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  1. I have only found one tank cache, and I thought it was way cool. It's on my profile page under my favorites.
  2. Gators would be crazy to see while caching also. That's one thing for sure I don't have to worry about in Ohio!
  3. Thanks for posting the photos! I LOVE this! That is cool, really. Thanks 4 the pics!
  4. That sounds like just what I'm looking for, I will be going down there in Nov. I will definitely read up on them. Thanks for the reply, much appreciated!
  5. Me. I did a cache that you had to cross a local river to an island to get, it's a real cool pirate's themed cache also. There is a large dam very close to the point to put a boat in at. I got my inflatable raft and GPS and gameplan ready the day before the adventure. Once I started off in the river over to the island I realized I didn't take the time to scout the river downstream and I was swiftly approaching a second dam, that was panic time when I first saw it and I was by myself so the current was not helping matters. I managed to get to the island and find the treasure chest (a singing treasure chest at that when you open it) but I knew that was a pretty dumb thing to do alone.
  6. I understand how hard it is to develop a EarthCache and have it published as I have some listed and more in draft and one in review that my son and I developed. I have found EC's that are so hard to answer that I have not bothered to log them. I just visited for the WOW factor anyway. Also have we have had a log deleted by a CO because he wanted to clearly see a face in the photo, and the answers were wrong as in your case here, but the CO cited the photo issue first. The same CO posted a note on another EC in another State saying that I was breaking the Law because I was armed with a holstered handgun on a roadside in a National Forest. That was not true, I was legally armed. I tryed to explain, then my answers were wrong. But they are the same answers that the CO has accepted from other users. I had to contact Groundspeak both times. And also I have had the same issue as you do here. A photo at the site and a few incorrect answers. Remembering how it feels to be geojerked around by some anal CO, I just sent the finder a thank you note and told them the correct answer. I won't take the time to develop ANY type listing that are not meant for others to enjoy. This is how I enjoy geocaching, by developing listings. I would rather hide than seek, so I would let the log stand. If you send users thank you notes, you may want to explain to them their answers were wrong and tell them them the correct answers. I agree with this post entirely.
  7. That sounds awesome, I also would like to see some photos.
  8. Good old jeans for bushwhacking in thorns and thistles. A good sturdy shoe like a cross trainer or hiking boot.
  9. Ok, when did I enter the Twilight Zone again?
  10. I try to put some trinkets in every cache size permitting, I agree, dollar stores are great for cheap swag.
  11. Hey Geocating, How you doing buddy? I know what you mean, there are some pretty bad containers and coords. that are way off in our area. Yours are always good though!
  12. I can imagine it is rather unnerving when you can hear it and not see where it is.
  13. Yeah, seeing them is one thing but a bite by one while reaching for cache is another story. Stay lucky!
  14. That even sounds mean! Thanks for the reply.
  15. Wow, I knew you all had rattlers out there. How close was it to the cache? Thanks for the reply!
  16. My son has a sevylor kayak, great fun and surprisingly sturdy. My Sevylor is good quality and all just kind of hard to manuever by myself. But yeah they are sturdy and inexpensive, I know they have been making the kayaks for a long time so they must be decent quality.
  17. I didn't say there were no other kinds of snakes in Ohio, in the cities around me (Cincinnati/Dayton) I have only seen a couple of garters.
  18. It shouldn't be that difficult to find a cache that is say a small or regular size in your area within two weeks if you cache often enough.
  19. I try to keep the hint short and unmistakable to avoid confusion. Long,intricate hints are more confusing than anything in my book.
  20. It is frustrating. You buy them, wait for them to arrive in the mail, add a trinket, set up the listing and photo of it and it goes 23 miles...wow. I guess it's a roll of the dice to release them in hopes that they will actually go somewhere.
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