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  1. congrats eli! I know you are good at the FTFs! when ever i get lucky and see a cache posted with the new icon i click and its already found! Grrrrr! lol any ways about the 4th week of june there might just more then 2 new caches along sutton lake, HINT HINT YALL. aj
  2. ya coon skin has quit a few and they are all fairly nice. Also if you have the extra time and wanted to do more chaches, kanawha state forest has 4 there and they are all nice. enjoy! let us know how ya did! aj
  4. True, ya im still in the planning stage, this idea just hit me today. Its not like this water fall is trecherous, its only like 5 feet high and takes nothing to walk ontop of it. Infact i have followed that creek over a mile to a small town before. Also i can use the describtion and hint to make it a little more obvious. Signal reception should be fairly good since there are no tres over head. they would be standing in the middle of this small 'pond' the water fall flow into so they would be facing the water fall and it should say the cache is 4 feet ahead of them (assuming its dead accurate which usually isnt the case though...) still ploting this evil little cache in my mind aj
  5. no i will not be able to get a reading while under the water fall. BUT i can walk ontop of it and roughly stand ontop of the cache and get cooridents. after all they would be standing in a pool of water when they are only a few feet from it i could mkae the hint like: cant go around it, cant go below it, we gotta go through it. I just did a quick search on the net and those cams are expensive! i might take a different approach. Its a good idea but just pricey. aj
  6. got the e-mail thanks! my search is over! lol
  7. i just checked that site, i checked under camping and did a search and kind find em...
  8. looks like a nice rainbow, the picture is kinda hard to tell. congrats! I love to fish but never fly fished. My buddy and I are going to Va this weekend (coming from WV) and hes planning on fly fishing. Maybe he can teach me Congrats! Man i need to think of a neat FTF prize for my new caches im going to hide... aj
  9. hey, i searched the forums but came up empty. Im looking for a bison capsule for a micro. I know REI has them (gold only) and bison's site has them but they want $7 for shipped (rip) and i need a black one. ANy one know where i can get one at a fair price with fair shipping price? It doesnt have to be a bison. Something similiar will do. Thanks! aj
  10. btw, i ment directly attach the chain to the capsule (if possible) instead of using the keep chain thingy to discourage muggles if they were to find it. aj
  11. ahh mike dx you wasnt suppose to see this! i dont think i have had another wv cacher reply to one of my topics on the main forum before, i thoguht about that before i posted lol. any ways itll be a easy find for you now! lol. any ways, the concrete nail idea was my first idea, i still got a few weeks. I dont see what the problem with be with that idea, seeing as how the entire lake is man made and blasting was used to clear lots of rock areas. but im open to any ideas or sugestions. there is a similiar micro containter on ebay like this one right now but its silver and wouldnt be to great in that location. i figure the 'cave' has a few cracks in it thatll suffectiantly hide the cache from sight and it would have to be anchored there some how if it was going to last more then a couple months. aj
  12. Hey yall, i am going to be placing to traditional caches at a local lake next month. I was thinking and i had a killer idea hit me! In one cove on the lake there is a creek that flows into it. the creek goes over a water fall about 5 feet high and flows into a pool of water about 4-5 feet deep then into the cove. At this water fall there is a area behind where the water falls so you can stand behind the water. My idea is to hide a micro in there. Its ben a while since i have been at that water fall but im sure theres some bigs cracks or something i could hide a micro, but im left with the problem of flooding since this area is probibly at best 8 feet above normal pool. My idea was to get a micro container like what Groundspeak sells, and attach a little chain to the loop at the end of it. Then take like a concrete nail or something and drive it into the rock facing in a descrete crack or something and having the chain attached to the nail. So if it were to flood bad the cache would still be there. The only real problem would be muggles. But since the cache almost perminantly there i dont think they would unscrew the bottom part of the container and keep it, but you never know. Any one think this a neat idea for a micro? and will have to get wet to find it heres the capsule i was tlaking about. aj
  13. err that green 'doll' is freaky. he first thing that pops into my head when i see wierd stuff like that (not that i have seen somehting that iwerd) is wiccans! i dont know.... just does... wierd looking thing though. aj
  14. I htink i would have got out of there after that! I did not notice any large holes from mining, there are service road but they dont go past that side of the hill. I figure it was man made for some reason or another, but the ones at the other location are close to the remnants of a house a qucker use to live in all alone (or so im told). So that out there is a little odd. aj
  15. Hey around here in the charleston area of WV in the woods at kanawha state forst (at around some local fishing lakes i walk through) there are wierd rock formations in places. Like rocks pilled ontop of one another for no reason. Very Blair witch like. These arent isolated rock piles they can be all over the place in certain areas. They dont look recent, infact on some trees, mosses, and other LARGE plants are growing on them cause they have been there so long. Any one got info on this? maybe indians did it a long time ago for some reason? Some piles are just on the ground but the some are ontop of boulders proving some one put them there. heres some pictures: The second picture could be from when they made the trail,. but why move the rocks like that? Those were taken in a state forst. I have seen these same formations just out in the woods where no trails are around, except atv trails, they seem very weird. After seeing blair witch, even though its fake it just gives you (me and my buddy) an uneasy feeling. ideas? aj
  16. This is the first thing that popped into my mind, please dont hurt me Cause A**holes Can Hinder Everything
  17. Aye! No fishing in my spots! Although i dont really have one spot i fish all the time. Just up and down the lake shore line, although on a lake in another state we use to go to alot we had many spots, but i wouldn never let any one know about it. theres PLENTY of other places! aj
  18. I found one cache one time, i think it was from a muggle, it said something to the effect of 'hide your sh-t better next time' lol aj
  19. Im thinking I can make it. I dont see why not. Although if i do I would only stop by for a bit to go boating. I also posted a note about placing a cache on the lake. Im not guarenteeing i can/will do it but i want to see how many would try to attempt it first. Itll be cold to swim in the water to get to land to place the cache during the first part of may ......Well it hasnt stopped me before though aj
  20. ye sstep 1 was my problem. I thought i had agreed to all that when i first signed up.... oh well its working now
  21. Never mind, I figured it out 2 seconds after posting this DUH!!! thanks any ways!
  22. I downloaded GPS easy a few weeks back and its a really cool program. I have been trying to download the way points from geocaching.com but it just keeps coming up with this page: http://www.geocaching.com/waypoints/ I tried on the search screen checking the box for the right cache then click 'dowbload waypoint' but it just comes up with that screen. On the caches page ill click the download icon for the LOC waypoint file and it still comes up with that page. What am i doing wrong? Do you have to be a paid member? the way it read it was free.... thanks aj
  23. I didnt read all of this thread, too much, lol but there is a star wars game out there now and R2D2 is in this cache. I saw him but didnt know nothing about the game! aj
  24. well a few weeks ago i printed off 4 caches to visit and i just got to do it today. well iwent to the first one and looked and looked. Couldnt find the cache. So i assumed it was stolen. Went to log it and it was disabled and archieved. TIP: Always check the cache on the net before attempting it! lol aj
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