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  1. OMG, I just got this coin in the mail today and was completely baffled as to where it came from. I emailed the sender (TRD) and they informed me that I had paid for it back in 4/07. I had totally forgotten all about it and had obtained another through you-know-where. So, I guess I too can claim receipt for a coin (number 033). Sorry to hear of all your troubles. The ebb and flow of life can be a bit offsetting at times. Thanks, Lauri
  2. Got mine yesterday. I got goosebumps as I was opening them. Very nice presentation! The coins are much more impressive than the photos. Dave, you have got to be sooooo proud of your project! Congratulations. Lauri
  3. I am looking forward to the set also. This was one of my favorite movies/themes.
  4. I was wondering if there would be enough people interested in a local (South Bay) coin event. I just loved the CoinFest and would like more opportunities to trade/buy in person. I'm willing to host if the turnout would be worth it. Thanks for considering this. Lauri
  5. I already have the original so I would like the 7th anniversary edition. Thanks much. Windkissed
  6. Yes Rain we do like your coin (it's stick awesome), for me (i'm sure a few other agree) it's the nice feller behind the coin! Pepper I wholeheartedly agree!!! Windkissed
  7. This was the second coolest coin I received from my baby's "other father". Thanks so much Raine. Lauri
  8. I would love to contribute with a polished nickel order. Thanks much. Windkissed
  9. Sent an email to be put on the list for a set. Thanks.
  10. Hope I ordered in time. Thanks.
  11. Sent email. Looking forward to it.
  12. This does bring to light a question I've been wondering....I'd love to be able to control the order of my coin/icons. There are so many options; alpha, catagorical, tb number, etc. When will we have the control?!
  13. Just sent an email. Thanks.
  14. Just sent an order. Thanks much.
  15. Just sent the funds. Really excited!!!! Thanks.
  16. Sent you an email. Hope it's not too late.
  17. Great idea. I'm looking forward to seeing the set in the mail. Thanks much. Windkissed
  18. I'm glad to see the problem is being rectified. I would like to place an order. I tried on Quality and they aren't taking any new orders yet. Any other way? Much appreciated. Windkissed
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