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  1. w00dduck

    Puzzel Cords

    Sorry folks. Problem found. Seems that this one letter box hybrid cache does not have the option to change the cords. Thanks for the responses... Cheers
  2. w00dduck

    Puzzel Cords

    Has anybody noticed that you can no longer correct the cords on a puzzle cache once you have solved it?? Is this something new??? Iv looked on the forum and cant find any info... Am I missing something??
  3. DITTO!!!! WEB20 Windows 7 Home Os
  4. For sure took me a couple of weeks to get my avg up to 2. I had to look for >4 terrian caches and let a bunch of easy ones go. It seems that if you want your T number high you need search for only high terrain caches early on. Thanks again for the info.
  5. Thank you sir. A picture is worth a thousand words lol
  6. Thanks for the info. I must have missed the button you reference. The only 'Buttons" I see are the Basic, Maps, and Milestones. Ill keep looking. Thanks
  7. How long does it take for the Difficulty/Terrian graph on your profile to update. Iv found and logged serveral caches and the grid has not updated. Do I need to do something manually??? I have logged off and on /also refreashed page to no avail. Im I at the mercy of Groundspeak?? Thanks for any assistance or info
  8. w00dduck


    I need to add a list of caches found to a challange cache. How do I complete that?? Thanks in advance.
  9. You can go to your "Account details" section of your profile and edit milestones. From that page, scroll down to the third box on the right for your statistics. From there, you can edit your milestone caches by clicking on the small "change" in that box, and then scrolling down to the box on the next page generated to "Milestone Overrides". Success!!! lol Thanks for the help...
  10. Can u change the sequence of found caches on my cache page. I mistakenly logged the wrong cache for my 500th find. Is ther a way to crroect this mistake?? Thanks for any help....
  11. Thanks for the info As I responded to David above I have the option slected to "unslect" the caches already found but I still get them... Any advice ???? Much Thanks
  12. Hello Duck, Just so you know, you can post Geocaching question on the Magellan Insiders forum and someone there will help you also since most of us our avid cachers. The best way that I've found to manage caches on the unit, especially my "found" caches is to simply create pocket queries that exclude the caches I've found and then delete all of the caches on the unit and reload a freshly ran copy of the pocket query on the until before going out to cache. I know several people that take hours managing their caches trying to keep their found caches in one database in GSAK and other caches in that database and so on. I'm sorry, but I'd rather be caching than sitting behind a computer!!! Especially since I do enough of that at work and keeping up with the forums that I monitor for Magellan. If you're using Magellan's Vantage Point software of GSAK it will only take you about 2 minutes to do the whole process. I have a pocket query setup for several areas around where I live that load between 4000 to 5000 caches and I have some of them setup to refresh every day. However, I also have others have I can just run on the day that I need them. First, turn on your GPS and delete all of the caches and waypoints (I store any special waypoints that I need to keep on my computer). Open VP or GSAK and use the automatic pocket query download feature and then transfer them to the unit. Personally I don't bother with transferring the image because it takes up to much memory on the GPS and it takes too long to transfer. Doing this process I can load around 5000 caches in about 2 minutes and be ready to go out the door! However, if you're using a MAC, just do the same process though you'll have to manually download the PQs and copy them to your GPS which will take a bit longer. David Magellan Insider Thanks David as a matter of fact I just joined the Megellan Insider yesterday and got approved last night...Thanks and I look forward to the info I can obtain there. At first I wasnt sure if I could post questions there but now I know...lol With that said I have followed your advice. I use vantage point with queries created from Geocaching.com however, when I update Vantage point with a updated querys I still get the ones that Iv already found also. I do have the radio button selected on the query options page to not refresh the "logs found" but I still get them ...... Ill go back and check again. Thanks again for the help and will see you at Megellan Insider.
  13. Is there a way to delete "found" caches from the GPS other than manual AFTER you have down loaded them to Geocache.com and cleared the "new log" file on the unit. Thanks in advance
  14. Different servers, and they are 'not in sync' Wood Duck. Log out of the forums, then log back into the forums. That usually solves things , with regards to PM status in the forums! will do thanks
  15. Is that performed while vewing the map??
  16. Ran across a thread and now can not find.. Is there a way to bulk load caches from the map to a list. Iv made one list but had to "bookmark" each cache individualy. Thanks in advance for any help.
  17. w00dduck

    Megillen GC

    I just purchsed a Megillen GC GPS unit. It comes with a 30 day free trial Geocache Premium membership. How do I claim this "trial" offer. I can download caches from the web sight but it does not provided all the info that it is suppose to about the cache on the unit?? Regards
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