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  1. I have 2 pq's that were generated yesterday that haven't shown up yet.
  2. Sure. Sounds like a good thing to add to the app. I'll look into it. While your at it how about the ability to create a maplet file for mapopolis?
  3. You can put the TB in a new cache or an existing one, it doesn't matter. You don't have to place a new TB in a new cache. You can place it as close or as far as you want. Some travel bugs have a mission. If it has one the mission will be on the Travel bugs page. Its preferable to move it according to its mission. Some people race bugs, other people try to send them to certain places. The most important thing with a bug is to promptly log that you took it, then move it to the next cache in a reasonable amount of time, then promptly log where you put it.
  4. Can the stp backtrack? Meaning can you upload your route then tell it to back track so you can follow the route backwards? That would be usefull.
  5. Another option is a otter box for your ppc.
  6. You need to use a program like GSAK to open those GPX files and save them as one GPX file.
  7. The coord's are supposed to be as accurate as possible. People trampling a bigger area than necessary isn't good for the game. Some people place to much emphasis on the hide. You have to balance the hide against what is good for the area. The game started as a celebration of the removal of the intentional error that the goverment introduced.
  8. tiki-4, Are you trying to view the cache pages more than one at a time? You would have to be able to load more than one instance of Explorer or what ever you are using to view them with then go from one back to another and back and forth. At least that's what I'm figuring. I'm confused at to what tiki is trying to do. You can only have one instance of Pocket Internet Explorer running at a time. Since GPX Sonar is opening the cache in Pocket IE you can only view one at a time. Tiki if I'm guessing wrong please expound on your problem.
  9. How is GCC getting in the way? I see more of these battles as local or regional. The local Michigan geocaching organization here has been negotiating with the state parks to establish a policy that the cachers and the parks can be happy with. I think most people would get upset if gcc came in and made some global concessions to get those guidelines established. So many people seem to forget the gcc is a listing service world wide and their guidelines are worldwide. I think things like Jeep releasing 4000 travel bugs is a huge step in promoting our sport and those types of things are what gc.com should focus on.
  10. Ok so 3 cachers fill a area to saturation and along comes newbie cacher. Then what? Do you change the rule again?
  11. A cache should never require tools to open.
  12. You've just expressed the wish of every person that uses a pocket pc with a GPS for caching. Though in my opinion Mapopolis is far superior to pocket streets. If you haven't tried it you should.
  13. I'm stunned, I never thought of that and its a great point. I knew their would be a problem with it. Having it expire on GC.com would work but you couldn't send a rescue mission after it. The state of Michigan has a organized cache rescue, I don't know how they handle the cross posted issue. They automatically add it to a rescue list when it gets archived unless it has a note that the cache owner retrieved it. They then give points to people that rescue them which to me just encourages people to go places where a cache may have been archived for a valid reason. In that case it would be better to leave the trash than to cause further harm to the area searching for something that may not be there. Another problem would be what if someone else used the same spot to place a new cache when the old one expired? If that were allowed you wouldn't be able to prevent the origanel owner from creating a new cache with the same coordinates. I don't see a easy way to prevent that from happening or if it should be prevented. Thats why I said I wasn't proposing it as a rule change just an idea. As an idea I think its got more holes than the .5 mile rule. The .5 rule could be implemented but I don't see the benefit since the area could get saturated just as easily or in cache poor areas it could prevent caches from being placed. Honestly I don't know how the state of Michigan is going to enforce its 12 month rule. Are they going to actively check the caches and hunt out the ones in violation? But thats a whole different discussion.
  14. I vote no to adding a .5 mile rule... Oh, we're not voting? I doubt if anyone is placing caches just so that they can block other people from placing caches. As long as the caches are maintained then I don't think there is anything to complain about. I can see where grouping caches makes it easier for the cache owner to maintain them. Introducing the rule you propose might work for a year but then the area is likely going to be saturated any way. Then what? Are we going to have to have a 5 mile rule? *Give me full power to the shields!!!* A better "guideline" (not that I'm proposing it) is that caches should expire. I know some caches are unique sites or great hides and they draw cachers from far away and consistantly get founds, but the majority are just a place to hide a container. I'm a newbie but when I try to cache with my brother we have to keep driving farther away to do ones he hasn't done. As caching gets more popular I see this as being a bigger issue than the density one brought up here. Once you've done all the caches in your area you can't play any more unless your willing and able to travel to get to them. You could further complicate this by saying that any cache that hadn't been found for a certain period of time, like after a year, should be archived. Though I bet there are some incredible caches that only get hit once a year. The problem then becomes with making sure the archived caches don't become trash and that they get picked up. I am willing to bet there are a significant number of caches that are no longer maintained by their owners but rather are maintained by their visiters. I can see where the popularity of the game may push it to something like this. I predict by the end of this year it is going to be harder to get a cache approved. The state parks in Michigan are proposing a 12 month rule on caches(along with requiring permits). In some ways it makes sence and for some locations its important. By making sure the cache is removed after a year you can limit the amount of damage caused by visiters to it. They origanelly proposed a 3 month limit but have since raised it to 12.
  15. They start near $100 and peak around $500. More money doesn't necessarily buy you better accuracy, usually just more features. If you provided us with more specifics like how you want to use it, specific features that you need/want and what your budget is then people could give you recomendations.
  16. What does what I do for a living have to do with anything? Especially the platform his is using. I never mentioned anything about the platform. What I said was he has squandered many opportunities to tap the expertise of this community. People have time and again offered assistance and have been either ignored or turned down. Yes, that includes MS folks, as well. That's what I'm saying. Don't read more into it that what I've said. Your bashing Jeremy on a topic you have no expertise in. Thats what what you do for a living has to do with it. You don't know why Jeremy turned down offers to help or if he did.
  17. I was caching friday and we had 2 etrex yellows and 1 vista. The guy with the vista was having trouble locking on after standing still for several minutes. We started walking towards the trail head when I turned on the second yellow and it locked in less than 30 seconds.
  18. Your free to have an opinion and you shouldn't bash other people for having one as well. You started the discussion and asked the question but you don't want to listen to anyones answers. Have you read any of the history on how this site got to where it is today? I think the bigger issue for Jeremy going to an all pay system is that some feel he has already broken his word for charging at all. From what I can tell I think he has done a good job. Maybe not what you would have done but the site is still growing so he must be doing something write. http://geocaching.gpsgames.org/history/ CoyoteRed what do you do for a living? Do you have the experience to bash how Jeremy is running things? I work with Windows server systems for a living. Switching to a different OS or database isn't going to magically solve all the problems. Windows is where many companys including mine are moving there data to. What is it these programers are offering? Ways for their own programs or sites to benefit from the data at GC? I believe a lot of the problems at GC are caused by the programmers and script writers out there trying to mine data from GC.com. I think cracking down and banning IP's and people doing this would solve a lot of the traffic problems. Making people pay is not going to stop pirates. Making people register to view might slow them down and I think that would be a good idea. Making everyone pay is not a good idea, making people pay for premium features is brilliant.
  19. Its a very nice write up. A good write up is almost as important as a good hide in my opinion.
  20. JeepCachr


    GC.com sells pins like this one but other people or groups have made their own. A bunch of people sell coins, some are trackable like travel bugs.
  21. Orange hats- Plastic waterproof, ammo can sized cache containers premarked with the geocache.com labels. gc.com jackets.
  22. How much memory does your PPC have? 128mb ram, 48mb of rom, 512mb sd card, 2 1gb CF microdrives in PCMCIA adapters in a 2 slot expansion sleeve.
  23. Everyone is concerned with the poor performance of the site. Jeremy already has upgrades in progress to hopefully allieviate these problems. Obviouslly he's got the money to do it or he wouldn't be. Maybe he didn't do it as fast as some people would like but at least give it a chance to make a difference before you go trying to change it. Making a paid membership of even $1 for a lifetime a requirement will splinter this site. Many people will stay but many will go. If you think the problems with pirates are bad, wait untill you have a open database spread across many web sites.
  24. http://westmarine.com has listed the Garmin rebate for at least 3 weeks now. I emailed Garmin about it last week and they said if I purchased before May 1 they would still honor it. edit: I just realized tomorrow is May 1, so its probably not a big deal anymore.
  25. That's your best advice. Why make things so difficult? I have a laptop. The whole purpose of my question is to avoid having to carry it with me. Taking a laptop along that could be used at your convenience is a lot easier than trying to find public computers to install software on. Don't get upset when everybody is telling you the same thing. Yes you could do what your attempting to do but it would be so much easier to simply use the right tool for the job. Its been an interesting intellectual discussion but my bet is you'll either bring the laptop or wish you had. If not a laptop at least a better PDA would be a good compromise.
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