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  1. me too, hopefully it be fixed by morning. aj
  2. I dont care for urban caches, but i still attempt some of them. I have only hidden 1 urban micro which most of the visitors have been stopped by the 'parks grounds keeper'. i just had a new micro approved its a .75 mile walk on a gravel road, no cars allowed. a half mile hike throug the woods. and two by boat only. aj
  3. well if we do that, that member is as good as dead! dont mess with a mod! lol. thats only a joke in relation to current events unfolding on this baord. im not saying CO and or any mods/approvers on this board are mean, power hungry etc,its just a joke so please dont lynch me.
  4. keystone approver typed this a few hours ago "From time to time, one or more of the little cache icons on the map server temporarily "disappears." It is a known bug, as Jeremy is aware of it from posts over in the Geocaching.com forum. Usually a reboot of the map server fixes it, IIRC. So, check later on and the icons should reappear. It happened to me earlier in the week, but I'm seeing them fine today." aj
  5. i dont post pics from all cache hunts, but most. Ill post all of them to my photo album ( in sig) and post a few on the cache page. aj
  6. When you hide a cache what do you want to do to the vistors? Let them have a nice find, trade some items? Make the cache as hard to find as possible? or something else? Myself i am trying to make my newer ones as hard to find as possible. just curious. aj
  7. heheee the owners S/N is team 420, click his prfile, LOL
  8. Ahhhhh Your All Nothing But Fair Weather Cachers! lol, i dont think iv cached in the rain yet, lol.
  9. well the micro i placed is only a block from my house, its a bison with rubber o-ring to keep it water proof. yes it could get wet inside if damaged. but the log book has a large list for every one to sign. I doubt it would ever get filled up. so unless it got muggled or the o-ring went bad it shouldnt need that much maintance. But i suppose it depends on the container you use. It does seem very much like a power trip. and since your other cache was archieved ill keep with keystones suggestion and say nothing in this thread. I dont see why people who have a litle bit of power,, if you call the position CO holds power, it goes to their head! aj
  10. well i was assuming, i havent been any further west then indianapolis. Im in WV.
  11. Im kinda torn here. I want to agree with 360, but that cache is quite a ways off. But if you have some one closer who agrees to help you maintain it, why not? It covers all the bases. It seems there are far to many politics in placing a cache. A micro really doesnt need maintiance unless its muggles or someone doesnt screw the lid back on correctly (im assuming bison tube). Now dont get me wrong yes it should be checked into but micros rarely need that unless muggled. If the area is great then whats the problem? Wasnt geocaching about getting out and seeing places you have never seen before? Why should little stipulations like distance which can easily be over come by a 'helper' deny the cache which has been said to have a great view or what ever it has? Geocaching is about exploring the outdoors, going places you have never been, not procedures which can be overcome by simple solutions? just my $.02 aj
  12. Congrats pinkbison! I just wish i had the gas money to go do 100 finds! lol. aj
  13. I didnt even see this thread! congrats on 200 wvdan! i just broke 20, lol. aj
  14. before the yellow jeep Tbs, there was always a lot of talk about yellow jeeps. I am asking so i finally know, whats up with that? aj
  15. Well you can just plot the cooridenants into a map site like mapquest and itll come up with a map of where its at... I will be using mine for hunting this fall. Walk in a day before. then walk in before sunrise and just follow my path i took the day before. So i dont need a flash light or making lots a noise looking for something. and plotting turn offs on long road trips is killer. expecially if you are horrid with directions. aj
  16. I think the worst thing is not finding a cache after attempting it many times. Theres 3 local ones i have been after all week. A micro, i have attempted twice. I think i know where it was but theres always to many people around for me to be digging behind a sewer grate. the 2nd is finding a 'becon on the ground then walking x many steps, then lookinhg for the cache. 3 times no success. And the other is a multi micro cache. Found the first 2 micros fine, but had to have some one tell me where the last one was. couldnt find it for the life of me. Pulled a tick off of me yesterday. Luckily it was just crawling and hadnt set its self in. Yes, GAS PRICES SUCK. aj
  17. ohh, thought they were 'totally out lawed' lol. Besides this place isnt cool enough for a virtual. but just fine for a micro. aj
  18. well arent viruals a no-no any more? You can put a log book in, i just wanted to see some ideas first. Well not exactly a log book, rather then a log sheet. aj
  19. Hey, im getting ready to hide my first micro. Its gonna be a bison capsule. How do you make a logbook for it? Just take a piece of paper and draw a grid so they can initial? I have found micro before, but not this small. aj
  20. i dont mind member caches, theres not many around here, but if the fee wasnt $30+ a year, maybe $20-25 instead id join, but i think the price is kinda high. aj
  21. Son, What A Deal! Geeze, If you had this posted about 3 months ago when i bought my sportrak map for $170 DEFINANTLY would have bought this instead! Wow, wish i could afford it! aj
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