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  1. Yeah, I may just send him (mtn-man) an email just in case. Thanks for the advice.
  2. I placed a few caches today that I would like to have published on a particular day, which will coincide with our Geocaching 101 program we will be leading. Do I let our local reviewer know about my request in the Note to Reviewer?
  3. Here in Auburn, AL, which is just East of Montgomery, AL and Northwest of Columbus, GA, with a 25 mile radius, I bet we get 5-10 a month average. I am sure that if I expanded my radius to clip those two larger areas, it would increase, but I would rather just pull PQ's when I know we are going caching in those areas. By the time we got there, the FTF would be long gone.
  4. In short, the CO archived all their caches, not just in the Gulf Shores area.
  5. Just wondering if there was a way to add caches to an existing bookmark list. Mainly when dealing with Challenge Puzzle Caches. Thanks in advance. Team Hurley
  6. That's a log everyone should read. The absolute #1 reason geocaching is such a joy.
  7. Here's a similar problem I had last weekend. On two separate caches, I downloaded the coords to my GPSr using the "Send to GPS" button on the cache page. When looking for the cache(s), we realized that the coords were in fact wrong. When I got home that evening, I confirmed that the wrong coords had been downloaded. Both were about 0.1 off.
  8. What about in the parking lot of the golf course? No fees, and everyone can abide by the rules.
  9. We grabbed a TB with this same mission. It was fun to see how it "morphed" from one thing to another. Unfortunately, I think it has been lost
  10. How I read it, all you need to do is write a note on the cache page. That will get you "in the system."
  11. Thanks for the info. Seems like you need to log a note for the top 2 caches in your immediate area to be included in the stats.
  12. Out of curiosity, I went to cacher stats to see where we are in terms of ranking..(hey, it's all about the numbers, right ). However, I cannot seem to find our name. Any cachers ever have this problem? Thanks, Team Hurley
  13. Yeah, there's about a dozen island caches located on Lake Martin. We cannot wait to summerize the boat, then do what is known here as "geoboating"
  14. We have a multi cache locally here that uses the same concept. It puts you in a spot where you have to then travel a certain distance along a bearing to find the cache. Enjoyed that one. Good luck with it!
  15. I have not dove down deep into the many options for this unit yet. But, as a simple question, can I toggle back and forth between the "Go To" function and the Compass function? Without having to exit the waypoint? I like to look at the compass to get a bearing, especially when the GPSr is bouncing around. But I have to go all the way to the main screen to go between the waypoint and compass. TIA. Team Hurley
  16. Not sure about this. I just uploaded a couple of caches using Vista and an Etrex Legend HCx
  17. Hopefully this will not get me in trouble, but I see at the top of this page an add for Ann Coulter's blog. Can that not be seen by some as an agenda? Cause we all know she has a definite agenda. Very much IMO.
  18. What is the purpose of this feature? Is this where I put a link to a website I would like to include in the log description? If not, do I add the link in the actual log description? TIA. Team Hurley
  19. I put the GPS in the exact same location. I think I will use the second set of coordinites. The cache is located in a spot where, if the coordinates are off a bit, the cache name should point to the obvious spot. Then I will ask cachers if the coordinates need altering.
  20. I place a cache today, albeit a quite overcast one, and used a 10 minute running average to capture the coordinates. I was down to an accuracy of 5.4 feet. The crazy thing is that when I saved them, my GPS told me I was about 50 feet away. Do I trust these coordintes? I grabbed a second set that said I was 8 feet away, but this was only about a minutes worth of averaging. TIA. Team Hurley
  21. I have found camo tape in several patterns at a local overrun store. May want to check there, if you have one nearby.
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