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  1. I found the code, it takes me to the page, but it's still locked. When will it be opened?
  2. I came home to find one attached a few months ago during one of our warm spells and had to perform self-surgery. Fortunately it had only been attached a couple hours (although there was already a ring around the dern thing.) It's now preserved in alcohol just in case I start getting any symptoms. I use it as a reminder to spray the Deet.
  3. This is my new favorite thread (and my kids thought I was creative). Really enjoyed looking through all of the different items. My sig item is a 1" button pin I designed and had made pretty inexpensively. My son wants his own sig item too so are working on a poker chip for him. If anyone wants to trade pm me.
  4. Thanks Wavevector - this was a great idea to help someone like me. As a definite noob, I was happy to see that I was naturally following suit with you seasoned veterans of geocaching. My kids thought I was nuts when I grabbed one of their leftover book bags and started throwing stuff in. We don't have enough stuff for swag yet, but you've got to start somewhere so here i go . . . Trusty Pittsburgh Pirates giveaway sling pack Protective Eyewear (in case of bushwacking) Work gloves (in case of poison ivy) Extra hat and gloves (cause my kids will forget theirs) GPS Reading light to double as flashlight printouts of locations logo picked up at recent cache for 4th grade project (to be dropped at next location) Handcream Allergy spray Extra batteries Plastic bags Pen Paper Small stash of swag for trading includes: black and orange beads pittsburgh pirate keychain smiley face stress ball earth stress ball Mickey Mouse golf ball marker 2 sizes of playdoh bell hermit crab shell Of course, camera not in pic No travelbugs or geocoins yet I imagine those will come. PS - can you tell we're from Pittsburgh?
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