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  1. I had a great ride across North Kitsap and Bainbridge. I logged several caches along the way. All were memorable and well done (NOT AN ORDINARY CACHE, I can't drive 55, Shaggy's house, & Know Your Lackey). I did make Shaggy's house more physically challenging than it needed to be by bushwhacking (while pushing a bicycle) out to Miller Bay Rd, rather than making my way back to the trailhead. Y'all don't appear to have to the same amount of poison ivy and green briar we do in Texas but there's certainly no shortage of other brutal plant life. I'm riding the bike around Mukilteo tomorrow and we'll see what I caches may catch my attention there. So very impressed with the caching in the area.
  2. You haven't defined what you mean by physically challenging caches, but I'll make a few suggestions - there are a ton of trails on that part of the Kitsap peninsula. None of them are particularly challenging from the point of view of either distance or elevation, but you could easily spend the better part of several days just walking on the trails and finding caches. North Kitsap Heritage Park, for example, has about 15 caches in the park and it's 799 acres (bigger than a square mile) in size. You can find a trail map at http://www.kitsapgov.com/parks/Parks/Documents/Trail_Maps/nkhp_map.pdf with at least 6 or 7 miles of trails in the park's woods. Side note - if you want a full set of trail maps that are downloadable to a Garmin or DeLorme GPS for free, check out Moun10Bike's Northwest Trails map set at http://www.switchbacks.com/nwtrails/ It just so happens that one of the best gadget cache makers in the world also lives in this area. Goblindust is famous for his incredibly well designed and interesting cache creations and I would highly recommend stopping by any number of his caches as well. Here's a link to his caches in Washington State - https://www.geocaching.com/play/search?ot=4&owner[0]=goblindust&r=48&e=1&sort=FavoritePoint&asc=False Thanks for the info. There is one of Goblindust's caches that caught my eye outside of Poulsbo (Know Your Lackey). I might need to route my trip to check out Kitsap Heritage Park. Being a city dweller, physically challenging usually means hiking or even bushwhacking (here in Dallas, it's through mostly greenbriar & poison ivy). Not a whole lot of elevation changes here in Dallas.
  3. Hi y'all! My wife and I come to Seattle from Dallas every summer to bring our kids to a special-needs summer camp in Carnation. We'll be there next week and while the kids are at camp, I'll be renting a bicycle and riding to Poulsbo. My route will bring me over on the Edmonds-Kingston ferry and then return on the Bainbridge-Seattle ferry. So locals, I want your must-do caches in North Kitsap and on Bainbridge Island. I prefer physically challenging caches, but a clever P&G can be entertaining also. We're staying in Mukilteo, so we'll be poking around there also. Thank you and cache on.
  4. Re-activate the A.P.E. cache, but make it a P.M.O.C. and we'll have some real fun, up in this thread.
  5. Holy hell! You submitted 64 caches in under a week. No wonder it took PR so long to get to the three caches that I submitted.
  6. I tried to go to the polling yahoo web page, (with an active yahoo account), but it just kept looping me back to the "verify email" and "verify password" pages. After a half dozen or so failed attempts, I'm posting my vote here: #3 by KarelKraak
  7. I went back and paced off the measurements from the datasheet. I found the correct utility pole mentioned and 4 and a half feet SW of it is a fairly new concrete phone box. So the rod might be under the lid, but I can't get to it or verify its presence. I'm not worried about posting a find. I think destroyed might be more accurate, but I'm going to leave it as a note, (you never know, a telephone company employee might notice the rod under there and post it as a find). Thanks for replying. I'll report it to NGS.
  8. This has probably been covered, but I couldn't search the forum . I found a benchmark that had been ripped from the ground, probably by a construction crew. They tossed it onto an easement nearby. It looks like it has been sitting there for months. So do I consider this a destroyed BM, a found BM or just a note? Here's the BM: CS2526 Here's the state it is in: Thanks for your time.
  9. I had the same conversation with my wife and of course, she refused to honor my request. She did, however offer a compromise... She said she would have a hole drilled in the side of my tombstone, just big enough to hold a Bison tube. What a woman
  10. umm, so don't do it. Pretty simple solution.
  11. Thanks. I'll do that.
  12. Is there a way to transfer the ownership of an activated TB? I have one that I have activated. It has not gone anywhere or even been attached to anything yet. Can I deactivate it and then let my son activate it under his screen name?
  13. It probably makes us look more pretentious and anal. And yes, I usually tack on the "r". But then again I AM fairly pretentious and anal.
  14. Yep.. the original anarchist complainer's cache posting was directed inappropriately to calling an approver names. Could not make out just exactly what the title was since it was deleted. In the body of the description name calling just was inappropriate and should not have been approved. I know this has all been a little jumbled, but let me try to sort some of it out: February 10, 2003: Cache "Hornytoads In the GreenBelt" is hidden by Grajek and approved for listing on geocaching.com. Numerous visitors find this cache and sign the logbook and post their finds online. November 3, 2004: Cache attributes is "announced" by Jeremy in the forums. The aforementioned conflict leads to 9Key's resignation as an approver. Of course, since 9Key is very popular in Texas, cachers here are likely going to want to support him and some consider this as an us vs them issue. This starts some rumblings in Texas that Big Green is taking the little rednecks in the Lone Star State for granted. Prime Approver is now responsible to review all caches in Texas. December 14, 2004: For reasons discussed in this thread, Grajek archives most of his caches. As a protest, he leaves the Hornytoads cache active and changes the name and description to something offensive and inappropriate. Whether you, I or anyone else agrees with this tactic is irrelevant. It forced TPTB to take action. Grajek did what he felt he needed to do and GC.com responded in about the only way it could. Archive the cache, change the name and ban Grajek for a day. Once word of this reached the forums, it took on a life of its own. Of course nobody had all the facts, (me included), but by God, we all jumped in to add our opinions because we're all SO clever and have a unique angle that will either shut the other side up or at least enrage them a little more. So here we are. Still name-calling, finger-pointing and being just as divisive. After all, what fun is a staring at a car wreck, once they've hosed off all the blood? (edit) - typo
  15. Personally, I have had no problems with PA, but if you will recall the complaints, they are mostly about cache requests being denied. Thus, no approved caches to be thrown in your faces. No disagreement on the logic, just pointing out a flaw in the comparison.
  16. That doesn't make their tacos taste any better or mean that they actually give a flying crap about the people who eat them.
  17. That's mainly because, in your desire to belittle the feelings of more than just a few cachers, you've acted as if these reasons have changed. The complaints listed were ALL reasons for the fireworks, in the first place. They've been brewing for a while, it simply took a few posts to get them out on the table. Because there is no Burger King. There are a couple of Burger Huts and while their selection and customer service is better, they can only serve a few burgers a month.
  18. I thought that criticizing TPTB got you banned, locked out or at least the thread would be shut down. Mentioning another site seems to have the same effect.
  19. I don't think the cached version name is what got it archived. I think the name was changed to something else that refered to something unmentionable rather than offensive.
  20. My wife would never have married me if she had anything against whackos.
  21. OK, strange as this may sound... I bought a pair of "Ozark Trail" boots at Wal-Mart for $18.99 and they have been great! I figured if they didn't do the job, I was only out twenty bucks, but I've been very impressed with them. They are leather and say "waterproof" on them. I've hiked many a mile and waded through some chilly creeks in these things. I'll buy them again.
  22. I've heard that some people have a problem with this, but as long as you trade fairly, I don't see what's wrong with it. Here's what I got in response to the same question: Re-visiting A Cache.
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