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  1. USAF- Backshop Avionics 2003- Keesler AFB, Mississippi 2004- Sheppard AFB, Texas 2004-2006- Misawa AB, Japan 2006-2009- Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota I actually discovered geocaching while stationed at Ellsworth AFB in South Dakota. Found some of the most amazing places and views I have ever seen!! Thank you for all those who serve or who have ever served!
  2. Sorry Jedi Cacher! Team Birdfish sincerely apologizes to anyone affected by our newbie error. All photos have now been removed. And thanks to Jedi Cacher for being very polite when asking us to remove the photo. You could have been an a-hole but instead chose to take the high road and be patient with a couple of nubes. Hopefully we didnt ruin the fun of the search for anyone. Dr. Evil's Micro Challenges have been the most difficult yet most rewarding caches we have searched for yet. This weekend we are going after #3 and I PROMISE no pics will be posted.
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