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  1. The Federal Government assigned it to me. Under international treaties, I am, by law, the only person with this username in the world ?
  2. I swear by the Sharpie Retractable Pen that writes with a very fine line (width of a ballpoint) on every type paper, including wet, but with indelible permanent marker ink. Note that except for the composition of the ink, these are not the common broader tip Sharpies used for artwork or celebrities signing autographs. https://www.sharpie.com/pens/retractable-pen?sku=SHRetractablePenBlackFine
  3. I think you can figure that out by my screen name in Geocaching ? And on Saturday, I was the fox for our local Foxhunt. Of course, I hid the transmitter near a geocache i needed.
  4. Just in general, compared to most hobbies, a cost for a premium membership of about $30 per year is incredibly cheap. And having been in the IT business, hosting and maintaining a website with a few million entries does cost some money. The premium members are the ones supporting the basic members who still do get a lot of service for free. That's OK, because people need to initially get involved for free. But then complaining about something as trivial as $30 a year to keep the thing going is silly. In comparison, what does your Smartphone data plan cost you each month? Makes $30 a year seem cheap.
  5. I'm also a birder and I always have a small pair of binoculars around my neck when I'm out geocaching in parks or the woods. A lot more folks have heard of birdwatching than of geocaching and most will totally ignore you if they see binoculars around your neck. It also allows to walk a bit erratically, go off trail, and stop periodically without raising suspicion. If a muggle starts to approach you, just stop to look at the top of the trees away from any other people through the binoculars. If a real birder comes up to you and uses the standard birder greeting of "See anything good?" , you can try an innocuous answer of "Not today. Just the locals". But don't try looking at things with binoculars in an urban environment or toward homes.. ;-)
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