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  1. In general that is perfect off course. Will try tweaking the macro a bit. The count suggests it sees al logs, so maybe I can make it save all of them... Thanx so far.
  2. Although a very cool and usefull macro, I see it only get's my log entries. In general that's great, but for the Mars Rover I would love to have an overview of all log entires. Is there a way to have that in the macro?
  3. And... Running Thanx. Still used the older Trackable add macro.
  4. I do use GSAK, but can not find how to import tb logs.
  5. Unfortunately not for the one i was interested in :( https://www.geocaching.com/track/map_gm.aspx?ID=4638861
  6. I searched, but could not find the info. So... Is it possible to get access to all TB logs at once somehow, without paging through all pages? Best regards, Peter
  7. Goededag, Ik heb net een TB uit de Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen opgepikt welke het doel heeft terug te keren naar Guernsey, maar via zoveel mogelijk scouting groepen. Ik zit afwisselend vaak in Hillegom en Badhoevedorp. Is er in de buurt een geocachende scouting groep aan wie ik deze TB over kan dragen? Het gaat om de https://coord.info/TB6A32G, dus als je hem al hebt gehad... Anders laat ik hem gewoon weer ergens in een andere cache vrij. In ieder geval een fijne kerst an vast een gelukkig nieuwjaar! Groetjes, Peter
  8. Thanks PF, I figured that while you were typing Any way to make that more clear? Or leave them out of the total count? Best regards, TriggerFish (Peter)
  9. Hi Again, Just after asking, I seem to have found the ten. They are lab caches. Is there a way to leave them out of the total count? Or change the site to say 1053/10 Finds or something like that? Best regards, TriggerFish (Peter)
  10. Hi, Some time ago, I noticed that the finds count on the site top right, started to drift from the number of cache in the my finds pocket query. By now my profile says 1063 finds, but the myfinds pocket query contains only 1053 caches. As far as I know, my personal offline count, matches the 1053. Where are the 10 extra comming from? Best regards, triggerfish (Peter)
  11. Hi, Over years I have created a large number of routes. I do not need most of them any more. Opening them one by one, deleting them, is killing. Is there a way to bulk-erase more routes by selecting them and hitting delete once? Best regards, Peter
  12. Thanx for all the replies. I was not aware of the problem with trial user messing up things. I had one hide and that got stolen so often I archived it in the end. I do feel it a bit like cheating having to use a backdoor to log PMO caches as a non PM. But I will give it a try with my non premium fellow members. The way it is used is, in my opinion, tying the horse behind the wagon. I would suggest to Groundspeak to have the trial app only find caches that are marked "free" or "trial" or whatever in stead of having to hide your cache from them by making it premium. Thanx for clearing thing up though! Happy caching, Peter
  13. Hi all, I am premium member, so it is not an issue for me personally, but what is the idea behind premium member only caches? It's just anoying, because now I have to split caches to do between friends that are premium member and those that are not. Sure, they can just become premium member... If financial status permits then... But is that the only idea behind it? To get more members to pay for membership? Who decides what is premium and what not? If the premium caches were something special, I could understand, but most I found until now, are plain ordinary. So, what's the idea behind premium member only caches Best regards, Peter
  14. For those who need something similar, gsak has a way to do it. See http://gsak.net/board/index.php?showtopic=21973&st=0entry160730
  15. Thanks for the answers. I do use gsak, so I will check that path. I also like the suggestion to mention they are logged from another account. I will do that also. I can select the caches without any problem. They are the ones that have my wife's name in the logs and selecting them is not a problem. Best regards, Peter
  16. Hi, This question is basically two in one... 1 - Is it possible to log a set of found caches by uploading a file of some format to the geocaching.com site? 2 - Is it even allowed to do so? Why I ask? My wife and I are getting divorced. We used to cache mostly together, so most of "my" finds are basically "her" finds also. She wants to set up her own account and I would like to get her the finds she found with me. There is nothing to stop her from logging them manually, but there are more than just a few... Thanx, Peter
  17. I realise this is an old topic, but for me still current... How difficult would it be to add a checkbox "anonymous gift" on the form? If creating a dummy email address, dummy GC account and donating the premium membership that way, is the ay to go, so be it, but it leaves a further useless email account and gc account...
  18. Hi SilverSnake, that is one kick-a** site... The only thing missing is the "download PQ" button but that would be too much to ask. A "make bookmark list" button would do my trick also... For now this makes my life much easier. I am going to have a close look at this site and it's possibilities. Many Thanks! Best regards, Peter
  19. By now I fine tuned the google search as much as I can. I can now limit my results to the keyword in the cache name, because it's in the page title also and the general area, as that is stated on the page also. feeding google: will give me 248 results beeing caches in the netherlands with enigma in the page name. One point is that I have to click them one by one and add them to a bookmark list Another point is that log pages will also show up, so it's not just the caches. Since I do have a day-job and a social life; PLEASE create a wildcard search option in pocket queries... Best regards, Peter
  20. I even tried "site:www.geocaching.com bunker The Netherlands", and while it gives me something to work with, it's very labour intensive to get what I want that way. What is easier than to allow "%bunker" in the search. OK, I know, it will cause a bit more load on the database, because that query will require more cpu, but such a query could be limited to one a day or so. I know it is technical possible, maybe noone thought about it until now. Or the idea may even have been rejected in the past. Hence this question. Best regards, Peter
  21. I want to search for caches with things like "bunker" or "fortress" or "WO1" and so on, in the name. When I enter that in the name search field on the site, it will only find caches that start with those words... I need a way to search the whole name. I know I can create a pocket query, download that into GSAK and search my behind off, but I can not download all caches in The Netherlands in one go, to do so... And If I can limit the pocket query to those words in the description, I already have what I want, so this looks a bit like the chicken and the egg... Is there a way to wildcard-search the names??? Best regards, Peter
  22. That would be some explanation... Thanks. The only downside of the official "My Finds" query is that apparently you can not schedule it. But I have some explanation about the differences now. Thanks Peter
  23. If you just purcahed the 60, it might not be set up for geocaching. You have to enable geocaching mode somewhere in the settings and then assign the geocache icons to the unit. Basically select the closed chest for a geocache and the open chest for the found caches. In the find - geocaches mode, it will search for the closed chests.
  24. Hi, Recently I noticed that my personal, weekly scheduled, "my finds" pocket queries did not return all my found caches. When I just hit the "My Finds" query at the bottom of the pocket query list, that did generate all my found caches... I checked and double checked my query, but can not find the error. Any container Any size All countries I have found caches, since you need to specify at least one location Any ideas? And I see the my finds qury can be run every three days, which is more often than I would want to, so would it be possible to schedule it on a weekly base??? Thanks, Peter
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