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    I use splash photo as well.
  2. On the image it says" Category Image - not actual photo of the item". While still funny, it's not an error.
  3. food for thought I do not see any advantage to a color screen over a monochrome screen for geocaching. Does the color screen make the GPS more accurate, No. Does the color screen make it it easier to navigate, No Does the color screen make it easier to see the arrow in the compass screen, No Will you find more caches will a color screen, No Does the color screen add to the price, Yes Does it look cool, Yes If you want to spend money on the cool factor it makes sense, but it's not going to work any better than a monochrome screen. I find that the colour screen makes it much easier to navigate. I went from a GPSMAP 76 to the 60CS. Having a colour map just makes sense. Most paper street maps are colour as well. It makes it easier to distinguish features if they are also separated by colour. -Scott
  4. You know, if the 60cs has a display that's bleached out in the sun, I wish all displays were bleached out in the sun. Personally, I've found it to be absolutely superb in the sun. I've been using it on the dash of my car (with the car kit, the friction mount), and found it's very easy to read. Heck, I'm not convinced it's not better in the sun than with the backlight. Now, I've never seen the magellan color screen in the sun, so I can't comment on that, but calling the 60cs screen bleached out is an injustice. I agree here. The 60C is just amazing in direct sunlight. I thought it would fade like on my Palm Tungsten, but it actually becomes sharper in sunlight. -Scott
  5. Thanks Robert and ClydeE. Very helpfull info. This will also solve my problem with Cachemate when the name is too long in the address book and the find command in Mapopolis truncates the coordinates. -Scott
  6. I actually prefer the geocaching.com designations ie. gccb79. Many teams use their team name in the beginning of each cache. I would end up with many different caches being named the same thing. The gccb79 type names work much better to uniquely identify each cache. -Scott
  7. You can't upload or download between easyGPS and the GPS unit using USB. Only serial communication is supported at present. You must use MapSource software for USB transfer or you can use EasyGPS for serial transfer. This is not true. I use EasyGPS to download and upload over 300 waypoints at a time via the USB with my 60cs. I am not sure why Cyjo is having problems with uploading. I have noticed that my computer seems to lose the usb drivers for the 60cs and I have to reinstall them. -Scott
  8. I get out mostly at night (after our kid goes to sleep) and need someone to cache with so the boogy man doesn't scare me.[] -Scott
  9. Only a 6 foot deep hole? Is that a cat hole or a grave?
  10. I stand corrected. It's funny that I can't seem to find the "Special Geocaching Mode" listed is the advertisments for the 76cs like it's listed with the 60cs. -Scott
  11. I don't believe this is true. Garmin does not mention the Special Geocaching mode for the 76c or 76cs. Also, in Garmin's geocaching product guide they do not list the 76c or 76cs. -Scott
  12. Get a program called Alcohol 120%. It is a cd image maker program. When Alcohol 120% is installed it will create a virtual drive that you can mount a cd image to. The computer will think that the cd is in a drive (it even shows up in Windows Explorer). You may also need a copy of ClonyXXL to determine the type of data protection/encription is on the disk. This tool is very useful for people with notebooks who don't want to take their cds everywhere. I use it on my desktop system for all my games. I can just double click the game image file and then run the game without having to insert the cd. ***Please note*** This software can be used to violate copyright laws. I only post this info here because I believe people here are mature enough to NOT pirate software. Remember, if you don't support software companies by buying their product you are forcing higher prices on honest people and maybe even forcing those companies out of business. -Scott
  13. With the way you guys push the 60C, one might think you get kickbacks . The 60C is actually a good price ($530 @ GPS Central) for all of the features. I still don't see the need for all that memory. I just never travel off the island. Topo maps aren't even available here. And is colour really needed without topo maps? I think i'm still leaning towards the GPSMAP 76. With the money I'd save over the 60C I could almost get Metroguide V4 and an external antenna. Curious George has offered me a way to try out a few units and that would really help to narrow this down. This might really be one of the toughest choices I've ever made .
  14. Stop making this so difficult. I thought I had ruled out the Meridian. The more I look the more confused I get. I think I should just try one from Walmart. Then I could easily take it back if I don't like that model. So my 3 choices are: Meridian, Legend or GSPMAP 76. Time to pick one. Thanks for all the help so far BTW.
  15. I really only need about 6-8MB of memory to fit all the maps for Vancouver Island. I don't ever really leave the island either. I preferred the GPSMAP 76 over the Legend because of the better antenna and the option to add an external antenna. I do really like the smaller size of the legend though. How big of a difference in reception is there between the two? From what I've read, the 76 does better in trees (lots of those around here), but how much better?
  16. Long story short, a fellow by the name of marinerBC got talking to me about geocaching at my work last week and now I've done nothing but research GPS units ever since. I'm pretty excited about my new hobby and want to start off with a good GPS. So my hours and hours of research have led me to the GPSMAP 76. The only thing that I don't like about it is the limited 8MB of memory. This shouldn't be a problem though, because I can still load all of Vancouver Island from the new Metroguide maps. Please give me all of your feedback on this unit. I'm a picky person and little things drive me crazy (For example I tried out a Meridian and the battery door wiggles; that would drive me nuts). Thanks and I hope to meet some of you on the trails someday.
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