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  1. Jazzhorse89, thanks for thinking about us, Berkeley County LOVES geocacher visitors, expect to meet lots of friendly West Virginian's. Actually our county isn't that large, you can drive from one end to other is 20 minutes or less, so you won't have much drive time between caches. You are never more than a few minutes away from the next cache. But, these aren't "park and grabs", so most likely your time will be spent on solving for the solution to these caches. The beauty of a GeoTour, they each have there own web page so routing yourself around our area is very easy. Over a hundred geocachers have already completed the entire GeoTour and several hundred have found the 16 or 18 caches starting with BGG to earn the neat GeoTour coin, and coins are still available. Our Visitor's Bureau is open 7 days a week, give them a call if you have any questions ( 304.264.8801), we even have some nice hotels that give geocachers a discount. If you get stuck while your here and need a PAF, just message me.... WVTim and my phone number is on the bottom of many of the caches, we aren't big fans of DNF's here, we prefer happy cachers : ) . We look forward to your visit as you discover Wild and Wonderful West Virginia.
  2. Thank you. I have a new gadget trail - Berkeley Gadgets coming out early this summer, on that trail I have many new gadget caches, hopefully I'll get several new videos made to give your creative juices some stimulation. : ) .
  3. For any of you "east" coasters, I have some amazing speakers scheduled to speak at my 9th Annual Geocaching Seminar GC6YYRE While your here there are some amazing caches to visit, including 2 active geotrails with coins still available.
  4. How I work with the reviewer : When a CO wants to place a post in the ground, the CO must obtain permission from the property owner/manager and provide proof of this permission with contact info, to the reviewer, when submitted for approval. The cache page should have a clear statement that permission was given by the property owner for that of hide and attachment. Make this prominent so that would-be copiers are more likely to see it. The CO should commit to the land owner that they are willing to fill the hole should the cache NOT be approved for any reason or when the cache is removed. Note this to the reviewer. So, get permission early, document it, send it all the reviewer, and agree to restore the property to its original state after the cache is removed or approval is NOT granted. This is how I work with my reviewer. How I work with my property owners : When getting permission from the land owner, I take my finished cache (birdhouse) and my post to them so they can see what to expect. I go in great detail about everything. I show them how the cache works, where the log is and what the cache finder will be doing when they arrive at the property. I tell them how long to expect them to be there. Some of my caches, the finders might be there for 1/2 hour working on it. Make sure they know that. I work with them to find a location we both can agree on. I estimate how many visits they can expect each week or month. They might be thinking 5 and reality it is more like 100, they need to know that. What hours will they allow visitors to there property. I let them know that I will post that but there are people who will break the rules.... be honest with them. I go into great detail on how I will maintain it. I give them my contact info. Try to review everything with them, leaving no stone unturned. I then go back after the first week and see if everything is working ok with them, do they have any questions or concerns. I go back in a month and review the logs with them and cachers reaction to the cache and there place of business. Then I go back at least once a quarter to make sure everything is ok. I build relationships with my property owners. They talk to other property owners about their experience with me and the visitor's to their property. Next thing you know, property owners are calling you, asking for geocache on their location. Just recently, I have had some good dialog with HQ about this. If your reviewer sees this differently, I would open another discussion with them and agree to do the things outlined above. Good luck !!
  5. I love it when the cold and snow moves into the WV mountains. That is when I move into my work shop. I have a "list" of about 10 gadgets caches I'm anxious to design, build and test. About half of them are Arduino based. Thank goodness I have a partner in Olaf my German friend that loves coding as much as I love building.
  6. CacheDweeb's cache is an amazing piece of craftsmanship ! You can tell it took hours and hours to build and considerable expense. Congratulations for raising the bar.
  7. oh my... that sound great but ...that might be to hard for me. Plus I really want maintenance free caches as much as I can. I did buy my invisible ink today, so on one stage I will write the coords to the next stage in invisible ink. Easy but fun.
  8. I just remembered another stage I can add, of course finders will need 2 - AA batteries, but I have a black light that requires AA's, I'll attach it in the cache and then put the coords to the next cache written in invisible ink.
  9. I like the idea of the voice recorder. Record the coords to the next stage, but leave out the batteries. They must put 2 AA's in the recorder to get the coords for the next stage. Now, we just have to hope no one steals the recorder. I found one listed at Walmart for $20. thanks for that idea.
  10. I think I can use the elevated cache idea. Thanks ....... Maybe I can tell them to bring and eye hook and they can make there own Hook-like tool on the spot. Any idea where I could find your electrical device you referred to? Wifi is out, this is will be in State forest lands.
  11. I'm trying to put together a multi-stage "gadget" cache. I'm trying to gather some clever ideas for each stage. I am going to ask each cacher to bring a set of "tools or gadgets with them." I'll list the things necessary to bring on the web page. Some of the ideas I have encountered are 1. the coords to the next cache written so you have to use a mirror to read them, 2. something that floats with the coords on it, in a large tube that you have to bring water to get the objective to float up ( of course holding your finger on a small hole in the bottom of tube to drain the water when your done), 3. Do something with a magnetic, place a small cache tube with a magnet glued to it, in a plastic plumbing pipe and use a magnetic to retrieve it. Do you have any ideas of common things that your be used to make and interesting retrieval or and interesting piece of a multi ? I would love to hear your ideas.
  12. What are the distant guidelines for placing a physical cache near and existing Earthcache?
  13. I like the back grounds you see on some cache pages. I have noticed when building my new cache page, it ask for "Background Image URL" . Where do you find those????
  14. WVTim


    Perfect, i got it now, thanks for that reply. Very helpful!!!
  15. WVTim


    What is dipping and how do you do it.
  16. Where do I find this GSAK export. I've looked on my Garmin and I don't see a file labeled GSAK. Sorry to be so computer stupid. BTW.. I connect with a IMac.
  17. This has happen about 4 or 5 times now. I load the cache from my IMac, works fine, shows up on my Nuvi, then I get out and hit "GO" and the nuvi crashes. Happening to anyone else? Is there a fix?
  18. Thanks so much for that! Does that delete all my Geocaches? I would like to delete only the ones I've found.
  19. Not Not being very computer savy, I assume I do that on my computer by clicking on my Garmin when it is connected. Are all the caches in one file? Do I have to erase the entire file or can I erase one cache at a time?
  20. I can't find it on the Garman site or figure out how to do it on my Nuvi. I would like to delete my found caches. Also, just today I got a message on my unit that says, i need to delete GPX files. I use a IMac computer. Not to ask to many dump questions, but how many caches will my 500 hold?
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