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  1. Any thing underwater long enough will leak. All it takes is one careless person to not shut it right or to get something stuck in the seal and ruin it.
  2. Would this be "locationless" caches or "moving" caches?
  3. Streets and trips is very limited in the size of the map that you can export to it. You can only search the map that you have open. In mapopolis searching is much faster if you don't have every map open at once. You can open a whole states worth of maps (each county is a map) but searching can be very slow. I ussually just open a half dozen countys and searching is acceptable.
  4. Have you looked into the RAM mounts? I adapted a ram mount to my universal Arkon PDA mount and I'm happy with it. I already had the Arkon mount and I like it better than the cradle that RAM uses for the ipaq. The ipaq sleeve stays in the mount plugged in so that I can just slide my ipaq in or out without messing with the power cable.
  5. Thats not even the starting price its got a reserve on it... I don't like reserves...
  6. Definately try USA photo maps. Its free and nothing commercial iv'e seen comes close to it. It does exactly what your asking for.
  7. You know your addicted when you go away for a night for your anniversary without the kids and pick a location that is dense with caches that you haven't done. (not me but thats where a family member of mine is tonight) He's making it really hard for me to catch up with him. You know your addicted when you care about having more founds than another family member even though he's been at it for 2 years.
  8. LOL, I love threads that complain that there are to many threads about a certain topic. Doesn't the thread starter realize they are just expanding the problem? Threads shouldn't be repetitive but if each thread is talking about a different incident then whats the problem? This makes as much sense as the guy that spams the whole company so someone replys to all that you shouldn't send an email to everybody. Then another guy always replys to all that you shouldn't reply to all and of course someone else will reply to all and point out that he just did that and then a bunch of people will reply all and tell everyone to quit replying to all.... Meanwhile the server guys are going nuts as they watch the utilization on the mail servers spike... Oh the horror....
  9. Read this http://www.mdgps.org/modules.php?name=pocketcaching and then get gpxsonar. Oh yeah and pay for the premium membership so that you can get the gpx files. GSAK is nice if you want to massage the gpx file before sending it to your PPC. Plus gpxsonar has more features than just being able to view caches which is all you get if you use GSAK to export HTML pages. The best part is both of those programs are free.
  10. I secound those 2 as requirements. You'll also want to look at GPS tuner or Vito Navigator II for getting to the cache after you get out of the car. You can download trials of both for free. Just make sure to do it when you have time to decide which one you like. My tuner evaluation expired and I'm not sure if its the one I want. I've been playing with both of them but haven't decided which I like better. I've been leaning toward tuner because it can open a GPX file for waypoints while vito requires me to convert my gpx file to a loc file. Another really interesting feature of tuner that I haven't attempted yet is that I can use any jpg, like a aerial photo, as a map. All I need are 2 known points on the jpg to calibrate it. The ultimate pocketPC application would tie these 3 applications together, but there isn't anything like that.... yet....
  11. I'm a new cacher and I went with the fortuna blue tooth clip on for my ipaq and I love it. I have a regular battery and a extended battery for my ipaq and I know I can get 8 hours out of the ipaq but it isn't a issue because it slids into a powered mount in the car and can charge between caches. If I was planning a marathon cacheing trip I could leave one battery charging in the car all the time. A big advantage that the fortuna clip on has is that it uses the same charging plug as the Ipaq and it uses a removeable Nokia phone battery. Its supposed to get 8 hours on a full charge but you can plug it in when your in the car so it can easy do a all day cache hunt. You could get a nokia extra battery if you were worried about running out. If you get one of the AA battery extenders for the PDA you could also use it with the fortuna for long marathon cache hunts or just as a backup. I'm still experimenting with the different GPS software for after I get close. I use mapopolis for streets and routing and obsolutely love it. I haven't decided yet if I like GPS tuner or vito navigator for tracking the cache after I get out of the car. I use GPX sonar for cache information and detail. There is a detailed comparison and reviews of blue tooth receivers at gps passion here- http://www.gpspassion.com/fr/articles.asp?id=55 it was written in Febuary so its fairly recent. I wrote a longer review with pictures of what hardware and software I use here at http://www.navicache.com/cgi-bin/ib312a/ik...ct=ST;f=4;t=859
  12. http://shop.Groundspeak.com/ There are other places that have more selection like http://gpscity.com
  13. Did you bother to read the whole thread? My point was the thread starter doesn't leave anything for others to find so why should he expect to find anything? I'm proud of my 6 finds. I don't need 100 finds to have commone sense. Perhaps when you get to 1000 you'll realize that the numbers don't mean anything to anyone but you.
  14. I thought swimming with sharks was the same as hiking in bear country. Always go with a buddy that you can outrun or outswim.
  15. Randomly checked your logs, seems like you TNLNSL often. Perhaps you should practice what you preach?
  16. You are the problem. Well you and people like you. If you leave nothing your not helping. The one thing that will fix it though is if you complain about it here in the forums. That will certainly fix the problem of other people not leaving good stuff for you to find. You don't have to spend a bunch of money but find something usefull, or unique or interesting or fun and buy a bunch of them. Leave one in every cache you visit. You have no basis to complain about others not leaving you good stuff if your not leaving ANYTHING. My goal is to make each cache I find better when I leave. That means make a nice log entry, always trade up, take care in putting it back, pick up trash on the way out, and make more than a 3 word online log so that the owner can know the status of his cache and that people appreciate him hiding it.
  17. Are you scheduling a day for the query to run? You should get emailed the query on that day.
  18. Have you been using quality hiking boots? Not ones bought from the local big box store. Nothing can beat a good fitting pair of hiking boots for comfort and safety on the trail.
  19. What do you like to find in a cache? Personally I think caching and hiking related items are my favorite like compasses, whistles, thermoniters. That could just be because I'm relatively new to caching. Other good things are carabiners, pins, patches, key chains, rain ponchos, spare batterys. Don't forget the kids, just go down the cheap toy aisle at your local store and check out all the trucks, balls, and other toys that can be found. All these things can usually be found for under a dollar. If your having trouble finding cheap swag check out your local dollar store. You can find enough different items in one of those stores to fill more caches than you could ever hide. It doesn't have to be expensive to be cool. Just put some thought into it and try to hide what you would like to find or what your kids (or kids you know) would like to find.
  20. The GPS price is going to go up exponentially but the accuracy is only going to go up fractionaly.
  21. Its not working, you just think its working. If you could get in your pocket with it you would realize its not working. Its just guessing where its at while its in your pocket.
  22. Several feet tall? How big of a cache are you talking about? You do realize that you need to be able to hide this. It can't simply be a container out in the open no matter how remote the area.
  23. Break your route down into straight lines. Then use those segments for GSAK to filter out nearby caches. There is no magic tool to do all the work for you. Your going to have to invest a little time and effort into figuring it out.
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