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  1. Presenting to the world............... Andy "Mr Mankini" Best aka Besty ex Oh Bugger after a compalaint about his name but known to his pals as Shandy andy or Half Can Dan. Cache is no other than "Britains Highest Geocache" on Ben Nevis. http://coord.info/GCG6XD Snowline from approx 4000ft , temp with windchill around -10, Besty padded the Mankini with a furry toy Visit planned as part of cache maintenance by Rob the Ranger (CO) and Yorkshire Team Extreme (Entry on behalf of Yorkshire Team Extreme)
  2. Personal opinion i'd banish official app from your mind and purchase Neongeo from Marketplace. Superb! an android app for power caching not adhoc 1/2 caches , excellent developer 100+/month cacher and pro coder lots of updates. Offline maps (sqlite) generate in MOBAC , online 1:50k maps , live download of caches , gpx import , manipulate trackables , log lonline , log field notes for later logs etc etc Have a look here http://www.yorkshiregeocaching.co.uk/index.php/forum/3-techy-talk/14394-neongeo-application does need Premium Membership to maximise the experience , i don't use my Garmin now !!
  3. HTC Wildfire on 3 won't be the worst decision you will ever make , now that 3 share their RAN (Radio Access Network) with T mobile its an excellent 3G/HSPA service. Lots of Neon Geo info getting updated on Yorkshire Caching where there are many advocates of the SW http://www.yorkshiregeocaching.co.uk/index.php/forum/3-techy-talk/14394-neongeo-application
  4. IPAQ RX5900 series PDA here running 1:25K Memory Map utilising Lordelph icons linked to Cachemate, unlimited offline cache info via GSAK cacheppc macro so no reliance on data from a cellular network , output to GSAK and GC.com field notes using the Cachemate Colorado Plugin, full day caching battery life too! GPS chip as good as a Garmin and often out performs Oregon/Colorado Etrex does not get a look in! So good i have 2!
  5. Don't worry, you'll learn CO = Cache Owner D5 = Difficulty 5 rating D/T = difficulty/terrain Learning isnt the point, there are many others out there that have to ask and ask and ask. If an acronym isnt in the mainstream world (not restricted to just geocaching then is the time to use them), when you expect new members to join, it is better not to use them. When I first started caching a little over a year ago I was felt completely lost seeing all the Acronyms, not only on the forums but also on the logs and cache pages. I once took ages trying to work out what BYOP meant thinking it was a clue or something. What I did is Google geocaching Acronyms and found this: Glossary of terms That site sorted them out in my head. Even after a year I still had to revert to this page.... but what i would never have done is demand that everyone talk laymen because I was a newbi and having none of it. How very rude you seem! Sadly Acronyms are a part of modern life i don't like them but accept them if you enter my stream of work you would be bombarded with BTS, HLR, HSPA , LTE, WCDMA etc and expected to learn them , even more annoying is 'trendy office talk' which fortunately we dont have
  6. I had a log deletion on a cache which i later found to be placed in a lay by notorious for pick ups (although i didn't know at the time) to compound it the area was littered with condoms , vomit and faeces.......and the kids were with me. I wrote an honest log which was not aggressive or rude but the CO was not keen and deleted claiming the former , we had quite a good email debate and parted on even worse terms.
  7. Well i know where your from originally and had a private suspicion after seeing another post, given a football teams nickname , seeing as its the wif's home town too
  8. Lets hope for the brummies sake you don't lose power at your 'on top of the world location' in the winter this year........as per G7
  9. I love the rain. You never feel more alive than when you're out walking/caching in the wind and rain (as long as you're wrapped up of course!) As a proud Mancunian living in Satans land , my YorkshireCaching profile proudly displays ' is it raining outside'
  10. I export my finds logged in cachemate to the colorado export plugin then upload the file as 'field notes' to my kids member only accounts then simply hit the 'compose log' for each cache
  11. I export my finds logged in cachemate to the colorado export plugin then upload the file as 'field notes' to my kids member only accounts then simply hit the 'compose log' for each cache
  12. Huh, given you've got 206 bones in your body you can only have less than 1% out of action. Call that an excuse?!!!! PS: Get well soon. But it is 25% of my useful caching bones Think I need to look at your 'Accessible' bookmark list Ouch you have my full sympathy , just done a 13 week stint myself after doing ankle , fibia and tibula , 2 plates and 13 pins for my troubles , now managing 1.5 mile fairly flat walks instead of my 20+ fell treks Best of luck with your recovery Ian
  13. Everytime i enable Greasemonkey scripts in firefox (since my last firefox update) the whole pc go's into super slow mode and my hard drive ends up really fragmented !! I've malware / virus checked and all is OK , disable greasemonkey in firefox and defrag all returns to normal , re enable greasemonkey , pc runs slow again and within a couple of hours file fragmentation is back..... Puzzled i am greasemonkey scripts now disabled and again all is well
  14. Looking at your phone use i'd say an iphone 4 is a bit overkill , when you consider 24 month contracts at an average of £35/month thats an outlay of £840 plus probably aboyut £100 at the moment upfront cost on the iphone 4 so total cost of around £1k Personally i'd consider an Oregon 450T ( which will allow full paperless caching for around the £260/£270 mark and a replacement PAYG phone, i've just got my youngest daughter an Asda mobile PAYG , they hang off the Vodafone network calls 8p per min ,texts 4p to any network, cheap as chips. Worth a serious thought, plus gps in the iphone is not great.
  15. Not me yer honour but check my log at GC1NF7R took 3 of em in blue with a pincer movement log date May 13 2010
  16. What a shame i hid cache #1 on both the Leeds and Anglesey Curses and both have become popular as have the ones around Bradford (which i was FTF on #1),Calderdale etc. I have enjoyed hunting these and they kept a steady flow of new caches coming over the winter months. Certainly none of the curse series that i have followed have had many bad uns placed indeed the Leeds and Bradford ones seem to have got more twisted and interesting as they have evolved with simple multis and puzzles becoming the order of the day:sad:
  17. My 8 year old has used a Geko 201(£60 at go outdoors) since January this year for about 300 finds bringing her total to over 800 , basic but very good, however if you use PQ's then you need to use a trick in GSAK to get rid of a couple of digits. i wrote a short piece on the subject over in the yorkshire caching forum. http://www.yorkshiregeocaching.co.uk/index...c,view/id,7902/ No maps but until you use 1:25000 memory map i don't rate electronic mapping too much anyway ( the main reason i cache with a gps enabled PDA is for memory map backed up by a venture hc for deep tree cover. Bit further up the range (£140 ish) Dakota 10 for paperless caching ?
  18. I personally use a GPS enabled PDA (Fujitsu Seimens Pocket Loox 560 with extended battery) and am fortunate enough to have the full suite of Memory Map 1:25000 which you can overlay caches onto with ease, its great and even works well under tree cover , i also have a Garmin Venture which does have slightly better performance under heavy cover but only marginally. I really like having proper OS mapping and it really helps when out in the countryside and wanting to check on the right of way before stomping over a farmers field. So the upside is PDA's are cheap and can be waterproofed / dropped proofed quite easily , downside full OS mapping costs an arm and a leg. My dad bought a Dakota 10 , he caches whilst out walking but to him the walk is as important as to cache so he picks up any along his route its not as feature packed as an Oregon but a whole load cheaper and may fit the bill if associated with Toasty Talker Maps (of which i am no expert but there are plenty who are). I keep looking at Oregons and if the memory map was compatible i'd get one however i just can't warrant it while the PDA is doing everything and from a mapping perspective doint it better.
  19. If that doesn't this may ! http://i930.photobucket.com/albums/ad148/G...10/image001.png Blue was proposed , Red was actual route of last walk up here.
  20. Just in case it is of any interest GC29RGA is a D4.5 T4.5 Event Cache on Saturday 19th June (as close as we get to the Solstice for such an event) Plan is to see the sun set at Meugher Trigpoint in the Yorkshire Dales , an area of zero light pollution , full info on the cache listing. Following an epic trip over the moors in Feb 2010 by 3 of us which we tracked on geocaching live the uptake for this madness has not been too great. can't understand why. The walk is approx 10Km (6.25 miles in old money) each way accross open moorland. Ian G7HRP
  21. My 8 year old (Zippy Dora) has a Garmin Geko 201 and can drive that no problem ..worth a thought bit more flexible than a geomate.jr
  22. I have caches close to a caravan on the Isle of Anglesey and had no problem getting them published after adding a reviewer note to my listing , good luck
  23. My Camp 91Farnley Post Hill cache GC1TZV0 has utilised one of these since the orginal box was muggled has survived dry and intact despite being under almost a foot of snow for 5 weeks during Dec/Jan.
  24. I was just about to post some settings but you have worked it out , must admit when i read your post i thought 'oh no ' as i had only the evening previous ordered one of these , great value and for the only purpose of memory map and cachemate. It arrived yesterday and i set it up without any major problems but did have the advantage of knowledge from setting up an old PDA with a SiRF3 bluetooth GPS previously (settings pretty much the same just com port differences). On a different note i loaded MM , cachemate and BeeLine GPS, tried all 3 apps running to see if the GPS auto management worked , no probs with cachemate and MM but when BeeLine was introduced the PDA hung and in the end i did a hard reset and reloaded cachemate and MM as MM would no longer boot and kept throwing a .exe error. don't need BeeLine as i have a Garmin but would have been nice if i only had the PDA with me however cachemate has a basic navigator attached so thats fine. Only other comment would be regarding the GPS side of things i have seen several complaints that this device takes an age to lock (not on caching forums but when used as a sat nav). I have found by doing a couple of hard resets that when the PDA starts from absolute cold it has to decode the almanacs from the sat's , this took about 10 mins when left out in the open sky but was taking forever indoors as you would expect ! , once that has been done once i get a fix from atleast 3/4 sats within about 20 seconds in the house , its currently sat on the windowsill receiving 11 sats. At the moment i'm more than happy with it and on £99 + VAT as well. Ian G7HRP
  25. I have an Extrex Vista and an N95 with Trimble Navigator on it , buy a simple bluetooth GPS receiver (£20 on ebay) you get a far better chipset and battery life in 3G areas is no longer a problem , mine will do a full day in the field and still have time/batt for phonecalls. The Vista chipset is slightly better under dense tree cover than the external bluetooth but its still pretty good and gets you within a few feet of GZ I am convinced the Trimble application is the reason for me never having to resort to PAF all the info at my fingertips
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