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  1. ok i could not find what i was looking for there, actually i could not make any maps for myself. If anyone could help me out and make a map of the area around dc down toward richmond. i need the roads on my triton 1500. i really do appriciate any help. thx in advance.
  2. i am trying to find a mapping program to make custom maps for my gps. I had the program when i had my last laptop, but a bad accident made it go away. just wondering if anyone can help me find that program again or if anyone has the program, maybe there might be a way i can get a copy of the program. Thanks for anyone's help in advance.
  3. I have been trying all day and can not figure out how to get the county shaded maps with my stats. I used to be able to with my stats from gsak but now am not able too. Any help would be appreciated. RookieCrew
  4. well he did say his son did find one of my caches a while back, one that he could not find today.
  5. We have local cacher who is finding our caches then complaining about how they bad they suck or saying that there could have been a better spot to hide them. When not even saying "thanks for the cache" or "good hide." But just complaining. And this paticular cacher has been a cacher for almost 1 year, has only 100 finds and 0 HIDES. Wanting to know how other cachers deal with simaler problems. Looking for any input, simaler logs, and storys. See examples below. Any input would be appreciated. RookieCrew What a bad cache. there are so many nice places you could have put this cache here, but that place sucked This Cach really sucked I don't know what would make someone think this was a good place to put on. After I was done finding this cach I had to go home and change because of all the thorns I had in my pants.
  6. Im still getting my notifications. Email and cell
  7. took nothing left nothing signed log
  8. I have seen this on many threads but what is "BUMP"?
  9. Well, i would like to introduce you to a little thing called speed caching, that my buddy taught me. Now, if you go to my profile page you will see that this is true data from there. Most finds in a day: 55 on Saturday, February 07, 2009; 43 on Saturday, February 21, 2009; 28 on Saturday, March 07, 2009
  10. Click here for the proper topic <<<< here is the topic that will give you all the info you need.
  11. I was wanting to buy an alltel smart phone. If anyone has one that they would like to sell or give away please contact me. Thanks. hesterjn@hotmail.com
  12. We loved both of the images. Thank you nymphnsatyr and all who have attempted to work on this. We would love to see more if anyone has any other ideas. Thanks again.
  13. Get some on them moving over here by cozad, ne. we have little to none around here any more moving around.
  14. OK, to be more clear can i get something with maybe a fire truck or ambulance with two people and a Magellan Triton 1500 in hand. I would appreciate it thanks in advance.
  15. i can not get this to work on my account. I have tried everything. can someone please tell me what i might be doing wrong.
  16. they have shut down. Teleflip’s final Flipmail? Image representing TeleFlip as depicted in Cru...Image via CrunchBase, source unknown SMS email provider Teleflip is shutting down their Flipmail service on Friday. When they premiered at DEMO in 2007, the premise was that everyone could have email on their mobile phone, without having to buy a smart phone. The company burst onto the scene with a coast-to-coast PR blitz resulting in breathless headlines with the message that any cellphone could act like a BlackBerry. Now that smartphones have reached the tipping point, driven by red hot products from Apple and RIM, it’s easy to see how Teleflip would have come under increasing pressure. And so, in a manner befitting Teleflip’s business, just a few minutes ago I received the final Flipmail from the team. Delivered by SMS in three pieces it reads: Subj: Important Note From Teleflip Dear Teleflip Beta User: Thanks for being part of the beta testing group using our Flipmail service, however, we are now ending this service. We’ve gone as far as we can with our financial sources, and the piggy bank is empty. Effective Friday August 15, 2008 at 9:00AM Pacific Daylight Time, Ex-employees I spoke with spoke of budgetary cuts, and that most employees, excepting the C-Suite, had been laid off in January to reduce burn in an effort to conserve cash while raising additional capital. None could confirm that the company was indeed winding up, however, and suggested I reach out to CEO Tony Davis. We’ll see what he has to say. Judging by the fact that their website security certificate expired 4 days ago, I would say that things don’t look promising.
  17. Hi there... like I say to most people here welcome... and Did you have anything specific in mind? My first data query would be What KIND of rookie crew? How many? Doing what? With what? My first flash of inspiration went back to my first time on a brigantine... yep a storm blow... and then the management found out they had the date wrong and we were NOT the experienced sailors... anyway the rail was quite busy, like the rest of us... learned a lot FAST that night! Somehow I don't think that image is what you had in your mind. Doug Well, now that you ask, yea i think so. My wife and i are both on the Fire and Rescue Department. Maybe something along the lines of that. thanks
  18. This cache is a monkey puzzle. GCPPD* and this Another Monkey puzzle cache
  19. This cache is a monkey puzzle. GCPPD*
  20. Ok, well i want something that could represent our name, RookieCrew. I have not thought of anything good. But if you could make something for us, we would really appreciate it. Thanks
  21. I was actually wondering if anyone had an old monkey puzzle cache lying around. If so, could i take it off of you hands for you. If anyone is interested in getting one for me please contact me through my profile. Thanks RookieCrew
  22. Well my wife and I use GSAK. It will keep a database of all of your finds, hides, and unfound. And you are able to add pictures to each individual cache and add notes too each one. It makes it easier to go back and find them also just by typing in the name and it will bring up caches with the keyword or words.
  23. I have found an add on if you wish to use fire fox. It will translate every page after every time it loads to the language of your choice. hope this helps. Let me know. Fire fox translator add ons
  24. yes going to log your visit and then archive cache will make it unavailable to view by any one else and be for archival purposes only.
  25. Curiosity remains a reason. I agree and i just hate getting to a cache signing the log and getting home just to find out that it was archived over a month ago. And i dont want to sit there and spend the time to check every single cache to find out what the status is. If you found a cache and signed the logbook and get home to find it archived, log it online anyway...what is stopping you? well whats stopping me is the fact that i try not to make people mad around here. I had told the owner of one once that i had found about 6-8 of his caches that had been archived, found due to the same main reason here. He told me to learn how to do my pq's and that i will not be allowed to log any archived caches of his. So i told him that he better clean up his "messes" so to say, after they had been archived after a month. He told me to mind my own business and to think that the cache may be in use by another game. So that is why i do not like or want to log archived caches.
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