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  1. let me ask a dumb question, please feel free to direct me to a thread that has already been discussed, what is a pocket query?! aj
  2. I have recently (withen 1 month) hidden two around a lake about 50 miles away (one requires a boat to acess). 1 easy urban micro, 1 micro which has had mixed reviews to its difficulty. one couldnt find, some spent over an 1/2 half. some found withen minutes. and i plan to hide another clever micro in a local park. I think the only lame one is the very urban one i hid in a local park. Even if a cache is lame, its a adventure any ways. Would you all just prefere to have finders and not hiders? you take the good with bad. evidently these people like this sport enough to hide a cache for you all to find it. now if its the contents that make it lame, or how its hid, i dont know i dont think i read in this thread where that was stated. BUt let me ask what does make it lame in your opinion? myself, i really havent found a cache i havent liked yet. except for one, it was 3.3 miles to get to it, great bike ride, very scenic, but it wasnt well hidden or camoed. but that was the last finders fault, not the hider. aj
  3. and as a WV geocacher, I must say you are privleged to work with hiders such as myself! LOL JK aj
  4. aye, i need to find out more about PQ! BTW, my previous statement is wrong, you can use the 'identifiy' feature on maps so the name of caches. DUH! lol aj
  5. as long as it was some where and some one found it, it should stay. If you want to change found its, to notes, go target the cache owners who post FOUND ITs on the OWN caches when they do maintenance! thats irretating. aj
  6. that would be cool too, but im content right now with the current function aj
  7. They are great, great products, great service. wouldnt be afraid to order from again, which i am going to order from them again! aj
  8. never mind my post, i did not know you can use the 'identify' option on the geocaching.com maps to see which caches those are! thanks you all! seems the site is a step ahead of me aj
  9. I was walking to a cache with my friend behind me, stepped over a log, and he said theres a snake. I took a look, and ripped my camera out of my backpack as soon as fast as i could. Snapped these pictures. My friend went to pick it up, it went to strike at him, a perfectly harmless garter snake. I was going to cut its head off (cause im a redneck whom hates snakes) but wasnt sure if my knife was sharp enough. aj
  10. LOL, thats seriously funny, i laughed LOL
  11. ill be sure to ask him that AC student! i could say somehitng like, well since i had to tell you the name of the street are you going to tell me what its importance is? lol aj
  12. i was thinking about the same thing, on one side it is there cache but on the other that just seems over doing it. i mean i guess ill still send him the info but it just seems to be too much. aj
  13. Hey, I hope some one high up sees this . Recently I have been searching for caches outside of my normal area. Using the geocaching.com map is really helpful in seeing where they are located, but finding out which caches they are is hard some times and rather time consuming. Maybe in the future geocaching.com can update these maps to where it says the name of the cache, or maybe if you 'hover' over it the name will appear? Sounds like it would be a premium member feature but it would make finding caches to visit much easier and much faster! Seems like a good idea. Thanks for listening. aj
  14. Im not sure if this is 'over doing it' to prove you visited a cache, but let me ask. Im still kinda new with just under 30 finds, but i am wanting to attempt this urban out of state micro. I am going to with old the name of the cache and such. but its a micro with a log. but the owner also states that you have to send him the name of the street the cache is located on. (the street was once used but is closed and is a walking path now) and the colors of the fences that follow the road/trail. I know with virtuals you have to send them some sorta answer to the owner, but is that over doing it with a cache that you found and signed the log? wouldnt signing the log be proof enough? just curious, it seems like its really over doing it. aj
  15. i finally signed up as a premium member. its not like itll kill ya $3 a month. i spend more then that a week for 20oz soft drinks at work! I dont see where there are that many member only features. I wish they could make it to have the name of the cache on the geocacing.com maps! that would be soooo much easier! aj
  16. LOL thats funny. the only timed i ever phoned any one while geocaching was to make sure my coords were right, they were. but i should have had them read me the hint too, cause i still couldnt find it! aj
  17. my latest attempt at a real hard micro has had mixed results. only 2 people have searched so far. one looked for over an hour, and dint find. one found it right off the bat. it seems like its one youd see right off the bat, or not see it at all. but id prefere to look for a harder one rather then a short hike in the woods, to look in a tree stump and find a not so well hidden/camoed tupperwear container. Its always interesting to see who will go the extra mile to look for a harder cache/micro rather then the "park and find' caches that are the majority around here. aj
  18. You said you was ashamed that you didnt care if they were in the vehicle or not. I wouldnt be, id hope theyd burn a horrible death. but hey thats me... Im just glad your in okay shape. could have been a lot worst. get well soon! Im sorry about all that! that totally sucks aj
  19. the funniest thing to see is when your fishing and you pull one in your line and theres one attached to your lure. To be more specific, when you jigging with a plastic lizard and ones 'all up on' the lizard when you pull it out of the water, lol. aj
  20. Now there is a good idea!! A label to mark it as a pre-made cache and your all set. There could be a market for that,,,, I GOT THE COPYRIGHT! lol aj
  21. This was close to my first cache hide. i didnt see it when i hid the cache, but another cacher told me about it so i went back and checked it out. Looks to be an abandoned homeless camp. Maybe just for the winter? I came up saying hello first before i got real close justttt incase.
  22. assuming hunters did that, they need to be drug into the woods, kicked repeatidly in the nuts then shot. Tahts coming from hunter,,,, aj
  23. i placed a 'ready to place' micro in a new cache as a FTF prize. aj
  24. I dont mind caching in cemetarys. Just as long as none of the residents want to join me. BUt uhh any one else ever get a picture like this in a cemetary? I was 'ghost hunting' one time months ago and i could see this mist through the lcd screen of my camera. it was moving and darting, really wierd. i plan to go back and reinvestigate. aj
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