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  1. I don't know what Idaho's whether is like but here in Michigan there isn't as much caching going on in the winter time. Anything hidden on the ground gets buried in the snow. With the weather warming up around here caching is getting a lot more active. I'm a fair weather cacher I don't go out in the snow, rain or cold. I also only hunt and fish when the weather is nice. To me quality is more important to quantity so I only go when I will enjoy it the most. I have a 2 year old that I want to spend time with and I love to bring her along. She can't go when the weather isn't nice. As an added bonus Mom doesn't mind so much when I take off if I give her a break by taking the kid with me.
  2. With GSAK you can filter along a arc, line or polygon.
  3. I agree with RC. I'm a new geocacher but I've been a hiker for a long time. I've always tried to pick up trash and make the trail a little better for the next person. With Geocaching I try to make each cache better. Thats about all I can do is leave better than I take and leave a nice log. I like the cache owner to know that I appreciate the effort he put out to place that cache. You can't get all twisted up over people not making fair trades. You just have to do what makes you feel good. I am always trying to leave something neat so that the next cacher won't be dissapointed.
  4. The advantage to routing is that you could import the caches into Streets and trips and have S&T's spit out a list of caches within x miles of your route. You don't have to decide where and when to stop but you can at least plan how long it will take you to get from point to point. Where did you get a Gecko 201 for $130? Was it used?
  5. Thats a picture a certificate by hikenit. I've emailed him and asked if he would be willing to share it.
  6. Brian I know you sad some were lousy but these 3 are really bad ideas. I also don't like fake beehives, or bird houses. 8-I've heard of caches were it was a sprinkler head. Doing this once encourages people to start taking apart sprinklers, which is definately not a good idea. 9-I heard of other caches were people were taking access panels off light poles by unscrewing them. This is very dangerous and definately vandalism. 24-Now I know why all the fences round here are falling apart, its because people are taking them apart looking for treasure.
  7. I'm a new cacher but from what I've most people around here don't seem to log their trades and if they are trading up I can only wonder what they are talking out when I look at whats left. Its probably not a good idea to disable a cache and pull it in, especially a new one. A lot of people don't update everyday. Also by disabling it any one that happened to update during that time won't get it. Its one thing to not be able to find it but it would make me frustrated to see the owner had temporarily disabled it just to check on it. You should be able to check on it even in the rain, just bring it back to the car or take an umbrella with you.
  8. Just remember the color doesn't have the compass. Which would you rather have?
  9. How much? I know you want offers but how much is it worth to you to keep it around vs selling it?
  10. Roscoe what software do yo use on your axim for getting closer to the cache than mapopolis?
  11. I love this idea! There's little chance I'll post any personal information on my cache, but if there was some secure way to share my personal information to the proper authorities via the website, that would be cool! Putting the gc.com URL on the outside along with the cache number would give them the ability to look it up. I don't see how giving them a phone number would make it any more likely to not be treated as a bomb. The problem I see is that they aren't going to pull it out to get a good look at it before they call it in as a bomb. If its partially covered up and someone thinks its suspicious they aren't likely going to go poking at it to read what it might say. If its not hidden well enough that someone can read it then it will be to easy to be accidently found and increase the chances of it being mistaken as a bomb. Even if they know what it is as soon as someone reports it as a bomb they have to treat it as a bomb. This is the biggest obstacle that I can see for our game. Imagine what would happen if one geocache container gets blown up?
  12. Depends on where your at. Attaching something could be considered vandalism. How is nailing a plate into a sign post any different than scratching your initials into it with a knife? I've seen a cache that was a multistage with the coordinates for the next stage written on a rock. This could be considered vandalism. It also encourages people to flip rocks over to look under them, thats not a good thing in a nicely landscaped park. Another cache I've seen had a bumper type sticker attached to a utility box on a pole. On the sticker was the company name and logo of the maker of the box along with, in a much smaller font, a long number that was the coordinates to the next stage. Again this could be considered vandalism if the owner of the utility pole came along and wanted to scrape that sticker off. In my opinion this is why its so important to get the land owner or land managers permission before you go making a permant mark on something. Its one thing to hide a container that could easily be removed without any permanent damage. Its totally different to leave permanent marks.
  13. Umm .. was this a typo? I see these for over $200. I also am in the market for a cheap, durable GPS. My pocket pc + gps reciever is too costly to take hiking and the software sucks on getting me to the cache. What they were saying ( I think) is that they have seen them go on ebay for 25-50 more than what they paid for theirs. This is quite common, sometimes you get a good deal on ebay. Other times its cheaper to go down to wally world and pick it up.
  14. I bought myself a new caching vehicle this morning. Its going to help me find all those virtuals on NPS lands a lot faster. I bet if I hold a clipboard, wear a hard hat and throw a stack of orange cones in the back no one will ever question me.
  15. The system will not allow duplicates. You can't ask someone to change their name just because its similar.
  16. I agree there are to many 60cs threads, I think we should start another thread to talk about what we can do about it. This is almost as funny as when someone spams the whole company and then someone replys to all saying that they shouldn't spam the whole company and then someone else replys to all saying not to reply to all....
  17. Train your dog and you won't even know your holding his leesh. Otherwise I would say your going to have to give up one of the three.
  18. Unless the cache is out in the open and clearly visible a clear container isn't going to help. You can't blame the public officials or the bomb squad for following procedures. If someone says bomb they have no choice but to follow procedure. Whether its labeled as a geocache or has someones name and phone number on it isn't going to make a difference after someone says the word bomb. I think the trip wire idea is funny and very inventive but in retrospect shouldn't have been used. The sign and trip wire make this cache to easy for muggles to find. I would say that was not following the established guidelines for hiding a cache. Had the dog walker found it if not for the trip wire? If he still had would he have called it in as a bomb? The dog walker has as much right to be their as any geocacher so you can't blame the dog walker for finding it. You can blame him for being a little dense but not for being there. My bet is that he knew it wasn't a bomb , he either wanted 15 minutes of fame or he knew what it was and doesn't like the idea of people leaving trash containers in the woods. edit: Not asking for permission is a bad idea. Even in a public park. After all aren't all of the lands we are currently banned from putting caches on owned by the public? Having the support and cooperation of the park people will go a long way. Where do you think the first call from the police went to after this was reported? My bet it was to the park asking them if they were aware of a box in the woods.
  19. How much info would you require in their profile? If they didn't answer every field would you deny them the find? An alternative would be to create your own physical log pages. Create a form with the information that your looking to collect from the cachers that visit your cache. Then put a note in the description encouraging them to fill it out. Most people love to tell about themselves. Those that don't fill out the online profiles don't want the information available to just anybody but would probably feel better shareing it with you in a physical log. In this way you can also ask specific questions that interest you.
  20. Another option might be- http://www.pc-mobile.net/ I've never ordered from them so I can't say anything more than that they appear to have many hard to find cables especially when it comes to attaching your PDA and charging both at the same time from the same cable.
  21. Notice he says nothing about being suspected, purported, questioned, restrained, or constrained... What I noticed is how he didn't mention agreement, permission, or knowledge from the land owner.
  22. Depends on how far the card sticks out. The ones I've seen would easily fit. Thickness might be a bigger factor unless you already have a CF slot in yours. Mine won't fit in the case with the PCMCIA sleeve on it but I think it might fit with the cf sleeve. I'll try it and post back. It already has bluetooth integrated so this isn't an issue for me. Otterbox does make a slightly larger case to fit things like gps's and scanners sticking out plus the ability to run cables to it while keeping it watertight. The Ipaq's sound is not very good to begin with and it mutes the sound a little but I can still enjoy MP3's while hiking to the cache. Its a 5550 with bluetooth, 802.11b and biometric scanning. Plus its got 128mb ram, 48mb of rom and a SD card slot. I have several 512mb SD cards. That is an wonderfull amount of memory for a pocket device.
  23. Did he actually dig a hole and bury it? or did he just bury it with brush and rocks? I'm just a newbie but is digging common?
  24. Yes, if your town can have one that certainly my town is important enought to have one.
  25. Farthest south is http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=115542
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