9. triryche

    6m Rigs

    I worked about 100 grids in North America and probably 40 states and 3 countries with a RCI 5054dx on a simple PAR Loop antenna. A fine rig indeed but lacks quite a few things like a $600 or so radio like a Yaesu FT-857 or an Icom 706.. such as the filters, DSP, speech processor, etc.. It is amazing what a difference a DSP (digital processor) makes when trying to work weak signals and Aurora DX. I own a Yaesu FT-857 and the newer "D" models are selling used under $600 and resonably new also. A great rig with all bands, all modes, and 100 watts out on 6M! , compared to 35 watts on the 5054dx.. Check out some info on 6 Meters at my site: Mike K9DRX http://www.qsl.net/k9drx
  10. Seller, Please check your personal email messages for a reply from me. Thanks! Mike www.qsl.net/k9drx
  11. RE: WAAS and Battery Life... There is a noticeable amount of extra battery drain on my Garmin eTrex Vista when WAAS is on. I would say batteries last 50% longer with it off but who cares? Bring extra batteries! I would rather have a couple extra sets of rechargeables in my pocket anyway and get the better accuracy!! Mike http://www.qsl.net/k9drx
  12. I would second both the WalMart.com and Amazon.com suggestions. The prices are about equal and the lowest around but the thing to watch is when one or the other has specials on shipping. Many times they will offer free shipping on certain order amounts or things like that. Another thing to keep in mind is if there is a Gander Mountain store in your nieghborhood, they will meet any competitors price if your bring in an ad showing same. Avoids the hassle of mail order. I have some links to specials on my web-site as well. Mike http://www.qsl.net/k9drx
  13. Just a quick note on MetroGuide... I have both MetroGuide V5 and Roads & Recreation. I have loaded both into my eTrex Vista because both have advantages and disadvantages. Metroguide V5 offers very recent road and technical data while Roads & Rec uses 1980's circa outdated road map data. The downfall to MetroGuide is it lacks ANY water features, parks, campgrounds, etc. while Roads & Rec has every little pond and creek with points of interest and outdoor recreational interests. MetroGuide V5 is loaded with businesses, malls, strores, that sort of thing & even addresses and phone numbers. Some I would say are inaccurate but there is quite a huge selection of stuff in there. So you have to choose your version based on your interests I guess. I use Roads & Rec when Geocaching or travelling in the boonies because the water features and such are kind of important. While in non-rural areas, I turn it off and switch to MetroGuide. Thankfully the Vista allows me enough memory to do this for the entire State of Wisconsin and portions of bordering states! Mike K9DRX http://www.qsl.net/k9drx/
  14. I have noticed that a person must have a general love for the outdoors to be interested in the hobby.. Most radio and techno geeks I know that are confined city dwellers aren't interested but anyone that enjoys exploring the outdoors and discovering new areas gets hooked on Geocaching immediately regardless of their interest in maps or GPS stuff. I have 2 buddies that hate my radio and techno nerd hobbies but love to go geocaching. So when I promote the hobby, I try to emphasize the great outdoors as an attraction and it seems to help weed out the non-believers. I tried to do this on web page also... I've had several inquiries since I started the page. Just click the "Geocaching" Link Mike K9DRX http://www.qsl.net/k9drx
  15. Get a Vista or something like a 60cs if you can.. the extra memory is well worth it.. I own a Vista and the power & memory of such a little device still blows me away! More GPS and GeoCaching Info at: http://www.qsl.net/k9drx/
  16. UNLESS they interfere with another service while doing so.. Which I witnessed a couple years ago. Some clowns were using 50-100watt VHF ham radios with base station antennas on the MURS frequencies. One of those MURS channels is VERY close to a State Police frequency and these guys were heard there plain as day because of spurious transmissions. doh! CB, GMRS, Marine, MURS.. all bands the FCC could care less about until it's starts bothering another bill paying service. All about money
  17. Yeah, a CB COULD be a useful tool but the majority of persons operating there are far from "useful" tools which makes it unfortunate. I had a CB for a few weeks (picked up a base station from an estate sale) a number of years ago and the local activity was pure ignorance. Truck drivers would ask for help and people would just make dumb noises and ignore them. Some folks would ask the drivers to change channels so they could give them directions and retards would follow along and tie up the frequency with noise and other crap. Someone was actually using those radios for a usefull purpose and that bothers some people apparently. There was even some dork that thought it was neat to transmit the local AM radio station for 12 hours straight over CB. I have heard stories about some of the local maroons using 1500 watt 10M amps to run AM CB. And who do they talk to? A guy accross town!! 73, Mike K9DRX http://www.qsl.net/k9drx/
  18. just wondering if you checked what happens when you put it through the garbage disposal in the sink there? doh! Mike My Webpage
  19. HUH? WHAT advantage does CB have over Ham radio???? There isn't ONE, not ONE! It's been proven time and time again that the only way a person thinks a CB is any more usefull than a child's walkie-talkie is to do it illegally with extra power. A technician class license has the ability to talk internationally as I have done so and so have many others. 73, Mike K9DRX http://www.qsl.net/k9drx/
  20. I highly recommend any cachers out there to check out some of the caches in the Chequamegon/Nicolet Forest areas in these counties in Wisconsin. I have been going there for years and these caches have taken me to areas that I never new existed. Quiet lakes and trails far from regular tourists looking for "the outdoors with city accomodations". This is life in the woods at it's best. "Timberline Echoes" has an Awesome series of caches that take you to some of the most beautiful areas of this state I have ever seen. Lil Otter's 52 Pick-up Water Falls tour is also an awesome tour of mother nature. Areas 2 miles from where I have camped for years and I never knew they were there!! Have fun! http://www.qsl.net/k9drx
  21. triryche

    Aprs Anyone?

    What's APRS??? JUST KIDDING!! If you like maps, computers, GPS, and ham radio then not having APRS running either in your house or vehicle makes you a WEENIE! Combine APRS with Geocaching is a nerd's peradise. Kinda fun to track your friends while they trudge through the backwoods looking for hidden tupperware. I use the Kenwood D700A and it's a radio, TNC, and computer all built into one. Hook in a GPS and you have everything you need for APRS except the map display. BUT, addition of a laptop into the mix will take care of that! Mike K9DRX http://www.qsl.net/k9drx
  22. Hello to the group.. I currently have an original print Precision Mapping V7 up for auction on eBay for a very good price. This was purchased just a few weeks ago and is like brand new. Free Shipping to USA. Please check it out at http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=5735000069 Thanks very much for your time.
  23. oops, sorry about that. Didn't see that forum when I posted. My bad...
  24. Garmin eTrex Vista here. The mapping is outstanding for such a small unit. The memory is more than enough for me to put the entire state of Wisconsin in using Roads & Rec AND Metroguide V5.0. Works well on my dash using a cell phone cradle. The extra memory over the lesser unit is well worth the extra cost.
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