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  1. Oh, really? No other snakes in Ohio? Think again. Since the OP is referring to the urban areas of SW Oh. I would have to agree that unless you're talking about the Cincy zoo,there is no danger of being bitten by a poisonous snake.
  2. Right,I pass on those kind as well. I started to find one in a town and realized it was hidden in bushes alongside a bank,forget it,I just don't believe it's a good idea to be spotted skulking around the shrubbery right next to a bank or some other business.
  3. Sorry didn't notice that this was already posted.
  4. My son and I got into this together,he is 38 and has a family,I'm retired.When he was my little boy we used to hike in the woods and have fun and this takes me back to those old days.
  5. My son and I got into this together,he is 38 and has a family,I'm retired.When he was my little boy we used to hike in the woods and have fun and this takes me back to those old days.
  6. Of course it's someone who is a member of this forum,my guess is they steal them to sell.Ebay?
  7. I think it's time to start carrying a stick to poke around with.
  8. Not in the cache but ten feet away,on the ground a xxx dvd.YIKES!
  9. Sign of the times,9/11 took a lot of our freedoms away.
  10. Actually that's pretty scary when they talk about bringing charges against someone.
  11. I have not had any scary adventures yet but I love reading these stories,MORE PLEASE.
  12. Lots of great info here,so much so that I will be going to the Verizon store soon for a demo.Thanks to all.
  13. I will be using my Harley and my Trek bicycle for caching this summer.I also have a Burley solo to take Pancho(chihuahua) with me on the bike trails.
  14. The latest would be the Storm, however I own both and in my opinion the Curve (mine is the 8330) has less issues, is much more robust and seems to have better overall usability and seems much more intuitive. To also be fair, a Treo (the Palm version 650 or 700) works very well to and I liked mine in many ways more than the Blackberry, however the data plan is $50 a month and you have to get your support from the user community or Palm direct as Verizon is fairly clueless when it comes to this particular device. Saving over $400 a year on the data plan can buy a new GPSr. So with the blackberry and internet plan will I be able to post finds to this site when traveling?
  15. Food for thought,I can get a blackberry fairly cheap if I renew my verizon contract.What is their latest model?
  16. I hope that Money is no object for you then.. Vwireless data plans can be somewhat expensive. I normally will find a hotspot somewhere while caching to get extra info or connect to the internet. There are a LOT of places that have wi-fi access hotspots. Heck,you are right I didn't even think about all the wi-fi hotspots.
  17. I have several PMO caches reason being they are Travel Bug Hotels, and before i had them as PMO many cachers with little or no experience that were not PM would take trackables and then not place them and they would go missing, as a PMO cache I feel the level of cachers have more experience and are more serious about Geocaching. I like this explanation the best,even someone new to the sport such as I can see that there are people who take tb's etc. and do not log them.I moved a bug to a travel bug dump recently and afterwards wished I hadn't because I felt non cache members might find it.Hope it falls into the right hands.
  18. I'm thinking about buying a mid range laptop and using Verizon wireless or? for my internet connection. The idea of being able to download or post finds while on the road appeals to me.Any info or suggestions are welcome,thanks.

    travel bugs

    This topic answered some questions I had,thanks to all.
  20. Your basemap is permanent. You can turn it on or off, buy it can't be erased. Waypoints are stored in internal memory. You can have up to 1,000 (or 999 if your unit has a MOB function). The card is used to store maps, tracks, and custom POIs. BTW, you probably don't want to buy the CN card. You want to get a blank memory card, and get the maps on a DVD, which you then load to the card. OK,so if I have a map on the memory card for instance the city nav.,and I insert the card will this map always be the one that shows on the screen or will I access it from the menu?
  21. Since the manual that came with my Vista HCX is a bit vague I'll need info from members,thanks.First question:If I install a city navigator sd card will it replace my current base map or will I be able to switch from one to another? Second question:If I install a memory card can I use the card to store my geocache waypoints or will the internal memory be used first and what happens when the internal memory is full?
  22. Just noticed on my vista hcx setup menu that waas was turned off so if I turn it on I will get a more accurate reading,correct?
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