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  1. I accidentally clicked on "found it" when posting a note for one of my hidden caches. Since I think this is kinda tacky I want to undo it. How do I...?
  2. The best containers I have used are the waterproof containers available at wal-mart and sporting goods stores. They are well made and completely watertight. They can get expensive. The smallest ones I have seen are about 5 dollars.
  3. I'm with you, I hate micros too. I would refuse to hunt them for a few years, but as you said there are lots of them. I do hunt them but I'm not crazy about them. What is really aggrivating is micros out in the woods. I will usually disregard those.
  4. I hate Micros, and there are MILLIONS of them, even in places where a Traditional Cache COULD be. Geocaching gets awful boring when every search is just another Micro.
  5. I have been using pill bottles, peanut butter jars, and instant coffee jars. I just bought a case of 12 pint canning jars at wal-mart for $9.35. They have a very good sealing lid. I wrapped them in tape and painted them. I got some copper wire and made a loop and twisted it around the neck just under the lid. This makes a good hanger to put it in a tree. Mick
  6. I have often wondered if someone was cheating on some of my caches. I have never checked the logs and I never will. I have lots of better things to do. Mick
  7. I love cemetary's and the historical aspects that go along with them. I have found many caches along the edge of a cemetary but never at or near a gravesite. I personally think it is OK around the cemetary. I would not mind at all having a cache on my own stone some day out in the future. Many graves never get a visitor. With that in mind would it be wrong to place a cache there?
  8. If you want to use velcro and you want it to stay on the bench use good ole 5 min epoxy. Being on the bottom I don't see how anyone could call it harm.
  9. Check out this link. http://www.geocaching.com/about/premium.aspx#anchorNotify
  10. I have an android phone and have found that after a few days the unwanted PQ's will go away.
  11. My last one about a week ago took 6 days.
  12. BTW, I love your Sicilian Proverb. I'm gonna have to "take" it.
  13. I understand the queries come from the GC website. I can delete items in Offline Lists with no problems. When I bring up pocket queries on the website I see the 6 that are desired. When I bring up queries on my smartphone I see 8, and 2 of them are unwanted. I can see no option on the GC app to delete them.
  14. I just noticed you are a premium member. Click on this link http://www.geocaching.com/pocket/default.aspx
  15. Yes, a pocket query is a group of caches usually 500 that you can have sent to you in an email as a .gpx file and/or your smartphone. 500 is a better number to use because it loads faster. You must be a premium member to get and use pocket queries.
  16. I love the GC android app. One thing that irritates me is that I cannot remove unwanted pocket queries from it. I have researched this for two days and have found nothing. Does anyone know how to do this?
  17. Gc.com is not logging my found caches. Is anyone else having a problem? Mick
  18. When I started geocaching in February I had no idea it would catch on in my family like it has. Including myself I now have 10 geocachers in my family. My grandson Chace took it up shortly after I did. He is 9 years old and has 104 finds. Chace is the originator and hider of "This Cache Rocks" and yes, he did all the work himself. His Dad, wtwalden was bitten by the bug when going on a cache outing with Chace and I. When he got back he signed up and logged his finds, now at 51. The next week he bought a Garmin GPS V. My daughter lakauai took it up shortly after Chace did and has 46 finds. Last weekend my oldest daughter tennisgal visited from Atlanta with her two daughters madmadeline and malmal. Last weekend we found an astonishing 18 caches! We went in two vehicles because tennisgal said she might not want to stay but about 2 to 3 hours. After the second find to make it easier we parked one vehicle and went in the other. We stayed gone over 9 hours hitting cache after cache. I asked her after every one if she wanted me to take her back to her car, and she answered, "no I'm fine". Late that afternoon she asked me where I got the GPS'r and how much it cost. I told her and she said, "I need to get one". I think she saw the looks on the kids faces light up as they found the caches. I tried to let the kids find the caches first to give them the honor of FTF, of course it only counted in our little group, but I wish you had been there to see the beaming looks on their little faces. Next is my little wife mimimoo. The kids call her Mimi but the user name Mimi was already taken. She had been with me caching many times, and even found several before me, but seen no need to log her finds. When she got back she signed up and has 18 caches. Last and the final two are our twins Lael and Caeden, yes they are a girl and a boy, laelbell and mr cia man. Their Dad wtwalden signed them up. They have no caches logged but have gone with us on others. Since they did participate in some of the others I would be tempted to give them credit for some finds, but that's up to their Dad. To see our stats page click on the following link http://lindleyonline.com/geocache/geocaching.htm I did not mean for this to go on this long, but no proud grandparent would let an oppritunity pass to show you a picture of his grandkids so here they are. Chace 9, Madeline 7, Mallory 5, Lael 2, and Caeden 2. http://lindleyonline.com/chapt/gallery/Grand/5_Grand2 Tell us about the geocachers in your family. Thanks, Mick
  19. Mine is GSAK. I have decided it is the best. It will do anything that you could possibly want to do and the price is right if you wish to register it. And of course you can continue to use the completely functional free version. The author has a new version out 3.04 and I would suggest you get it if you are going to use it. It has some cool features. One I really like is the "custom url" feature. It allows you to click on a cache and take you directly to a variety of sites with the coordinates imbedded into the link. I added www.lostoutdoors to my list of custom url's. If you want to add it to yours copy and paste the following into your list within the pgm Lost Outdoors=http://www.lostoutdoors.com/map.php?map=%lat,%lon&t=1&z=1&s=1&id=&mark=%lat,%lon,0,0,255,7,*&cpos=?445,117 To add it click on tools, options, html tab, and then add it to the custom url's list. This link consistently gives me a map or photo and places a dot to within feet of known coordinates. I know what you're thinking and the answer is no. I don't know the author and have no interest in this pgm. When someone does a great job such as this on a software pgm he or she deserves a little credit and some thanks. Mick
  20. S P I is the default combination from the factory. Most realtors don't bother to change them. Mick
  21. My job takes me to about 10 locations throughout the day. The routing capabilities of my GPS V will give me turn by turn directions for the ones I don't know how to get to. Also the routing capability will take you right to a cache if it's close to a road. If not it will sometimes take you to a street on the wrong side of a cache that would require a "nasty" hike uphill or across a swamp. It's best to switch to "off road mode" when you get close then drive around some. Before I got the GPS V it was a pain to find the location to some caches with maps. Mick
  22. If you can make a gun show you will find them cheap. Mick
  23. My grandson Chace was FTF Oscar the Grouch. He beat me by a few seconds. It was hidden by Jeff35080. The FTF prize was a Palm Pilot. This is the coolest prize we have ever gotten. Mick
  24. I had no conclusion, and no opinion. Remember the first post? I guess I'll be at the next cache event. Mick in the good ole state of Alabama.
  25. My latest cache uses a "divers box". It has a good rubber gasket on the edges, measures 10 x 8 x 4 inches. The best part is I got it for a dollar at a yard sale. Mick
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