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  1. I have a TB being held hostage also. I emailed this to them once- "Just checking on my TB" got a response and explanation and was assured it would be moved soon but to no avail. I marked it as missing finally. I know things come up and people get busy in life but if you know can't keep them moving say after two weeks after you pick it up don't take it.
  2. I was going to buy the Sevylor inflatable kayak but went with their "4-man" Caravelle instead. It got me across the river to an island cache ok but I wouldn't want to use it for much more than that.
  3. I use a Garmin GPSmap 60 CSx- no complaints with it so far.
  4. Anyone have any day hike recommendations for the Great Smoky Mts. that is close to Gatlinburg?
  5. I'm seeing some great knives being carried by us geocachers, Case,Gerber,Camillus,Buck,Victorinox etc. I always have my SOG twitch assisted opening handy. I use it for a variety of applications like rope cutting,removing small screws,etc.
  6. Here in Ohio (Cincinnati area) it's not a problem other than a harmless garter snake or other non-poisonous variety. But in the Southern/Western states I imagine it could be a serious concern when searching around rocks or in the woods for a cache.
  7. Yeah, I agree that inactive accounts with no finds/hides should be deleted after a fair amount of time. I wanted a certain username at one time by an account holder with 0 finds/hides and last log on of 2003 but they have a cool username tied up. If an account is not going to be in use in some capacity in say a year, it probably will never be used.
  8. I've found two so far, both in front yards of cachers. I think they're cool.
  9. I'll stick to daytime, night caching could really look suspicious.
  10. I was told to leave while searching for a cache once, I went back and found it the next day. I have been questioned three times by muggles who after I gave a brief geocaching 101 lesson still looked hopelessly confused and suspicious. It's really hard to convince someone it is a harmless activity who has never heard of it.
  11. Ran over one of mine with a mower, then asked if I wanted the pieces...nice.
  12. My "Lone Ranger" TB came to a screaching halt...forever...Oh, well life in the BUG city!
  13. I have also found some incorporated in a novelty cache like a fake bug or chewing gum like they sell on ebay. Those are cool.
  14. I will always prefer searching for tupperware in the woods over a "challenge".
  15. As I explain it on my profile page, I love TV and movies and I grew up in the 70's and 80's so when I first set up my account with Geocaching.com I was looking around the room trying to find a "cool" username and I saw my DVD set of "The Fall Guy" TV show from the early 80's and there you go. It is interesting to know how people get their sceen names.
  16. I may if an interesting one near me comes around but I don't think I will do a lot. I'm happy with traditionals.
  17. That is a great question! My wife is not really interested in caching either but she does go with me occasionally when I say "It's not going to be in any woods and you don't even have to get out of the car." That's fine for a light post or guard rail hide but beyond that I go alone or with my Dad. I think for me at least it is going to be just my activity!
  18. I've had cachers not sign on my home cache and they logged it. It doesn't bother me enough to question them though, unless the same person logged all of my hides as found and didn't sign any that would be excessive but I doubt that I would pursue it, it's not worth the uncomfortable questioning but that's just me.
  19. I do love nanos also. It seems that there are some occasions where you have to use a tiny container to avoid it being muggled, but they sure can be tough to find at times!
  20. The avatars on cache pages will take some getting used to for sure. It is for me however, kind of cool to see some creative and talented designs other cachers have come up with.
  21. I was also wondering where my new souvenir badge is, I found 2 caches Saturday to earn it for the International Geocaching Day. It probably takes a few days to show up I'm guessing, I hope it is a cool design.
  22. My question is that if I change my username, do I lose all my finds and start totally over or do I retain all finds and logs from my prior username? Also, after submitting a new username, how long does it take for the new name to go into effect?
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