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  1. Ka-bar! you can use and abuse it! As far as the gun i carry, I use a S&W 4006 40cal. I am wanting a Taurus tracker though.
  2. I find vegans kind of silly. They seem to them people are better than other animals. I support their choice, but humans are omnivores and are meant use animal products. Biologically that means to eat the animals, but we shouldn't waist the any part that is usable. I am glad they are a minority, but they do act in tempering the attitudes of pro animal testing companies; that part of their beliefs i fully support. just my 2 cents. good luck in finding what you need. Have you thought about natural death leather?
  3. I have found a few caches in near my home. I have them plugged into my gps and now i am ready for a fun day. I will post again with my results and how it went.
  4. i just got mine as well. The delorme that i purchased is very complicated, but it offers a ton of features that others in the price range. I have been playing with for about a day and i still need more to get the hang of it. I am going to go caching tomorrow though haha. we will see how it works for me.
  5. Hi guys and gals, I am new to this whole thing and I will be getting my first gps (PN-20) on Tuesday. I originally ordered my GPS for hunting and hiking, but while doing a little research, I came across geocaching. It sounds like a ton of fun because I have always like being outdoors, and to have another reason to get out and about, made my day. I would like to meet others that are into caching in my area. I am currently in Starkville for college, but I don't know anyone that does this. There are apparently many caches in the Starkvegas area though. There is also a group of cachers called the "Starkville Mafia," and I would like to meet up with these people to learn what i can and make new friends. Since I am home for the break, in Brandon, I will be going on my first caching adventure soon in this area. I am more interested in the caches that are off the beaten path as I love to hike. I may even place one or two in few places i have find interesting; I love waterfall hunting, so there may one close to the falls that I find. One question though, do people hind caches under water? The best part about going to waterfalls and swimming holes the dip you get once you get to them. Its to cold now, but when it warms up that sounds like an option for me Anyway, I just wanted to say hello. I wish everyone the best of luck in their hunts. Will
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