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  1. Yay finally received my order from USA GeoCoins!!!!!! Ordered the end of June...received Sept. 20th. Of course I can't get activation codes....... Not even for the coin we received back in June.
  2. I ordered two coins from USA geocoins on June 26th, and received them today! I did get a letter last wk stating there was a delay because of manufacturing delays. I was told I would receive an additional coin free of charge. Except I got the wrong coins..............I ordered two of the same coins for use to carry on key rings, and I received two different coins altogether. I am Lilypetal's friend and I know she has not resolved the issue with the activation code either. Now what to do............??? EDIT Well.......I found out that the 2 coins I received were gifts from my friend Lilypetal..........I called her and told her that I finally received the coins I had ordered but not the right ones. So she asks me what coins did I receive......And then she tells me she ordered them for me So I still havent got my 2 coins from USA Geocoins!!!!!!!
  3. I have had my Venture HC for about a yr and half. Today as we approached our first cache of the day the screen went blank. The rechargeable batteries were fully charged, no trauma to the device, I don't think I have ever dropped it. So..... we switched out batteries, the screen 'flashed' like it always did when it was turned on, then nothing. Blank screen, no sounds.....nothing. Tried a few battery changes, again nothing. When we got home I hooked it up to the PC.....nothing......tried to load a cache.......computer says no device connected. Anybody know what happened? Has this happened to anyone else. I am unhappily surprised.
  4. Michigan is pretty damp too, more problems with soggy log books and damp and rusty swag, I haven't seen any mold yet. Now, ICE inside of a cache I have seen.
  5. It was listed as a "3 Piece Chicken Dinner" A small wooden container with 3 pieces of dried corn.
  6. See? Now there's your mistake.... "next spouse" The next ex................
  7. Went geocaching on first date with current girlfriend, she enjoys it as much as I do.
  8. Colorado Army National Guard. 85-91 147th Station Hosp.-then became 147th Combat Support Hosp. 91-A Army Field Medic. 91-D OR Tech.
  9. Well, first of all for those of us who are single..... 'Dating', I met a woman from an online dating site for lunch. Just in case the lunch was a bust I loaded a few geocaches in the GPS to for find. Lunch was great, so 'we' went geocaching, and we have been together 6 months now. We also go geocaching when we go kayaking, camping, fall color tours. And we will be hiding our first cache later this winter when we go out snowshoeing.
  10. Here in Michigan, if its not a locking metal container like the good ol' ammo can it generally is wet, soggy and sometimes have an aroma. OK, the serious plactic water bottles with the tight fitting screw on lids covered with duct tape do OK.
  11. I just happened to get one of those 'multi-tool' things at a Christmas party. The blade is sharp, and the pliers bite good. My girlfriend suggested it go in the Geo-bag, so there it went. We'll see if it ever gets used or not. But yes they are nice to have if you need them.
  12. Hey, the were traveling with you on your journey through recovery. Sounds reasonable to me.
  13. Yep, always wear glasses to so I can see the GPS, or sunglasses, and a hat because my head is shaved..
  14. Most caching activity came to a stop last yr. in Nov. I cound't figure out why since we had a great fall, then I remembered, hunting season starts first wk of Nov.
  15. I started geocaching this past Winter, I use a Garmin etres Venture HC.. No extra maps and it works fine for me and geocaching. Also for when traveling around the state. Shop around online I got mine for $125.00
  16. Cigarettes, lighter, themos of hot coffee. Cell ph. Compass. Pens Swag Bag of goddies. Bug spay, aerosol at car, little pump spay in bag. Notes about caches. digital camera pocket knife. In car I keep: Map. space blanket light jacket. And since my hear is shaved I always wear a hat, glasses to protect eyes from twigs, branches. Or not. Except hat and glasses.
  17. I can do about 8 steps to Carl Jung, and 9 to Freud. What does that say about geocachers?
  18. Most of my caching has been done alone. I bring a well charged cell ph. just in case. The solitude in the woods is kinda nice. Now I have a 'geo-buddy' a girlfriend that like to get out there as much as I do.
  19. Summertime, when the living is easy. Interesting that last year most posts to logs stopped Nov. 8th in my area of Michigan. The weather stayed quite nice till mid-late Nov. Then I remembered, Hunting season starts in Nov. A good time not to be playing in the woods.
  20. Landyard connected to cache bag, compass is same way. Etrex Venture.
  21. Hey I just found my first Geocoin and it is the Deaf Awareness Geocoin!!!!!! I used to sign quite a bit when I lived in Colorado and considered becoming ASL interpreter. My daughter just started her first ASL class today in High School. So this coin has a personal connection to me. I will drop it off later this month when I go camping in another part of the state.
  22. I log a DNF, if I looked and I did not find the cache, generally the same day. I wear a denim jacket when out and about with either a "I found it" smiley pin or a "DNF" frowning pin, depending on whether I found the last cache I searched for on not. Currently it's the DNF pin. but I am going out this afternoon, so hopefully I will get to change pins, If I go back another day and find it, I log that it was a return visit in comments. If I still don't find it, I don't embarrass myself and keep noting that I can't find it.
  23. I have been ordained in about 7-8 churches, long before Al Gore thought of inventing the internet. I have officiated at weddings since 1983 so I have been at it a few years. Currently the Prayer Chaplain Coordinator at a local Unity church.
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