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  1. How do I remove a PQ from my list? I don't see a delete link or button.
  2. Thanks for answering my question, I'm closing the thread now.
  3. first thread is a bad link, second thread started after I posted my question and the other 2 were complaints about the cracking. I wanted to know about features and performance. The opinion on the screen being hard to read in bright sunlight was the exact kind of information I was looking for. I wondered how you could get color, compass, mapping all in a small package at a low price. You can get 2 color sportraks for one 60cs. If it was so cheap and had so many features why aren't they more popular? Now I know...
  4. I don't understand this attitude. Who gets to say whether a cache sucks or is lame? You guys are all being insensitive and selfish. There are caches of all types for all people out there. Unless the cache in some way violates the guidelines then it shouldn't be complained about. Just because the cache was easy for your 5 yr old to find doesn't mean that the cache was lame. If you look at the ratings how much can you really expect from a 1/1? If you think its to easy than look for some with higher ratings. If you feel the rating is wrong you can complain about that but you shouldn't complain about the cache being lame. Leave the easy ones for those that like them. There are 2 types of cachers, newbies who will hunt for anything and be gratefull for it often breaking rules along the way especially when they hide their first lame cache, and seasoned veterans who think that every cache should be a major challenge in a unique location, with a clever container, .
  5. Not at that price and it doesn't include topo or have a rebate.
  6. Where are you guys coming up with how far off you are? Are you comparing your readings to known markers or to caches?
  7. What are the sportraks advantages? Does it have the lag that people complain about with the Meridians? Does it have enough memory? I haven't found any stores that carry them so I haven't been able to touch one. I was hoping to get to see some other GPS's at the local CITO event last week but I missed it because my daughter decided to come early and was born the night before.
  8. Why is it that everyone discusses the magellan Meridians and the garmin etrex and 60CS? No one discusses the Sportrak line? Whats wrong with them? The sportrak color is small, its color, it has a 3 axis compass.
  9. I love this program! Is there any chance that it can or will link with Mapopolis so that I could click on it and have it bring up the map. Or on the map click on a waypoint and have it bring it up in gpxSonar.
  10. I'm thinking a micro cache (thin mint strips container) buried in the sand 100 feet from any markers. Would that get a 4 on the difficulty scale?
  11. It is against the guidelines to hide the TB and post its coordinates. It won't get approved. The TB/cache could only be placed into existing caches.
  12. Please report back what you find out. Now you've made me curious.
  13. Can you legally reprint these maps?
  14. I've ordered from GPS city and the past and was very happy with them. I was just hoping that I didn't need the $50+ cable.
  15. http://www.geocities.com/team_fisur/geo-creations/index.html
  16. Librarys will not let you plug in a CF card reader and they will not let you run your own software. At least not one I've ever seen. To much potential for viruses and abuse. Depending on the library though you might be able to get a way with it. I use to use librarys for email when traveling but most of them are banning email, chatting, and any type of message boards or newsgroups. Depending on the library though its almost impossible for them to stop you unless they stand over your shoulder. The simple thing to do is to set your camera to a lower resolution. The next best thing would be a cheap laptop.
  17. What cable would I need to connect a Garmin 60CS to my Ipaq 5550? I don't want 6' of tangled cables. I just need a simple cheap cable.
  18. The best buy plan should replace it for you and your plan should still be valid. You should be able to walk in with the cracked one and out with a new one. Thats the whole point of the best buy plan.
  19. JeepCachr

    Gps Help

    How about just using a holster that holds the GPS in the correct position. You could also try a unit with an external antenae. I'm not sure if the legend supports that, then you could clip the antenae to your hat or pack or somewhere. Another option is re-radiating antenae and that should work with any GPS.
  20. I love the theme and can't wait for a chance to play poohsticks on the next bridge I come across. I'm glad you got your cache approved by the land owner and this site. It sounds like a good one.
  21. Very cool! Have you tried shrinking any geocoins?
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