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  1. If you are desperate, I don't mind you posting it to me, I travel in the UK a lot so could move it on to a decent sized cache.
  2. It's an art gallery, get in there, strip naked with just a tracking number painted on your bum, then keep very still in a suitable pose - you should easily pass off as an exhibit then
  3. There is a new company just set up called Geotogs. They are doing embroidered clothing. They have just got official Groundspeak distributor status as well. We are going to order some stuff off them in the next few days.
  4. There's hope for us all Nice to hear of a reappearance.
  5. Surely even discussing the whys and wherefores of whether it is right or wrong to involve the police is still playing in to scrotes, (sorry gropes) mindset and giving them pleasure. Just stop discussing it!!!
  6. Have you bought any? Seeing that you are localish to us maybe we could meet up and do some of them at some point.
  7. Ours on the Jeep has been spotted. I had a log that we were followed for about 3 miles just so that the guy could write all the tracking number down. Just the camper that hasn't been spotted.
  8. Nope, managed to stay dry! One tough bit though, had to do a bit of limbo style canoeing, could easily have got wet then.
  9. If you are thinking of the Peak District I have an event organised for 10th ~ 12th September, maybe you could incorporate it. http://coord.info/GC2B8HZ It's looking like it is going to be well attended.
  10. Wemnog and I have done Dakar4x4's Sneaking Around Stamford series today along the river. Great afternoon out and to anyone who wants to do some caching by boat, I thoroughly recommend the series. This is one of them. http://coord.info/GC1HZ7N
  11. One cache I found in the US went much like that - it was a fiendish hide so the owner asked me to describe the cache so they could confirm I had actually found it and wasn't just pretending. When I sent them the email describing the area and the cache in detail (the kind of detail you just couldn't get from Google Street View) they posted a note on the cache page confirming that they accepted my find based on my description. Not only did it make clear to anyone else reading that I really had found it, it also made clear that they would check on anyone who did claim a find without signing the log book. The reason I hadn't signed the log book was because it was a stop-off on the way to the airport and anything not critical to the journey was in a suitcase somewhere. Good idea, I have now added similar to the cache page. Thanks for that.
  12. Not us, but our beige camper has a magnetic TB on it.
  13. It's not unknown for a caching team to split up (e.g. husband and wife divorce). Then, one of them wants to continue caching but under a new ID (as the other hangs on to the original name). As part of the process (should they be interested in numbers) they retrospectively log all their 'found' caches. I can easily imagine that some would log 1000 in a day quite legitimately - although it sounds like a tedious operation. As it's only a game "for fun", there's never been a requirement for people to only log caches that they found as an individual. Even though you could be a member of a team of 4 and have actually found no caches yourself, (relying on the others to hand you the box as you saunter up to the location) you count them as finds. So it seems valid for a person to split from a team then re-log all the finds. I agree and I do let logs like that stand, however this was a cacher who is also still using their original name, known to a lot of cachers in this area for causing problems.
  14. Hiya and welcome. Seems like you are hooked already. Keep an eye out for a cheap second hand GPS on somewhere like Ebay (other sites are available). The accuracy for you will be so much better.
  15. I had one of my caches logged the other day from a newbie. Stated they had found it, but didn't have a pen but no matter. One polite email to them later, explaining the etiquette. A few hours later a polite email back describing the cache, container and colour of logbook. No problems, most times it is genuine. Then of course you do get the people fooling themselves but no one else who log caches retrospectively, when they "did it" as part of another caching team. Now those logs I delete as a matter of course, especially when the retrospective logs amounted to more than 1000 in a day!!!!
  16. If you are going to do Derbyshire there is my event http://coord.info/GC2B8HZ There are some new caches out already for that but won't be published until late on September 9th. There are loads NSE & W of the campsite already.
  17. How do I add photos to a post please?
  18. I have had two ammo boxes out, and both have gone. Not even replaced with anything. Now I am not one to point fingers at other cachers, but at the two sites where I had boxes I can only assume that it was another cacher, as they were out of the way and very well hidden. I haven't put any out since. I still plan to put another one out, but I am going to mark it in such a way that if I find another cache of the same ilk, I will know whether it is my ammo box or not. Shame really when it comes to this.
  19. I have just had a cache approved for publication by Natural England in an SSSI. I can't fault them on their communication, knowledge of geocaching and helpful approach. All they requested from me was that I mentioned certain things in the cache listing. From start to finish they gave approval via a phone call to me and a follow up email within two hours.
  20. We had an Etrex, upgraded to the Oregon 550t and haven't looked back. Does everything on your wish list and is paperless.
  21. Waypoints! Don't know why they are suddenly all marked on the maps. They never have been before. Have deleted them now.
  22. I have just done some pocket queries and when I downloaded them on to the 550t suddenly on the maps I am getting loads of blue flags. Never seen these before when I have loaded PQ's on. Can anyone advise please as to what these are? Cheers.
  23. Hiya and welcome. Yep, caching is a great Dad and son activity, fresh air, excercise and a sense of achievement when you find the cache. In answer to your questions. When someone places a cache, it is sent for review and given a GC code on submission. Secondly if you go to www.geocaching.com you can register as a member, you will need a caching name so think of a good one. On the left of the home page of the site, you will see a list, click on the Hide and Seek A Cache button and that will take you to another page, on that page you will have a list of options on how to find caches in your area, by address, you can put your hometown in, or by postal code to find the nearest caches to you. Then the page will take you to individual cache pages and you can put the coords in to your phone. If you get in to caching it would be worth you considering buying a GPS as these are much more acurate than the Iphones. They vary in price, but to get you started you can usually find a cheapish second hand one on Ebay or Amazon. Garmins are good, but I am sure someone will be along to tell you more about the different GPS's that are available. I am sure that there will be a localish caching group in your area, who can help you out. Most of all, enjoy it, everyone has their favourite type of cache to find, from urban micros to the ammo boxes deep in the countryside. It's a great hobby.......so all that's left for me to say is Happy Caching.
  24. Hiya and welcome, almost sounds like a dating agency! I am sure someone will be along soon to help out.
  25. My caching partner Wemnog's brother in law is G3YBY. His wife caches under the name Janetinpurton.
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