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  1. hmm id be getting out of there, but not so fast like a running deer. or just screaming dont shoot. Yes that is scary. The deer population isnt so bad that they have allowed hunting in the dunbar area. (that i know off). Every one i know that hunts (a lot of people) dont hunt in the dunbar area, or other citys close to that. theres a atv trail right above the tree stand, i didnt follow it all the way out but i assume it comes out near the picnic area. I forgot to bring a perminant marker to write on the cache, and the memory stick for my camera so i may head back up there tommarow and take pics, write on the cache with the perm. marker and CITO around the stands. aj
  2. no they are not tree houses, im a hunter too. one was built and one was what looks like a portable stand that has been affixed to the tree (Complete with a can holder nailed to the tree with his last can of pepsi in it, lol) If i had a trash bag with me I would have CITOed the bottles. thanks keystone! i did get a way from the tree stands, i dont want to go into details incase some other local cachers are reading, but as long as they leave it covered the way they found it itll be good. thanks again aj
  3. it just seemed to me that the community is sometimes a little concerned for safety and a couple tree stands with beer bottles around the base in close are to my cache could be a concern?
  4. just chiming in as a new WV geocacher in charleston
  5. Hey this is kinda bugging me. Today I hid my first cache in a city park (were some other caches are hidden a couple ridges over). Any ways i stumbled upon two tree stands used for deer hunting and one had some beer bottles round the base. Both tree stands are withen 30 yards of one another. Now this is in a city park and close to the city I am VERY sure no hunting is allowed. So i marked it on my GPS and e-mailed the DNR and told them all about the tree stands being in the park. I how i was wanting to know if that was illegal and gave them the cooridenats. But should i be worried about geocaching.com not approving my cache? I did leave the reviewer a note explaining every thing and how i was contacting the DNR and all of that. cause i am VERY VERY VERY SURE no hunting is allowed where those stands are. aj
  6. do you mean bags? if so, they really arent a trading item just incase something got wet or maybe the note books bag got torn and there was a couple extras.
  7. On the hot hands, i did think about summer approaching, but... it has been quit warm this week, in the 70s. but this week is supppose to go back down in temp. A lot of people like to find them during the first day of a cache being listed so they could still prove to be usefull. Or, they could leave em till next winter or take one and save it in their back packs till they need it. didnt think of any one taking the pencil sharpener, they must not have a large brain if they do...
  8. i think i have a new disposable camera im wanting to put in it (to stay with the cache). right now im kinda strapped for cash also so a finders prize is outta the question, gotta pay for taxes, license, and payment on my new jet ski (which i could use to place more caches ) I wanted to in usfull things in my cache, i dont like taking something from another cache that isnt of comperable value/usefullness. What other items like what i got in my cache (outdoors type) would you recommend for my future caches? aj
  9. Im setting up my first cache, I think what i have in the cache is really cool. I really like to find camping supplies, outdoor tools in caches my self. So in my cache i have: Notebook with pencil and sharpener 2 hot hands (hand warmers) emergancy 'space' blanket new nickle plated whistle with lanyard green glow stick 6' fishing stringer fishing license holder (or for other ID) with card on how to tie a fishing knot. A couple extra zip lock nags sound good? I didnt spend more then $7 and i personally think its a killer cache lol. aj
  10. OIC! I never saw "If" hmmmm,,,,, well i wonder how you find out if something is outta stock then, lol. but yes i think that statement is something that needs to be removed ASAP; or changed. I was wanting to purchase a few things last month but i thought every thing was out of stock. Im about to order somethings now! BTW, i checked ebay and theres some geocaching items on there, and ammo cans for a decent price. aj
  11. Well this post is sorta a complaint and suggestion. No this isnt about a order not recieved, i have never ordered from the shop, but if they items were instock i would. It seems every item I checked in the shop (Under accessorys) is out of stock. Now i know items go out of stock, but every thing i checked? And it is kind of annoying to see something you really want and it turns out to be outta stock. If the items tend to be out of stock a lot there should be a sperate coloumn on the main viewing page showing which ones are instock or outta stock. btw, any one know when theyll get some of the stuff back instock? aj
  12. well since you brought it up, if your marking a cache how long of a good set down will ensure a good mark? aj thanks for help
  13. Well i just got my new sportrak map gps early this week. Withen hours i was out geocaching with it. I entered the cooridenates for a cache and went looking for it. Well I found it, but the GPS said the location of the cache was wrong. It was about 35 feet away (no biggie) but once i set my gps down at the location of the cache and left it alone while i messed around with the cache it still said i was withen 35 feet so the cooredinates didnt change to show the actual location. I came home and marked home as a waypoint. i let the gps set and get a good fix then marked it. and later i turned it back on and let it set outside (withen 5 feet of where i marked it) and put home into the go to screen and let it set to get a good position and it still said i was withen 35 feet. So, i was wanting to ask is it normal for it to be off like that? It seems with the two waypoints i have done so far have both been off by 35 feet, so it is a pattern so far... aj
  14. Well how old are most geocachers? Im 18 and i nthe proccess of getting a new magellan sportrak map GPS. Im selling my blazer12 on a auction site, theres a rebate for the sporttrak out now till june, and i got some other money coming in from another project so i will hopefully only have to pay $60 or less (out of my pocket) aj
  15. Hi,I dot mean to high jack this thread, but how do you lke your sportrak map GPS'? I am looking to get that model just want your opinions (other then stated above). How accurate is it, and how long does it take to get your exact position locked? Cause with the older gpds i have now it takes many minutes just to get a accurate fix on my position. Thats the main thing i want, fast Lat Long fixes of current pos. aj
  16. What are some good ideas for things to leave in caches? I did my first on yesterday. The only thing i found hangin' around was a guiatr pick holder. Any creative ideas on what to leave? I cant think of nothing.... aj
  17. Okay, so its not me operating it wrong Id really like to have a newer one so i can have the thoundsanths inculded on the degree read outs but cant afford it. Definitly not now. If i get into this hobby more itll probibly be a neccessary upgrade. Thanks for the help!
  18. Hey yall. I just found this site today and found my first cache today Any ways I got this GPS years ago during some kinda promotion with bridgestone (tires). Its a Magellan Blazer 12 GPS. I never really had any use for it I remember trying it and it never seemed to get a location right (I would set the location knowing where it is). Then use to GPS to guide me there and it was always off. Well i used it today And the gps was off again. I found the cache cause i had looked at some spolier pics. But when i got there the gps cord. were off and it said i was .10 miles away. Well about 15 minutes I was gathering up my stuff to leave and my gps said i was now only .02 miles away and my cord were nearly spot on. But it took a while for it to get this new info. I have pictures here http://imageevent.com/rc_racer_007/geocaching/puzzled What do you all think, is it too old? I got it in 1998 brand new. Today it proved it will get your cordination but it seems to take a while. any help is very much appreciated. thanks! aj
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