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  1. I am wanting to buy a used *cheap* GPS that I can download the cords to. I have been using my phone and it is not working like it used to, tired of messing with it and want a handheld unit. I have had fancy ones in the past and to be honest, as long as I can download the geocaches and it gets me to the prize, I'm happy with one that's 20...PM me if you have a used one for sale.
  2. Maybe they geocache under the children's account. I have know of people that started a account for them and ended up using something different. Not standing up for them so don't blast just saying maybe....
  3. Thanks! I will check their website right now and then keep on eye out if they don't have a sale going.
  4. I am looking for a good used 450t BUT a 300, 400, heck even a Dakota 10 or 20 (my husband says). Would like to pay the "going" rate for a used one, we have NO need for fancy maps of lakes etc. Just what it takes to geocache with the kids on a good hike. We are in Washington and will pay pay-pal. I work 2nd shift,, so give me time to answer emails or Im's please. Thanks
  5. Is this still for sale? If so, can you log the caches on this unit when you find it? Thanks
  6. I can't believe your comparing the 200 with the 400t. They are so different it is not even close to being fair. Try comparing with the Triton 1500 or 2000. They are both great units and work just fine. Not comparing, just saying what I upgraded to..
  7. I had a triton 200 and hated that thing! I owned it for less then 30 days and it kept freezing up, going through pages when no buttons were being pushed, etc. I took it back and decided to just spend the money to get something good and exactly what I wanted/needed (Oregon 400t). I have always swore by Garmin and ventured away one time....needless to say I will always stick with Garmin now.
  8. I thought of that earlier but didn't take the time to see what drive it was on. Another question though. Say I checked a whole page and then hit the download waypoints button, couldn't I put them into the garmin that way through the drive and would the pages still come up?
  9. I just got my Oregon 400t on Friday, I have installed the plug in and I am able to download right off the geocache search page...no problems there. But, I don't want to go through and hit that button for 100 caches. If I download the caches to GSAK and then sent it to the Oregon will it still show the cache page for paperless caching? Is there even an easier way so I can bypass GSAK? Thanks for replies!!
  10. I would look on Ebaythats where I got mine. http://cgi.ebay.com/USB-Data-Cable-for-all...1QQcmdZViewItem I have one for sale since my gps crapped out.
  11. Well that answers my question because we are more in the field and we want a touch screen. THANKS! What is the main difference between the Oregon 200 and the 400T? I can't tell there is any and there is 100.00 difference in price.
  12. We decided the best route to go in upgrading what we use for a gps and paperless caching. So we are looking for an Oregon if anybody is wanting to part/upgrade their unit or know where we can get the best deal.
  13. Well that answers my question because we are more in the field and we want a touch screen. THANKS!
  14. My husband and I were going to do paperless caching using a palm. Got one from another geocacher and come to find out they are not compatible with Vista when trying to use the Quick install. This problem starting us talking about selling our unit, and taking the money we have for a palm, and getting a GPS unit that has the all in one feature. So we started looking at the Oregon 200 or 400t. Then today I seen something about the Garmin Nuvi 500. Here is my question; Does anybody have any knowledge about the Nuvi500 when being used for geocaching? Can you put the cache pages on this unit like you can the Oregon? Would the Oregon still be better to use then the Nuvi500? What about the Colorado's? What in the world is the difference between them and the Oregon? Any input would help seeing these things are a lot of money and I want to make sure we get exactly want we are looking for. THANKS IN ADVANCE!
  15. This can be closed..as of now I have one on the way. THANKS!
  16. Any palm as long as it's cheap and will serve the purpose. THANKS!
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