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  1. Same here, one of my TB's Captain Jack Harkness has been in the posession of a premium member since 1st October last year. I have emailed countless times but he has ignored my emails. Maybe we ought to have a name and shame thread.
  2. So, if the account is extremely well known why can't that IP address be blocked? At least it would be a start.
  3. Just listened to the first podcast, excellent, I really enjoyed it. Thanks.
  4. Look forward to seeing the hide ! I also work in central London so rather accept that caches around here are going to be micros or nanos ... but echoing previous poster's comments; i) Hide the biggest cache you can given the constraints of the location. ii) The more imaginative the hide, the better the cache. Whilst I really prefer going after ammo cans in the countryside, I do have a micro as one of my all time favourite caches Fort Hamilton. OK, the exotic location helped but it is a good illustration of the two pointers - a micro was as big a cache as was feasible but the cache trail (and final hide) were both quite whacky ideas in their own way ... I won't give too much more away just in case you are ever in Bermuda. Personally I have no problems with nano's, actually sometimes they are as much fun to hide/find as other caches.
  5. For Brandon it sounds like he should be Stargazer and for Nyomi how about Little Pinknpurple
  6. Hi, ok, thanks for that. Will do so.
  7. I have four limited edition coins for sale that I have had minted by Oakcoins. There are 100 of each coin. They are British Telephone Box, King George V Postbox, Victorian Postbox and a Border Collie (Rounding Up Geocaches) coin. All four can be seen on my website www.jacaru.co.uk and if you want to order any I can send a Paypal invoice to you. Just email me ~ daryl@jacaru.co.uk Happy caching.
  8. I now have four coins that I have minted for sale ~ Border Collie (Rounding Up Geocaches) Victorian Post Box, King George V Post Box and a British Telephone Box. If you check out the website www.jacaru.co.uk you will be able to see them there. They are all limited to 100 coins each, only 30 now left of the Collie coin. The UK Geocachers shop is also selling them on my behalf.
  9. Good idea, and Snowdon, Kinder Scout and all the other places that are not just a car ride away, like you say, see how serious they are then! Hopefully there won't be copycats, there again this is Britain and people do like to join a bandwagon, no matter how inane!
  10. I agree wholeheartedly with your comments. I did, in fact mention some of the pros of geocaching, ie that my kids are now finding out much more about countries that they wouldn't have known about etc etc. As you said, geocaching promotes healthy excercise and more interaction between families in the great outdoors rather than sat in front of the telly, pc, or whatever. I am sure this nonsense will go away long before any of us geocachers do, but in the meantime I don't blame people for posting about how they feel and what they would like to do to the perps, me included.
  11. I have been away for a few days. Any more news on this? I am afraid that I have added a note to all my TB's asking that they aren't moved to Northamptonshire for the time being. Sorry, I know that is being a bit selfish to all the good cachers in that county, but when you think of the money we all spend on the TB's there is no point in wanting them to go to an area where they may just disappear through acts of gross vandalism and also lack of understanding of the positives that Geocaching promotes. My kids love to follow the maps of TB's that we have found and have probably learnt more about different countries this way than they ever have at school. Added to that the excercise that they now get (and enjoy) through walking to caches I really do fail to understand why some prat thinks that we are damaging the countryside and/or environment.
  12. I have a log entry this morning for my Trakkabulldog PCPXYK Black Mercedes, it has gone to the bottom of a lake and the cache it was in has been destroyed. The cache was GC1P9FJ The bulldog was logged as in the hands of the freak who took it. I have grabbed it back off him/her and will send another copy out soon. Does seem like we have to avoid placing stuff in this area for a while though. Sad as it is, I agree with other comments, the ISP can be traced and blocked.
  13. so how long should I wait before sending the copy tag out with a new buddy?
  14. Post 38, 2 days ago. Still not working, very frustrating as my kids have TB's racing each other and they just don't know where they are up to with milage.
  15. I am new to caching and will be doing my first in Nottingham this coming weekend. I got a self inking stamp custom made for something else from a place in Nottingham but I will be able to use it for caching as well. It only cost me £15 for a 2cm square one. It should be good for a few thousand stamps as well. If anyone wants details of the company let me know and I will pass it on to you as I am not sure if I should name them or not on here. I know they do post out though as well. I got one of these a while ago, and left it in the car. It did notlike it I am not certain how or why but it started leaking ink... They are good just keep an eye on it... Thanks, GerritS. I keep mine in a sealable bag just in case this happens, I'll be sure to mention this before handing the ALDI one over to arock&ahardplace. If the stamp was to leak in her cache bag, I can see myself walking around with "This cache has be found by arock&ahardplace, TFTC." stamped on my forehead.
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