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  1. I'm surprised people are trying to help you. Your attitude is aweful. As has been stated many times above if you've only found 11 caches in 2 years I'm surprised you even invested $8 in Cachemate. You obviously don't have an open mind and don't want to be convinced that this is good software. I think the whole point of your thread is to bash GSAK. The threads on new releases are not meant to be for newbies. Theres some power users in there pushing the software to the limits and providing Clyde with very usefull feedback and an occasional bug report. I consider myself a power user with the program but those threads often go over my head. No other peice of software I have ever used has continuesly improved the way this one has and every support email I have sent has been politly and timely answered. I Clyde.
  2. Do not get a forerunner. I believe the foretrex and gecko are almost identical in features. I love my foretrex 201. I like the rechargeable batterys and the fact that its significantly thinner than the 101. The 201 can almost be considered a large watch where the 101 seems to bulky. I use it on my bike with the bike mount and it works great for that. I recently sold my Vista but often I'd grab the foretrex over the vista because I really liked its simplicity. Now I replaced the Vista with a Explorist but I'm not giving up the foretrex.
  3. There is no program that I am aware of that would automate it on a Palm. Check out this thread on Geostamping Photos for how to do it with your GPS log and pictures that store exif data.
  4. Well it may be able to write a explorist file but it doesn't appear to open them. How do I get my routes out to use in ExpertGPS or quakemap or programs like those?
  5. What software can read Explorist routes or waypoint files? I know GSAK can output the UPT file but what can read it back? If nothing can read it what can convert it to something that other programs can use? I have ExpertGPS but it doesn't appear to have any options for importing from Magellan.
  6. I keep a database of every cache in my state. GSAK enables me to sort it and find things instantly. Then export to my GPS or to Streets and Trips, or to Mapsource, or to just about any other format I have ever tried to use. This software is by far the best geocaching application out there. Nothing else even comes close. It is continously being improved. The newest big feature that I am really enjoying is the ability to have it check your email and automatically download and import your PQ files. The macro functions aren't for a lightweight user but they are extremely powerfull to the point where you can automate just about anything that you can do manually. When you do lots of things repeatedly you will appreciate the power of automating it.
  7. You can't because Magellan deliberately set it up this way. I have had several USB powered rechargeable devices and I've never had one that mattered if it was on or off or if it charged or not. They have all charged when plugged in even when on.
  8. Its a cigarette lighter plug with a USB port in it. All it does is provide 5v. It should power virtually any device that gets its power from a USB cable.
  9. I am not affiliated with RoboGEO in any way other than be a satisfied registered user of the product. There is an option to set the quality of the JPG compression when you timestamp the photo. I do not know how much quality loss you would experience if you set it to the highest setting. I don't set it that high since I have a 6.3mp camera and I generally use the geostamped photos for web pages I have to compress them anyway. There is also an option to simply write the geo data to the exif data embedded in the file instead of stamping it. I would expect that option to not have to process the photo resulting in any loss of quality. I have never tried quakemap before but now I'm going to have to. The price is very reasonable. I'm already using ExpertGPS (PC) and gpsTuner (PPC) for the mapping of tracks on Terra server maps but the ability to insert pictures and have colored tracks based on speed and altitude are intrigueing.
  10. Cables will be available soon- Pc-Mobile Cables I've ordered from them twice in the past year without incident. What I've ordered I am happy with. The price was good and the shipping reasonable. I was a little leary of the retractable cords durability but the 2 different ones that I ordered have held up without problem and I'm still using them.
  11. 4 hours, there should be a single sheet of paper with it that tells you how to put the battery in. Mine came with that.
  12. I use RoboGeo. It can add your lat/long data to the exif data stored in the picture and optionally stamp it onto the image. Like this picture from my series of geo-stamped playgrounds. edit: RoboGeo's Web Page
  13. right their with you on that comment, I wish I didn't sell my sportrak color afterall. Just because the lettering on the joystick is worn off? Thats silly.
  14. Your used to using the sportrak and you know you like the explorist 200 so I'd say go with another explorist. I'm a long time Garmin user that just bought an explorist 600 and I'm still on the fence as to whether or not I should have gotten a 60cs. There is a Garmin way and a Magellan way, they both do things differently. Neither is necessarily better but they are different.
  15. Bad: I've been trying to save a waypoint and then go to it. Whats been happening is that I was trying to add an additional point to a POI file that already had 500 points. It doesn't error, when you click save it just goes away like it actually worked. Then I'd go to open the POI file I put it in and it wouldn't be there. Even when you save the waypoint properly setting the GPS to go to it is an annoying number of clicks. Finding a single waypoint in the list of waypoints is even more annoying. Is there really no search function? Or at least a faster way to scroll the list? Had I known about this feature or lack of feature it would have been a deal breaker and I would not have bought this GPS. No backwards compatibility with a serial port means no connection with a PDA. Cable attachment is cumbersome. Geocache mode is limited in data and the the restrictions on not editing, deleting or moving them will likely mean I'll likely just use normal POI files (its disapointing that both Garmin and Magellan missed the boat with implementing a geocache mode). Good: High speed USB is cool (but the proprietary cable is aweful) SD is definately cool and is what swayed me to the dark side after owning 4 Garmins (location and design of SD slot does not lend itself very well to the card being swapped in and out for loading). Color is good (side by side with a 60CS, the edge goes to the 60CS). I love the small size. Black is good for pretending its a cell phone in high muggle areas. I prefer the rechargeable battery (I like the rumor of a AAA battery pack so that I could have that flexibility if I choose). I like editing a waypoints coordinates, useing the direction pointer to scroll the number is much better then scrolling around a onscreen keyboard map. Having a goto and a mark button is nice.
  16. Yes I stand corrected. I was looking for software to communicate directly with the GPS, AKA Garmin style. Since the Explorists mounts via a drive letter I can access the data that way. I know many of my frustrations are because I'm used to the Garmin way and need to learn that Magellan way. Not that either way is necessarily better, just different. So like I said, no more complaints until I've finished the manual... Well maybe one complaint. Whats up with the crazy cable? One way its powered, one way its charging, either direction is annoying to attach.
  17. I do not have defaults set. If it came with a manual it might have helped me if I had read it. Having only had the device for a day now I probably wouldn't have read it yet anyway. I'll have to find that link someone posted to the 500 manual and assume its the same. What I meant by incrementing is my Garmins call the first point 1 the secound point 2 and ect. The explorist calls the point "POI001". When I create another point it calls it "POI001" and now I understand its because I don't have the defaults set. I prefer dropping the POI but thats just a personal preference. I never liked the list of waypoints on my Vista because it was huge and the way they defaulted to searching it was annoying. I really like the tabbed list that the foretrex has. So I'll play with setting the defaults and I'll only make one more complaint before I read throught the manual. That complaint is that there is no software for uploading or downloading tracks, routes, and waypoints. The only thing I found on the CD was the map loading software and the geocache manager. I understand there being no third party software that works with it but it is totally unacceptable to me that there is not even the most basic of software to communicate with it.
  18. It's a feature. --Marky I've only had it for 28 hours now and so far all I have is a list of complaints. Right now I'm regretting not getting the 60cs. Hopefully its just stuff I need to figure out. Right now my biggest complaint is saving a waypoint and going to it. I push mark and I get a waypoint. I edit that waypoint to what I want and then I have to select save. I have to choose where to save it. Then to goto it I have to push goto and select the file where I saved the point. Open the file and find the point that I saved. On top of that if I add another point it doesn't increment the name so I have to manually rename the point. Maybe this is normal on a Magellan but having only ever had Garmins this is way more complicated than I'm used to. With my foretrex I hold enter until it comes up to mark a point, I edit the point and select goto. If I add another point it increments it.
  19. You've got a 60cs and mapsource topo and you think expertGPS costs to much? Spend the money and register it, you'll find it can do a lot more than this one specialized thing your asking for right now.
  20. Ok now thats the stupidest thing I've ever seen! I flipped the cable over and it works. So what Magellan said the cable in one position makes USB work, the cable in the other position charges the unit. There is no reason in the world why they could not have done both at the same time. That is the stupidest thing I have ever seen!
  21. Got mine but can't get USB to work. Any tips from others that have had this problem?
  22. Wife called a couple hours ago and said UPS dropped it off. I'm had her plug it in so it would be charged. I'm headed home now, its a nice excuse to kick out early on Friday.
  23. What he said. If reception is the priority then an external boosted antenae is what you want. So you'd want to upgrade to a unit with an external antenae connection on it if yours doesn't have one.
  24. Marky how long you been waiting for a 600? I ordered mine yesterday and tracking shows its going to be here tomorrow. It was only an extra $5 for 2 day shipping so I splurged hopinng it would make it for the weekend. It was $367 at Amazon.
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