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  1. Off Topic Alert Who's to say when someone chats from their computer that they are wearing clothes?
  2. So wheres the flag now? Perhaps they should attach a travel bug to it so that you could see where the flag is and track it as a travel bug.
  3. I gave my otterbox a workout today. I tossed it in the hot tub and it floats. I dunked it a couple times then let it float for a few minutes. It didn't leak a drop, there was no moisture inside the case and I could even use it underwater. You may think its weird to use a PPC in the hot tub but I love ebooks and I like to read in the hot tub, now I can. I can also surf the web and chat in IRC using my wireless from the hot tub. Plus the big reason I bought it is so that I can take my PPC into the woods without without worrying as much about wrecking it.
  4. I've been playing with USAPhotoMaps and its absolutely incredible. I can import caches in as way points and copy airel photos with the cache marked on them to my PDA or print them out. Next I want to import Topo data into it. Has anyone done the topo data? If so how hard is it? Acme mapper is pretty cool because you can overlay a paper map but it doesn't have near the features or the offline capability that usaphotomaps has.
  5. I ordered a Fortuna Bluetooth GPS receiver on Friday to use with my Ipaq. I'm anxious to give it a whirl. My Ipaq has bluetooth built in.
  6. I received a heavy armor case by otter box Water Tight Casesfor my ipaq yesterday and so far I love it.
  7. If you log it as a find and it hasn't been found in a while your telling the owner of the cache that its still there and it might not be. Its not fair to the owner or to people looking for it after you. Whats the point of logging a cache as found that you didn't find? Theres no prize, theres no award. Your stats only mean something to you. What are you going to put in the log? "Took nothing/left nothing since I didn't find it because I got called for a SAR
  8. I think it would be really cool to find that in a cache and I'd be willing to send him a note.
  9. Wheres the color maps? Are they only available for certain areas?
  10. I don't know what gain is but why don't they make the internal antenna have higher gain then? Sorry if my ignorance is showing...
  11. A palm is a glorified pocket organizer. A Ipaq is a mini laptop... You can't fairly compare the two of them.
  12. I don't want to dump on your thread but you can get a new one for $200. This may be why your not able to sell it. Sorry...
  13. Warning Newbie Question- This may seem silly and it may have already been answered but I can't find it. If you have a GPS with an external antenna does it use both antennas at the same time or does the external one take over? Would there being any significant benefit to stragically placing both the external antenna and the receiver?
  14. But this is like saying I have a great cache with a super FTF prize (garmin 60cs) but I'm not going to tell you where it is. I know its out there but have no idea where to start looking for it...
  15. For those that have it already. Is the geocaching mode usefull? Would you use it?
  16. Try this its free- visualgpsCE They also have other programs for non pocketPC's. If you try it let us know how it works. I can run in on my ipaq without a GPS but that doesn't tell me much. I'm waiting for my GPS, hopefully I'll get it today.
  17. Its down right mean to brag that you can enter logs from your phone and your palm but not share with the community how you do it.
  18. WARNING NEWBIE ALERT FIRST POST Isn't it great that we live in a free country? A country that allows a few people to spoil it for everybody else? All it would take is for a couple incidents to happen with questioniable items and one state to shut down geocaching entirely, Other states would follow because a precedent would be set. On another note it doesn't take a gun to make a bullet go off. In junior high I had a friend that use to hit 22 shells with a hammer. Some might say Darwinism at work but I see a lawsuit waiting to happen.
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