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  1. I just noticed that my pocket query, which includes "member only" as an attribute is not d/ling "premium member only" caches. I am a PM. Suggestions to make this happen?
  2. There is a Kickstarter project called GPS Adventure Box which will enable experienced geocachers to provide a custom geocache experience with a prize locked inside a box until all waypoints have been achieved. Interesting twist on geocaching.
  3. As a frequent visitor I, too, would like to know of this type geocache. Had fun attempting to do one that turned out to be defunct at the last "fishing" stage.
  4. Planning a trip to Bonaire for some diving and caching. Contact me by PM if you have a TB you would like to get to Bonaire.
  5. Was very jazzed about the Spot Connect. Bought it through REI and signed up for the full subscription service. I know where I go and the dumb things I may try when I get there. Unfortunately, no joy. My T-Mobile MyTouch 3g running 2.2 Android would simply never complete the connection. Worked with Spot Support for a month but never solved problem of the myTouch trying to send a Bluetooth code, standard 0000, to the Connect. But, the Connect does require a Bluetooth code so the two devices never connected. REI gave 100% and SPOT refunded the annual subscription without complaint. Some joy there. Thinking of the DeLorme +Connect combo. Would like to hear from current owners. I added a review with a List of SPOT approved phones provided by SPOT support to my REI review.Here it is: List of Tested Devices # Device Carrier OS 1 Motorola Backflip Verizon Android 2 Captivate ATT Android 3 HTC Aria ATT Android 4 Continum Verizon Android 5 HTC Incredible Verizon Android 6 Fascinate Verizon Android 7 Motorola Droid X Verizon Android 8 Motorola Droid 2 Verizon Android 9 Nexus S Sprint Android
  6. I get notified on new caches approved by HighcountryAdmin. He says it is impossible for him to distinguish a micro from a Traditional cache so his announcements are effectively all Traditional. I don't want to do micros. As an old member I know micros were a variation of the original concept of a cache box. I cannot believe a micro is seriously thought of as "traditonal." Why is it not possible to simply call a micro a micro? In our area, I think they have become a blight on the good name of geocaching. But apparently enough people enjoy them that we are stuck with the proliferation.
  7. Works on my t-mobile MY-Touch an android G3.
  8. Has anyone been to the "Big Ruins" of Canyonlands, NP with their GPSr?
  9. If the removal decision was based on economics, let the Premium Members vote with a termination of premium memberships and stop purchasing GS items through the GS store. I suspect the lowly 200 would suddenly blossom into a much larger group with an impact that could draw attention to the desires of the mass audience that is truly aggravated by the TPTB that made the change.
  10. The proliferation of micros appearing as "traditional" caches in the premium membership notifications of newly approved caches has reached annoying levels. I know I can screen out micros from the PQs by choosing not to include the micro containers but the moderators apparently cannot exclude them from the notifications because the program treats them as "traditional." I don't think they are traditional. Some cachers obviously enjoy them...why I don't understand. But geocaching started with a box of stuff to exchange. That is a traditional cache. Can't the database be modified to allow premium members to select traditional caches which would automatically exclude micros because that type of cache is not selected in the type category?
  11. Is it possible, and if so how do I make it happen, to have the geocaches pin icon used on the Geocaching.com GE kmz overlay for GE to display happy faces for the ones I have found? I am listening to Geotalk, an Aussie podcast, and I have heard him talk about smiley faces indicating finds.
  12. When I followed the procedure to eliminating the Mapsource disks, it installed well but I don't have any topo lines on the map? Did you have any problems with your install?
  13. I was researching the forum and came across the post on editing the registry to eliminate the need to insert Mapsource disks. I did it for my TOPO disks but I did not get get topo detail. Did that happen with your attempt?
  14. Are you an M5 user? If so, I have some questions as a new owner.
  15. I was downloading a new version of eMap firmware when I disconnected the USB cable from the unit. It won't start up any more. It just beeps. I recall reading somewhere that it can be "rebooted" if you can disconnect or drain an internal battery. Has anyone taken an eMap apart? Can you provide guidance on how to?java script:emoticon('', 'smid_18')
  16. With the following site handy, you can plot your route and then figure out the distance. http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/ it it free to use
  17. Could some with GSAK post / email the macro / explanation for using GSAK with the GE kml add on? Us less technical types would appreciate it.
  18. We have had many upgrades but I was wondering if those changes now allow for limiting a search in the HIDE & SEEK cache page to ONE STATE for searching the keyword of a cache. When I am looking for a Colorado cache using a word in the title I really don't want to have to peruse what has become a worldwide games listing of everyone else's use of that word in their cache. Is such a search possilbe? I believe it highly desirable.
  19. How are these trackable without any numbers?
  20. Very cool. Pity I have not seen any of the 700 circulating. Bet they don't travel far. Are they trackable?
  21. Does anyone have photos of the 2005 and 2006 CO geocoins to post?
  22. We tried to find a cache in Hawaii which required finding a stage with grappling hook you used after climibing down to a lava flow beach and then fished for the actual cache off the edge of the lava flow. Very cool. I think I would still be fishing for it if my wife had not dragged me away.
  23. I have a TB that I want to place in a TB Hotel in the front range of Colorado. Is there a way to search for just Hotels in Colroado?
  24. After reading an article about the Washington Monument refurbishment I became intrigued about some refreneces to early benchmarks. I have not been able to find coords for them. Perhaps others have been more successful. I am planning a trip back east and wanted to photograph the sites. They are: JEFFERSON PIER BRADDOCK'S ROCK MERIDIAN STONE Thanks for any help.
  25. geofred

    Maps Gone?

    Once upon a time there were map pages showing the location (dots) of caches within a given state. Has that function been deleted?
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