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  1. Try this. It's a drop box link to the exe file your looking for. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6158332/geomateQtGuiApp.exe.zip
  2. I like The London Loop. Seeing as it was intended to encourage biking and walking. I use it to get some exercise and it keeps me moving along much farther than I would if I just went for a walk. It's also a quick way to run up some caches and it's a good way to learn how to find micros.
  3. Thanks for that post. I'm HAPPY! The maps don't suck anymore.
  4. Just adding one more voice to the masses of disappointed voices. The maps suck. For Geocaching I want satellite hybrid maps, period. As far as getting mad at Groundspeak/Geocache.com ... I'm not sure how that's going to help. It's better to send your comments to Google instead. Just for your info... "According to the BBC, Google will charge $4 per 1,000 views for "hits" that reach more than 25,000 per day. The new charges will apply to partners who use the Google Maps API service to power their own products." It looks to me that on this site, the cost would be rather significant, especially when you consider the numbers of non PMs logging in to use the site. In time, it might come back and bite Google in the butt. It would work better for them to incorporate ads into the maps to make revenue, as they certainly have the ability and power to so.
  5. Red90...No matter what I tried I could not make your method work. I could not send both to the GPS unit at the same time, as much as I tried... Seldom_sn's answer is correct. I did find the answer via a long convoluted search on the web. In an FAQ. I am going to post that as I found it: M17.) How do I use multiple map (.img) files to help me better manage maps on my Garmin Oregon? Even though Mapsource and MapInstall always save maps sets as [drive]:\Garmin\gmapsupp.img this file can be renamed once it is on the Oregon to any name (as of beta software 2.99) as long as the .img extension is preserved. This is very helpful if you want to manage multiple maps sets, say one for your home area that would change infrequently and one for a travel destination(s) that you might change frequently. The steps for doing this are: 1. Follow the procedure in M15 to create and download your home map set 2. Using a file explorer on your computer locate [drive]:\Garmin\gmapsupp.img and rename the file to [drive]:\Garmin\myhomemaps.img 3. Follow the procedure in M15 to create and download your travel map set When you are done with your travel map set this file can be deleted and replaced with a new map set for your next destination without having to rebuild and transfer your home map set. This technique can also be used to fully use microSD cards larger than 4GB. Perform steps 1 to 3 to create multiple img files on your microSD card. This allows you to have multiple img-map-files of up to 4GB each. All maps will be detected by the Oregon. You can select the maps you want to use in your Oregon profile like usual. M15.) How do I use Mapsource to load additional maps onto my Garmin Oregon? The best place to start is the Mapsource manual in the section called Loading Maps to Your Garmin GPS Unit. The basic operations required to send maps to the Oregon are: 1. Connect the Oregon to your computer 2. Select a number of map regions in Mapsource (OR BaseCamp) called a map set that you want on your Oregon 3. Use Mapsource to build the map set and transfer it to your Oregon or the Oregon's SD card Mapsource (OR BaseCamp) transfers the map set to the Oregon as single file called gmapsupp.img which is stored in [OR drive]:\Garmin or [OR SD drive]:\Garmin . Every time you repeat the process above you delete the previous map set and replace it with a new map set. Maps cannot be added or removed incrementally using Mapsource. (OR BaseCamp) This implies that if you are trying to load maps from multiple Mapsource products (i.e. Topo2008 and City Navigator) that you will need to include map regions from both products in the same map set. Mapsource supports this by allowing you to select the first Mapsource product via a drop down menu in the upper left corner, pick map regions from this product using the Map tool, select a second product and pick map regions from this product before compiling the map set and transferring to the Oregon.
  6. I recently purchased a Garmin Oregon 450. I have both Canadian and US Topo map sets for BaseCamp. So far it seems like I can only either just the US topos I want OR the Canadian Topo...not both at the same time. Am I doing something wrong or is this a pain in the butt I'll just have to deal with. I live in Ontario and travel over to Michigan on a regular basis. I was hoping to be able to have some maps from both sides of the border at the same time or at least available on my GPS for access. When I load maps from the US Topo set, I loose my maps from the Canadian Topo set. In the Set Up / Map / Map Information Select Map area on the GPS there are only two options... One is Worldwide DEM Basemap (currently disabled)...the other is Either TOPO US (northeast) when I load it on...OR Topo Canada. Why doesn't it give me an option to choose either one. Instead I have to back to the computer and load up one or the other. That just doesn't make sense to me.
  7. I picked mine up at Staples...and have had no problems.
  8. 98% of the time, I'm alone. I like the solitude...but I don't mind company if I can find some. If this sport started 20 years ago when my kids were small...then I'm sure it would be a different story. Now I'm just waiting for the grand kids. My other half's butt is glued to the couch and he has no interest in going for a walk, let alone geocaching.
  9. I find mine at those paper / party stores. You know...where you can buy paper plates and wedding decorations by the case. How small were you looking for? I have not found the really super tiny bags....like the dopers use , except in "head shops".
  10. Glad to see that this site is now back up and running. I'm looking forward to getting more invloved. I noticed that the link to your Newletter does not work. OGA Newsletter
  11. Lots of cachers are panicing over this. It's the LAST thing you should worry about. The only time you'll ever see it turned off is the time you better be checking what plane your on, what building you're in or what bridge you are driving over. Then if you're in any of those places.....GULP! GPS has become too important in every day life to shut down for a Condition Orange. If the flag is Red....as far as I'm concerned, they can turn off anything they want if it will save a life.
  12. I usually trade. I think I only did two TNLN, but I left a nice log entry. What irks me is when I find rusty bottle caps (not antique or rare), rocks (not one that looked like someone took the time to hunt for a nice one and clean it up a bit) ....garbage, (rotting plastic party lae (sp)) etc. used to trade. You get the drift. The whole concept is if you are going to trade...you trade with something of equal or better value. I know that leaves an opening. Most folks put a lot of care into putting a cache out there. Many traders put a lot of care into what they trade....BUT a goodly portion of cachers take the goodies and leave the rocks. I may not always take something from a cache...usually the ones that have seen a lot of "down traders". If there isn't something in there that i can take...and move to another cache without feeling bad about it...I won't take anything. I ALWAYS try to leave something. I'm still a newbie to this game, but I recently noticed that there is a growing number of cachers that collect "signature items". Geo-Creations Because of that, I came up with my own "signature item" in the last week. I will, at the very least, leave that in any cache I find. Trade or no trade. That might be a good suggestion for those folks who always TNLN. Nothing fancy. (Geo-business cards, wooden nickles, costom coins, pins or fridge magnet cards with your stamp on it etc.) At least you leave something that might attract more to the game. I like the hunt for what I see along the way...but there are others who like the cache for what's inside. (add to collections) I have heard comments from more than a few that they stopped caching because all they would find was junk. Well you can't make everyone happy, but you can make it more interesting. Give some thought to what you put in the next cache....even if it's just a good story. Yes I do read the logs. For me...it's not about wracking up numbers. With caches...think about a possible oppertunity to provide "random acts of kindness" when you find one in bad shape.
  13. All I care about is how well they are made and FIT!!! I could care less about looks. I had LL Bean Cresta / Gortex and loved them but the fit was just a wee bit off. I'm currently wearing Salomons... I forgot the model name...but they looked like "saddle shoes" ....heavy, tough, waterproof and had a stiff sole with quite a bit of rocker. I love them. The ones I have now are my third pair. Sadly...I think they may have discontinued making them. Mine are now falling apart after three years of VERY HARD USE. (my boots usually last a year). I'm now on the search for a near perfect fit again. Cost is no object...well almost.
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