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  1. Several points to add. First, this is not vacation. This is my company's headquarters and I am down there 2 to 3 times a month. I also have fellow cachers in the area should immediate attention be necessary. If I find that I can no longer maintain it, I will have it removed or remove it myself. So, My concern is not the container or the contents, its the magnet that I concerned about.
  2. Couldn't find a section that dealt with the placement of caches. Traveling to San Diego out of SFO tomorrow morning and want to take a cache container to place while I am down there. It is a simple film container with a hard drive magnet taped to it with black duct tape. We all know its a harmless item, but does anyone have any experience with the TSA, airport security and cache containers?
  3. I am interested in getting some hand held GPS devices for my Cub Scout pack of 63 boys. I've submitted a proposal to Garmin for some equipment, but have received no response and do not expect it. Does anyone know the best way to procure devices, either though donation or non-profit pricing? I think geocaching for these guys would be an awesome activity and it would work right into a lot of their current activities. All feedback is welcome. Thanks.
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