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  1. I've got a similar model & like it a lot. It's especially good for someone new because it's not complicated to use at all. Decent price too.
  2. But your post shows you to be a Premium Member. Why is that?
  3. I bought a used Explorist 300 & it does all I need for caching. I still use printouts (or notes) so all I need is something to point the way & it does a great job at that. They're great little units for the money.
  4. I owned one for only a short while but don't remember anything odd or specific about the screw except that it was small. I was thinking it should be an easy find at a hardware store or electrical supply. If I still had mine I'm sure I could have matched it up with one from a drawer full of nuts & bolts I've been saving for years. No help to you now though. (Sorry) If someone don't come through take it with you to the store & test out a few. Those guys like a challenge anyways. It's more than likely a fine thread & possibly metric so don't force anything in there that don't wanna go smoothly.
  5. Check ebay. I just sold 3 a couple weeks ago & they didn't bring near what I thought they were worth. Maybe you'll get lucky like they did!
  6. Are you only needing the small screw, not the entire compartment?
  7. I would have made nasty comments about their parents being first cousins & how ugly their children are so no, you're not being harsh at all.
  8. After killing her keep in mind she may have been a slut & could receive many male visitors so periodic visits should be in order here.
  9. I'm old school, poor & not very smart so this is how I get by.... I pull up all caches in whatever area I'm gonna be in & "copy/paste" the coords & info I need to "Notepad". After printing it out I manually (gasp) enter all coords in my Explorist, Meridian or 330. Not as bad as you'd think. I'd like to have all info in one unit but no more than I've ever cached this works great. I kinda like having paper info with me anyways. I've got a new Triton 500 that's supposed to do all this but I've never figured out how the freakin' thing works.
  10. Seem's a lot use these. I didn't realize they made a pen til now. Definitely gonna give them a try.
  11. Yea man, that's the best way to handle these situations. Pizz off the Reviewer & Moderator, then wonder why your cache doesn't get approved. How's that working out for you so far?
  12. Looks like he's not logged a cache in almost 2 years plus hasn't logged onto GC in almost 3 months so I'd bet he don't have a lot of sentements for mushy logs. You did a good thing though. I'd have just trashed it, replaced it, & moved on.
  13. I really like the Pilot Fine Tip (G-2 05) for the way it writes but for some reason they'll eventually gunk up while laying around or in your pocket & either ruin your clothes or make a mess on whatever you're trying to write on. I've also got an Avery eGel that writes great but it's slow drying so not good for cache logs. Also it doesn't clip in your pocket easily. Can't remember how either do on a damp log. I'm gonna try some of the suggestions with the exception of the high dollar one. I make it a point to never spend more for an inkpen than I would on a case of beer! (Busch Light, approx $11)
  14. There was a topic a while back about pens & which ones were good, bad, etc. I can't find it now & a lot of people recommended one but it wasn't the common Pilot brand. Any idears?
  15. What role did the 4 people play? Did you switch off, take turns at different things or did all 4 bail out & search/find/sign the log? Could it be just as easily done with 1 or 2 cachers?
  16. There's usually a few on here most any day for $50-$100 if that's in your budget. May do cheaper on Ebay but sometimes they're higher. You might want to consider the Geomate Jr. for now & go for the upgrade much later. But for the record, no, it's not cheating to use a GPS to find caches!
  17. I meant that for the OP but I'da sold it to you too if'n you wanted it! Good luck on the Garmin though. I hear they're good units.
  18. Ray, a few paper towels for padding & it'll fit right in a $4.95 Flat Rate box (free from PO) Just a thought.
  19. When you said "tour" I thought you were US Military. Sorry.
  20. I'd swap you one for an ACU shirt if that's doable?
  21. Many Thanks! That's even the site I had once visited but didn't remember them being that cheap. I don't need 30 but I can always sell off the surplus. Good deal.
  22. Where do you get them for $0.60? I had a good priced website saved once but have lost it. I'm wanting a few anyways.
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