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  1. Down here in SE FL, I am surprised I have only seen a couple rat snakes and black racers. Sooner or later I'm going to meet a rattlesnake in the wild. Seen bobcats, deer, wild pigs, scrub jays, gators. Rattlesnakes and river otters continue to elude me. I must admit a certain amount of apprehension about them as a result - I'd like to see one because I've never seen one (in the wild) but I also really hope I don't finally find one the hard way.

    Gators would be crazy to see while caching also. That's one thing for sure I don't have to worry about in Ohio!

  2. If you know this cache, please keep quiet. I am posting these pictures with the blessing of the cache owner, who took the photos. I must also add that the cache owner was very humble about this, hesitating to send me the pictures after taking them (at my request) because they felt the cache was too simple.


    Imagine lifting a lamp skirt to find something like this!! I haven't found this cache, myself, but I have been told that there is an ammo can there somewhere. Seriously.








    Thanks for posting the photos! I LOVE this!

    That is cool, really. Thanks 4 the pics!

  3. Sure do.Charlies bunion is a great day hike. not too long and a killer view at the end.If you can hike 12 round trip you should try Leconte Lodge via alum cave bluff trail.I am not in the greatest shape and i can manage it.Read up on both of them.Also be prepared for rain as it's a possibility anywhere in the smokies.

    That sounds like just what I'm looking for, I will be going down there in Nov. I will definitely read up on them. Thanks for the reply, much appreciated!

  4. Me. I did a cache that you had to cross a local river to an island to get, it's a real cool pirate's themed cache also. There is a large dam very close to the point to put a boat in at. I got my inflatable raft and GPS and gameplan ready the day before the adventure. Once I started off in the river over to the island I realized I didn't take the time to scout the river downstream and I was swiftly approaching a second dam, that was panic time when I first saw it and I was by myself so the current was not helping matters. I managed to get to the island and find the treasure chest (a singing treasure chest at that when you open it) but I knew that was a pretty dumb thing to do alone.

  5. Perhaps I am being a bit thickheaded here, but aren't EarthCache questions meant to be answered to show the cacher actually learned something? If the cacher answers incorrectly doesn't it mean they did not fulfill the logging requirements even with a picture?

    I understand how hard it is to develop a EarthCache and have it published as I have some listed and more in draft and one in review that my son and I developed. I have found EC's that are so hard to answer that I have not bothered to log them. I just visited for the WOW factor anyway. Also have we have had a log deleted by a CO because he wanted to clearly see a face in the photo, and the answers were wrong as in your case here, but the CO cited the photo issue first. The same CO posted a note on another EC in another State saying that I was breaking the Law because I was armed with a holstered handgun on a roadside in a National Forest. That was not true, I was legally armed. I tryed to explain, then my answers were wrong. But they are the same answers that the CO has accepted from other users. I had to contact Groundspeak both times. And also I have had the same issue as you do here. A photo at the site and a few incorrect answers. Remembering how it feels to be geojerked around by some anal CO, I just sent the finder a thank you note and told them the correct answer. I won't take the time to develop ANY type listing that are not meant for others to enjoy. This is how I enjoy geocaching, by developing listings. I would rather hide than seek, so I would let the log stand. If you send users thank you notes, you may want to explain to them their answers were wrong and tell them them the correct answers.

    I agree with this post entirely.

  6. A long log entry is always great to receive and read, and shows appreciation from the seeker to the CO.


    However I'm not going to lose any sleep if I just get a 'TFTC' or blank log. It is still better than no-one seeking/finding the cache at all.


    Particularly for DNFs, I'd rather have a blank DNF log than no log at all, as this can help indicate problems early.

    I agree.

  7. Surprisingly here in South Carolina I haven't ran into any snakes (knock on wood). I have read log after log of other people running into all kinds of snakes but either I have been lucky or I have over looked them. Hopefully I have been lucky and not the other. If I am overlooking them I guess that I am lucky I haven't been bitten yet. :smile:

    Yeah, seeing them is one thing but a bite by one while reaching for cache is another story. Stay lucky!

  8. San Diego here. Yup, we got us some serious rattlers here. I came across one last month while attempting a TB rescue. I abandoned the attempt after meeting the rattle snake.

    Wow, I knew you all had rattlers out there. How close was it to the cache? Thanks for the reply!

  9. I was going to buy the Sevylor inflatable kayak but went with their "4-man" Caravelle instead. It got me across the river to an island cache ok but I wouldn't want to use it for much more than that.


    My son has a sevylor kayak, great fun and surprisingly sturdy.

    My Sevylor is good quality and all just kind of hard to manuever by myself. But yeah they are sturdy and inexpensive, I know they have been making the kayaks for a long time so they must be decent quality.

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