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  1. I'm a complete newbie myself so this may be of no help, but I log my finds (I also have a new Oregon 400T) on the GPS, add a field note (on the Oregon) and then manually log my finds on geocaching.com... Perhaps there is an easier way, but this is working for me right now (although I only have three finds thus far, so..............)
  2. Order #43 placed for 4 coins... Can't wait to get them! Thanks!
  3. I think I am definitely hooked! Third find today and picked up a cool WDD coin... Can't wait to move it along on it's journey later this week. Have also ordered a few coins of my own. Thanks for looking!
  4. Just signed up for the newsletter... I definitely want a couple of these when they are available. Thanks
  5. Order placed... Very nice looking coins! Thanks
  6. Ordered 4 coins... This is my first geocoin order and I can't wait to get them... They look great! Thanks
  7. Perhaps www.wooden-nickel.com ?
  8. Hello! I recently got a great deal on a new Oregon 400T, loaded a few local caches on it and headed out today... It was cold and VERY windy, but I was able to find and sign two local logs/caches. I decided not to fight the cold wind anymore, and opted to go shopping for some trading swag and items to put into my first cache. I can't wait to hide one! I am making plans and hope to have one out in the next couple weeks. I had a great time and can't wait until the weather is a little nicer so I can get out and find more.... My wife and daughter even seem interested in going with me... I think this will be a great family pastime! Now I gotta get me some of them trackable coins! Thanks for looking!
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