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  1. I can hardly wait. Now, is it a 60CX or a 60CSX - Bass site does not say. Something, a bit fishy (no pun) though. Bass says it has a serial (and USB) port. I doubt that. And, isn't the battery life higher than the 60CS (I thought that was like 20 hours). Great, but fishy as well. I sure hope these new devices are for real. I've been most annoyed that my 60CS has such limited memory. I live near DC and it's a constant juggling to pick a "home" map set. I like the form factor of the 60CS better than the 76's, so this will be just great.
  2. Isn't it just a software problem? My USB flash drive has 1 GB on it. The 60CS has a USB port. I know there is this issue of master/slave, but is that not just software? Why can't I put map data from my flash drive (it would take a mapsource change to get it there) to my 60CS?
  3. At least (for the 60CS) there should be a way to add maps without having to carry a computer with you - like from USB flash drive or a Palm or Win Mobile pda. 56 megs is wildly small if you go on a road trip. I live near DC and I can't load DC, MD, VA at once. This is really a weakness, in my view. The 60CS is great, but I'd dump it in a minute if Garman offered either SD access or the sorts of memory enhancing interfaces I've just mentioned.
  4. What about RAM mounts? I have a RAM mount that I attached to a Radioshack suction mount. RAM does not make, yet, a small enough suction mount.
  5. Well, 56 is not enough for me. I live in DC and took a trip to Maine and Cape Cod and needed to take a laptop. Also, planning to go to Savannah and managed pretty well, but another 50 megs would have made it easy. Also, for a road trip, one (I) needs more than topo. I just can't figure out why Garmin does not at least modify the USB configuration so that a flash drive could be used. Also, re waterproofing comments above, surely an SD card could fit inside the batter compartment of the 60CS.
  6. Well, I played dumb and just wrote to Garmin to ask them what's coming. It the Meriidan Color any good? Maybe that's the way to go.
  7. I've been off this site for a few months. Bought a 60CS a while back and really like it, EXCEPT for the memory. Thinking about helping my nephew purchase a new (Garmin) GPS, and I was about to suggest the 76CS to him. But, is there any news of something with even more memory in the wind? [i'd REALLY like to see an SD card.] I was actually surprised when I went to the Garmin site and saw no fancier (ie more memory) version of the 76CS. [Or, at least a way to add maps to the unit without having to have a laptop/computer near by.]
  8. This is a GREAT question. I was hoping someone would answer. From what I've gathered from Garmin, there is NO drive/USB Card you can plug into the 60CS (and (gather others) that solves the problem. I had to take my laptop. In fact, it crashed the day I got back. Maybe just by chance, as I took really good care of it - eg, it sat on foam in the back of my 4Runner when I was driving and I never left it out overnight in the truck. I do hope someone knows of an answer. And, yes, an SD card is exactly what these things need.
  9. QUOTE (GeoCyclist @ Aug 8 2004, 09:19 PM) I assume there is a round knob for the belt clip to attach to. Can anyone tell me where there are pictures of the back side of a 60c/cs? I was wondering how this worked? Is the knob still there when you don't use the belt clip? When I'm wearing my 60CS on my belt, using the belt clip, I also loop the wrist stap around my belt, as a teather (with a girth hitch, if that helps). When (and it does, like if you sit down, sometimes, say) fall off the clip, it's held by the strap. The strap is long enough that I can unsnap it and read it while still teathered to my belt
  10. Ver 6.3 seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks again for the advice.
  11. Good idea. Thanks. I did not know there was an update..
  12. I've been using version 5 of City Select with no problem. Installed ver 6 a few days ago and just got an unlock code for it. Now, every few times after I do a find nearest (on either version, and usually after I zoom in or use the hand to move the map), I get the following error message. I'm using Mapsouce ver 6.2 and City Select Data Version 6.1. App: MapSource At: 7/25/2004 3:08:45 PM (UTC) OS: Windows XP Service Pack 1 Processor: Pentium Pro or Pentium II, RAM: 768944 KB APPLICATION.CPP-568-6.2 Read access violation at data address 0x5b805c3, program address 0x004F1ED4 Program aborts/closes after I click OK to this message. I've e-mailed Garmin a few minutes ago, but I thought I'd post this here. Anyone have this? Anyone solved this? Thanks.
  13. Except, Neo Geo, I'm talking about a situation when I'm NOT navigating, just walking or driving. I have guidence text set for Always Show. This way, when I'm just driving around, and NOT navagating, the 60CS shows the road I'm on, which direction I'm going, and the upcoming road (as I get near it). My point is that I'd like this same info when I'm just walking down the sidewalk (and not hiking in the woods) when I'm NOT navigating. So, I see the Ready to Navigate text when I'm not navigating but going slowly (either walking or driving slowly), but when I speed up (in the car), then the guidence text starts saying the info I mentioned above.
  14. [On the 60CS], when I am walking on streets, the text on the top of the map says "Ready to Navigate" but when I am driving it tells me what road I'm on and what road I'm coming up to. And, if I stop the car, it goes back to saying Ready to Navigate, and stays there when I drive slowy (walking speed). So, clearly, I get different messages depending upon my speed. I'd like to change that so that when I'm walking on the street I get the same messages as when I'm driving. Can this be done? Thanks. [The compass was turned off while walking. I suppose that could make a difference, but I've not tested that. Also, I have guidence text set to "always."]
  15. Just so I understand. I unlocked ver 5.04 in March of 2004. So, to unlock ver 6 I'll need to pay the full $75, right? I guess, even it that is so, it should be worth it, PROVIDED things have gotten substantially updated. Many of the food and hotel POIs are wrong. And some "recent' highways (in W VA for example) are not in version 5.
  16. How would that RAM suction cup work on smooth metal? I have a 4Runner and parts of the dash are metal (or plastic, I guess I don't really know). I've been using a suction mount from Radio Shack that clamps onto a regular mount for the 60CS. This Radio Shack thing has a bendable arm. It falls off the metal/plastic every two weeks or so. Also, it does not clamp very well to the Garmin 60CS mount. I've been looking at http://www.proclipusa.com/frameset.htm, but I don't see how to attach a Garmin mount to it.
  17. Check out http://www.oqo.com/ . It's a TINY PC.
  18. Thanks. I also heard about the non-symmetric nature of USB ports. And that idea of using the base map between downloaded cites is a good one. Re PDAs, it's the maps I really want. I was just hoping that there might be some device which allowed two slaves to communicate.
  19. I'd really like to find a way to add maps to my 60CS without having to have a computer (like on a long road trip). Does anyone know of a way, for example, to have City Select maps on a SD card that's inside a Palm and then connect the Palm to the GPSr and transfer the maps? Or, what if some .mps files were on one of those key-chain USB hard disks, would that allow transfer to the GPSr? Or, does anyone know of a minimalist lap top ("palm" top?) that is actually a XP OS system that would thus clearly solve the problem. I'm thinking about something with like a 4 inch screen. I know that the 56 megs is a lot, compared to what used to be, but it really only sort of works for me. I supposed I could have waited for the 76CS, but I just couldn't wait!! But, frankly, even 115 megs is still limiting. There really needs to be a better solution.
  20. Well, I love my 60CS too. BUT, I really really would like more memory. I know 56 megs is a great increase from earlier GPSr's, but I just is not enough for me, in the DC area. I can get DC, VA, most of MD, most of WV, but, if I go on a trip a state or two away, I have to download a new mapset. I think the memory of the 76CS would make it quite desirable. Actually, frankly, 10 times the memory (about 512 megs) as the 60CS is what I'd like. So, when Garmin does that, or, better, when it allows SD cards, I'll get a new one. For now, the 56 megs is semi ok, and I'm glad I did not wait for the 76CS. At least for now I'm glad. And, yes, get City Select.
  21. There is actually something even smaller than what is on the Garmin 60C/CS. I just got a Pentax S40 digital camera and I was hoping to use the same cable. No luck. The Pentax connector is about 3/4 the size of the Garmin. Both have that "round black thing" on it. [i, too, would like to know what that is. If it's a fuse, I don't see how you'd replace it.]
  22. FIXED IT - but read on for you may need the same fix!! I've been using the AC adaptor regularly (in my car) with my 60CS. This evening, it was working. I stopped the car for dinner. Unplugged everything to take it into the restaurant. Went back to the car and plugged in the AC adaptor, but the GPSr just stayed on battery power. The car jack works - my cell phone still charges. I'm VERY careful with the plug that goes into the 60 CS. I'm VERY careful not to bend the cord. I tried wiggling the cord and the connector (there are no loose pins). No change. I did not get AC power even for an instant. I suppose I could have shorted out something. But I sure try to remember not to put a "live" jack into the GPSr, even it if is off. I'm not sure just what order I did things before dinner. I think I first turned off the car, but I'm not sure. Is there some sort of reset I could try? I "know" Garmin support is good, but I'd like to trouble-shoot (and then fix this). I don't have another cable to try. I supposed I could buy one and test it. That would make sense, but if it does not work I'm not sure if I could return the cable. Also, I might have to order the cable on-line. My cable does not say Garmin on it. It says it's made in Taiwan. There is no brand name. I forget where I got it. It also says that the replacement fuse is AGC/3AG-1.5 amp. But, I don't see where that fuse even is. The female end looks like a hollow tube that is quite firmly attached to the cord. I bet the problem is the fuse, but I don't see how to find/change it. If it is the fuse, I'm not sure what I did to blow it. Any ideas? Thanks. EDIT: just to be clear, this is a CAR adaptor. FIXED IT - The whole innards of the adaptor had come apart and fallen on the floor of the car. So, the pointy-thing and the washer that holds it in and the fuse and the spring had all popped out. I never looked carefully at what was supposed to be there. I have no idea how I found all the pieces!! SO, what YOU can learn from my silliness is to TIGHTEN that washer on the end that goes into the car.
  23. I agree on both points. On the first, you often cannot confim you've made the correct turn for several blocks, until that street name just happens to appeear on some side street. Clearly, the GPSr should have the route number. This would help as you approach the exit. Also, if you are looking at a paper map as well, this ususally has only the route number and not the street name. Not a good situation. The GPSr does, ususally have the exit number which helps at the turn point, but it really needs the route number. Now you CAN find this route number by looking around for it on the map page. But one should hot have to do that. Security code idea is particularly good. I have my phone/e-mail on the opening screen, but it would be nice if it were locked there. Good ideas.
  24. I got the 60CS. Just could not wait. I would like more memory than the 60cs, but I'd like 50 times as much. So, I'll be happy for a year or two and then I'll get the 6000CS.
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