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  1. Just got (from Amazon) City Select North America v 5, while waiting for my first GPSr to arrive (a 60CS). Box says I need a serial port. I only have USB on my laptop. Box says point-to-point routes on GPS V, iQue, and GPSMAP 76. Just to be sure: USB is ok and it will do point-to-point on 60CS. I know the 60CS has a USB port and Garmin web site says CS NA v5 works on the 60 CS, but I feel I need to cover myself. Thanks.
  2. Been following the posts here. RB_Nielsen Posted on Feb 23 2004, 12:52 PM, you say: -- I'm not sure what "same session" means. [i have on order the 60CS as well as CS v5 - but have never used a GPSr.] I think that this means that you select these maps on your PC and then somehow load all of them to the unit at the same time. This is as opposed to loading, say, CS stuff on Mon and then Topo stuff on Tues. Is that correct? Actually, one would think one could "lock" some maps in memory so that they'd not be overwritten. Like say you always want your home town and then you add stuff as you travel. It seems like you'd always have to load, "at the same session" both your home town and the travel stuff. Thanks for the help. [i'm WAITING for the 60CS!!!!!!!]
  3. This was very useful. Thanks. I'll tell you, though, 115 megs is better and an SD card with 512 or 1 gig on it would be something else again. I'm surprised there has not been an outcry to Garmin about the pain caused by this unlock stuff. I gather over the years Garmin has been burnt too often by people not paying for maps. But, Magellan figured out how to allow data to be put on an SD card that can then be read. I must admit I don't see why Garmin makes one (apparently) have the whole Mapsource program installed on a machine before the UNLOCKED data can be transfered. Why can the USB on a Garmin GPS be used as a SD reader conduit.
  4. Yes, that works, but I'd rather not buy a $44.00 item that uses half of what it is designed for. Was hoping there was a third party solution at half the price and half the size.
  5. From the Gramin site: Accessory 010-10277-00 A/C PC adaptor for the 60C/CS has a "9 pin D" connector for the PC. I'm rather sure that's a serial connector. Has anyone found an A/C PC adaptor that connect A/C with the GPS and a PC using the PC's USB port [my laptop does not have a serial port]? Better (for me) - what about just a pure A/C adaptor for the 60C/CS - one that just connects A/C to the GPS (without the extra plug for a PC). Thanks.
  6. Thanks. I gather, then, of course, I can't use my Palm to transfer data from the Palm SD card to the GPS. I think this is really not good. The map install should be a simple file transfer, and not requiring the installation of a transfer program on another CD. So, even going into some sort of public place (like a library) with my CS CD would not readily allow me to get maps on my unit; I'd actually have to intall some software on the other machine. Again, not good. Now the 60CS has 56 megs of space. I gather that's a good deal. But the 76CS has twice the space (and a few months more wait). Don't really know (because I've never used these things) if 56 is big. I've used Mapopolis on my Palm and I know memory was indeed an issue (both internal and external).
  7. Great topic. [i'm new to all this. Have a 60CS on order and also ordered City Select ver 5.] Now, I REALLY don't want to have to take a laptop with me. Can I copy my legally owned unlocked maps to either an SD card or one of those tiny UBS drives, find a computer somewhere else and then transfer files to my GPS? Also, can I take a COPY of my CD (or just some files from that CD - put, say, on another CD) and then find a computer somewhere and download to my GPS. Or, must I only use the original CD for map installs. Also, how does the CD know if it's installing to the "wrong" GPS? I gather the unlock code is tied to the serial number of the unit. And, I gather, Garmin will only send you two lock codes (for two units).
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