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  1. We are taking a four day weekend and be visiting Key West, Fl in Feb. a little bit of every thing, trads, virts(southern point, and a Jimmy Buffet tour), Earths and a web cam cache(Hogs Breath Saloon) That means beer and caching! Whoot!. Plus all to pick and choose from on the drive down from Orlando. My favorite caching now involves some type of travel or vacations.
  2. We rented a cabin just outside Pigeon Forge for our vacation next month. Plan on doing quite a bit of hiking and Mt. LeConte will be one of our primary stops. I already have that virtual saved in my phone, as well as the Alum Cave virtual, which is on the way up. Can't wait. The three Mt Leconte virts are awesome, well not the actual caches, but the journey up to claim them. I hiked it alone starting at 7am at the trailhead, was back at the car by 12-12:30, really fast. In retrospect, I wish I had slowed down a bit to smell the roses, I guess the Florida boy in me was just excited to be there. Going up was not bad, but coming down just blew up a brand new pair of cheap sneakers. : ) Its a good thing I was quick, because when I got back to our cabin on the other side of the valley, I watched a monster storm from our balcony come in and destroy the mountain, rain, lightning, and a lot of hail. Respect the weather up there, as it can change rapidly. Check out another virt "Porters Creek" http://coord.info/GCG159 just NE on 321 fro Gatlinburg.
  3. How about this one? http://coord.info/GC22FJ3 . This one in GA. http://coord.info/GC36KX1 or this in GA too. http://coord.info/GC2R1X2
  4. Thanks for the responses, I will get that book "Walk in the Woods". I also scanned up and down the trail (just Ga and NC)and I found many caches including virts and Earths (my favs) My climb to the Mt Lecounte virts is what hooked me on this. I'm sure there are plenty more up past the Smokey Mtns. I wonder if there is a bookmark list with the closest caches to the entire trail? Caches on a route maybe?
  5. My wife just bought me a book "AWOL On The Appalachian Trail". I have only read a third of the book, and I already want to get my GPS, backpack and head to "Springer Mountain" Ga. (Southern Trail head)and start hiking. My understanding is there are no caches along the "AT", is that true? I know this trip would not be about Geocaching, but I would love to hear about any insights any one would have about what caching may be on the "AT" trail ahead? Maybe.......? A year away........ just looking for insight. Moparots / Craig
  6. All the webcam caches I've ever seen (whether actually doing them or just seeing them online) have used pre-existing webcams. None of them used webcams set up solely for that purpose. Yes, I understand that, That is why I said "for the owner of the cam". The Cache owner is just using the cam/web site for free. Its not like cams are setup every 528 feet like a power run. Although some DOT networks are pretty close. I asked the question because I was browsing some of the web cams in NYC, many of them are streaming and of really sharp quality. The raging bull cam (Wall St) and the times square cams are nice. The last cache cam I did, the pic was taken from so far away, we were just two specks in a square.
  7. Thanks every body for your input. Mr Yuck you have given me some thing to think about, incorporating it into a multi and/or mystery, or a different website. Good idea. As for cam caches being no longer being published 3 years before the creation of the account I was posting under, I honestly didn't know if they were allowed. I kind of see the rational of banning virtuals when cachers were submitting virts that were silly, but a webcam takes a lot of time, effort, and money to set up and maintain (for the owner of the cam) It just seems a bit more substantial and permanent. I think even the silliest webcam cache has got to be better than a newly published magnetic key holder attached to a smelly dumpster behind your local strip mall. But that's just MY opinion.
  8. Hello all, Sorry, I haven't been to the forums in a long time. Been caching instead. : ) Web Cam Caches? Can we still submit new ones? Or did they go the way of the Do Do Bird and the virtual? Thanks in advance for any input. Moparots / Craig
  9. I don't like it either. My two cents is with Raybro. HORRID!
  10. "The Senator" burned down today. A 3500 year old Cypress tree. They don't know if it was arson, a brush fire, or even spontaneous combustion. http://coord.info/GCDBD2 http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/os-beth-kassab-senator-tree-obit-011712-20120116,0,107906.column
  11. Hey guys thanks, that's exactly what I'm looking for. Got the Caches on a route PQ already DLed and the other 3 from sugarcane ready to go. Keep em coming. : )
  12. WHOOPS! I MEANT INTERSTATE 75 Orlando to Atlanta Sorry Hello all, its been a long time since Ive posted on the forums. I am driving from Orlando to Atlanta for the holidays, I will be traveling with two non cachers, the wife and 7 year old daughter. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what "quality" caches to stop at on the way. Fun, unusual, unique, caches? Cool, beautiful, historic places? We will do a little caching in and around Stone Mtn too. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. WHOOPS! I MEANT INTERSTATE 75 Orlando to Atlanta Sorry
  13. Here's a link to one of my favorite caches "Stewart Homestead" http://coord.info/GC153A7 There is a small two grave cemetery at the site with a plaque.
  14. Stick on an ammo can filled with righteous swag. : )
  15. I once wrote "DNF" out of sticks at GZish, when I couldn't find a 1.5/1.5 in the woods. Only to proclaim ISAG.
  16. But the KMart across the street is still open. Is that where you buy the pellet gun to shoot John Candy in the arm. : )
  17. Thanks I'll give this first a try then I'll have one of my computer gurus try the second. : )
  18. Hello all, My Etrex Vista HCx died today. Its about two years old been dropped a few times, and is a little scratched and dirty. Worked great till this morning, now when I turn it on it just stays on the "Acquiring Satellites" page. It never acquires. I was wondering if any one else had this problem or knew of some way to fix it. I have a new Colorado on the way from Amazon, but I'd like to fix this one for a back up or give to some one else. Thanks in advance for any help/replies Moparots
  19. Good for you! Couple of us local cachers buddies down here in Central Florida keep threatining eachother, that we're going to fly out there, rent a car and do that run. How much beer did yall drink??? Jus kidn. ; ) Actualy Id rather do that run and some other desert/mountain caches than Vegas anyway.
  20. Well, if your a big #s fan, you could try the "E.T. Highway" series (GC2551A) I believe its 1022 cache power run with an "Alien Head" (GC2550W)half way. Its just North of Vegas.
  21. I suppose, because the # is not accidently scratched, it is very intentionaly scratched out.
  22. Hello all, I have never posted in the coin forum, I thought this would be a good place. My Brother in law who is new to caching, found a coin on vacation and while showing it to me back here in Florida, we noticed the tracking # had been scratched off completely. I just wanted to place this log on the forums to see if I could find the owner and get the # and place it back into circulation. Its in a new plastic sleeve with a small card that has spaces for coin name, number, and code. All Blank. On the card is a Hog Logo and the words hogwildstuff.org About the coin: The front is the "Steelers" emblem in yellow, green, and orange, with white PAGA letters. The words "Pittsburgh Area Geocaching Association" around the edge, also "wwwpaga.com" On the back: The words "Turn Left Where"? and on bottom "West End Circle, Pittsburgh Pa." The graphic is alot of arrows with interstate and state road road # signs. Anyhow I thought someone from the Pittsburgh area may see this thread and know who the owner was. Thanks, Moparots
  23. This is the reason I always carry a sidearm when I geocache. That made me laugh out loud.. "I carry a firearm, so if have to, I can shoot the people I cache with"
  24. Hello, A fellow cacher, "history-cacher" contacted me and asked if I would post this question in the foums. He says he cant post on the furums because Groundspeak asks for his password, which he has forgotten. He is able to access all the other geocaching.com pages, but the furums. Can anyone walk him though the process of retreiving, or getting a new password. I hope this is the place to post this I didnt notice any tech forum. Thanks in advance.
  25. If Im by myself, I just set up traffic cones and rope off the area, or I'll send my six year old in and find it.
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