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  1. Click on Embra's link above to Harmony computer. It shows $279 and there is a big note at the top of the page that says all of our products are new and in stock unless otherwise noted. I don't see any note on the page saying its not in stock.
  2. FYI- I was ordering something else from amazon so I tossed this into my cart and went to checkout. It said a estimated ship date of May 21 so I didn't order them.
  3. Best article on Geocaching with a PPC I've ever found- Pocket Caching with a PPC Lots of good reviews on software there.
  4. A store is not a good place to try out GPS units. It may be cool to look at them and see the fit and feel but if you want to try them out find some local cachers. Someone that has actually used the unit in question will have far more usefull information than a few minutes in a store parking lot. Caching season is upon us and there will soon be caching events all over the country. This has got to be the best place to see many different kinds of GPS units in action.
  5. Here's an excellent article on Pocket PC's and the software that is available for them. Pocket Caching Palm is similar and whether you want palm or PPC depends on what all you want to do with it and how much you want to spend. Palm can be significantly cheaper but without as many bells and whistles.
  6. Wow who said you had to find 50 before you should hide one? Most people don't find 50 in a year. Numbers mean nothing. My brother went to Nashville and found 73 in a day. I prefer to cache in northern Michigan where some caches might take a whole day to do one. Just because someone has a high number of founds doesn't make them a good hider. You've found a few, your reading the forums, go hide a cache and learn from the feedback you recieve what to change to hide another one. You'll find its contagious, if you hide them they will come. When they come they will hide some.
  7. I still haven't. The 100/200/300 all use AAs; so if there wasn't enough room to add SD, then make the units just a tad bit larger. Magellan knew from the start of their eXplorist project that they'd be releasing six units to the public and that all of them would use the same case. It's obvious that case size had nothing to do with it or they would've designed one that did. For whatever reasons, they were bent on marrying this newer technology with a rechargeable lithium power source. Funny how Garmin managed to do it with standard AA batteries; and with substantially greater battery life. Garmin doesn't do an SD card. I wonder if an SD card consumes a large amount of memory and thats why the 60cs can last so much longer on a set of batt's? I would be surprised if a pair of AA's contained more power than the rechargeable li-ion that magellan is using in this unit. I like the rechargeable battery. I have had a foretrex 201 for almost a year now. My brother has probably spent as much in disposable batterys since then for his etrex as I paid for my foretrex. Garmin also makes the foretrex 101 with the only difference being that it takes aaa's. Its a 1/4" thicker, I like the thinner size of the 201. I carry a AA battery pack that my foretrex can charge from. That battery pack can also charge my ipaq, phone, and camera. Someone complained about how often there aa's went dead in the field and used it as a justification against a rechargeable battery. If you put new aa's in your unit everytime you left home, how often would you have to change batterys in the field? Thats essentially what your doing with the rechargeable unit.
  8. Try GPS tuner or vito navigator II. Both have demo's that you can try before paying.
  9. Yes it works while charging. I use it in the car often plugged into an ipaq and the cig lighter.
  10. The first cache I did was a steep 500 foot climb then back down to the cache. Then when we left it was back up and down. Looking at a topo later showed that I could have gone about .25 mile farther and gone around the hill with almost no elevation change. Topo's also usually show water in more detail than street maps do and its always nice to be on the same side of the water as the cache is.
  11. Leave as is. There are caches where the owner did not list the type, so they are literally unknown. We don't need more categorys for such a small group of caches.
  12. I have a rule now about never setting it down. One time it was muggled, I set it down and walked about 50 away to where my family was. I did catch up with the guy that took it and he gave it back. Another time I left it at a cache but someone else in my group picked it up without saying anything. I only went about 30ft before realizing it. Another time my brother left his at a cache and didn't realize it till we were about 4 hours drive away from the cache. Luckily we were headed back that way and it was still there when we returned at 1:00am.
  13. On a pocketPC GPXsonar is the application you want. Its free and powerfull and similar to the viewing sorting, filtering functionality that GSAK has if your familar with that application.
  14. Expert GPS will also show your tracks on topo or satelite photos or your own scanned maps. Its free to try the full functionality but pay to keep using after 30 days.
  15. USA photomaps will show your tracks, I don't think it will play them back though.
  16. Does your Asus have bluetooth? If so this is all you need - Etrex to bluetooth connector If it doesn't have bluetooth can you add it to it? Do you have an expansion slot?
  17. What are you using for a reference point on the map? Some landmarks and roads on maps are often inaccurate.
  18. Expert GPS can talk to your GPS via USB and can import your tracks.
  19. You can upload different symbols according to cache types, just not the custom ones.
  20. With a pocket PC and a program like GPS Sonar you can view all the cache information on the pocket PC similar to what GSAK(which is much better than easyGPS) does. There are other programs that you can run on the pocketPC that can send your waypoints from the pocketPC to the GPS. You just need the proper cable to do it. You can almost always use a serial cable from the PPC to connect to the serial cable of your GPS or places like PC mobile will sell you the specific cable that will connect your GPS to your PPC directly. The WiFi isn't going to help you communicate with the GPS but if you go somewhere with access like panera breads, starbucks, or many other hot spots you could download your GPX files then send them to the GPS via the cable I mentioned earlier.
  21. USA Photo maps has gotten a lot of attention in this thread. A much more powerfull and usefull program (at least to me) is expert GPS. It doesn't do the browser based stuff but it can do a lot more than what a browser based solution can. USA Photo maps is free ExpertGPS is not but you can try it for 30 days. I was frustrated with the limitations of USAPhotoMaps so I switched to ExpertGPS. YMMV...
  22. Well people are still buying the Vista and the Legend today so adding more memory to them seems like it would make them better. I know your point was that its not enough, but its more than what it was.
  23. Items that look like things like sprinkler heads or hollow bolts or fake fence post tops or things that encourage people to dissasemble things should not be allowed. Taking apart sprinklers if they are not geocaches is very bad and will get this sport banned from local parks in a hurry.
  24. No, this will clear out the contents of the previous loaded GPX file. Just load the first GPX file into your database, then load the second. This process automatically merges the two GPX files into the database. If you now want to create a new GPX file of this merge, then select File=>Export=GPX/LOC file. Checking the box clears the data? Unchecking the box doesn't clear the data?
  25. Depends on your vents. A vent mount didn't work in either of my vehicles. Some windshield mounts are crummy but there are good ones. Ram mounts also can do an adhesive disk with a flexible base that will even attach to a curved dash so you don't HAVE to drill holes to fix one to the dash. I just drilled holes in both of my vehicles and have solid mounts. If you drill holes try to do it in a peice that can be replaced or in a inconspicous place.
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