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  1. hmm thats insteresting. I take my curent gps on my jet ski with me a lot, i was thinking of attaching a keychain float or something. thanks for the info. aj
  2. easy question. I have read on the net that the 60c doesnt float. Then I have just read that it does float, which is it? thanks aj
  3. I was checking ym screen a week ago and noticed a forming crack. Its hard to see but you can see by the pictures it IS forming. DC 3903, bought in Feb 04 side view (hard to see) perpendicular view (much easier to see) aj
  4. as you probibly know the spotrak has a smaller screen then the s0c and is black and white. I have the radar detector in the middle of the windhshield and my GPS mount on the right side (passanger side). I can easily see it, normally i just watch how close i am to my turn off and thats it, cause i aint got turn by turn directions,,, yet i can easily see it, even if i couldnt, you can move it any where on the windshield ofr abetter view. BTW, i think garmins price for the windsheild mount is like $32? They have the garmin brand (new) windshield mounts on ebay for like $24 plus $4 shipping if you cant find it locally. aj
  5. with my megellan sportrak (i am upgrading to a 60c soon also) i have a windsheild mount, and i use it WITH my radar detector.i dont have a problem at all having both in the window, and i plan to buy garmin's 60c windshield mount for my 60c when i get it. aj
  6. in my life time i have had 2 ticks (that i know of) inbeded in me. once when i was probibly 10, and last week i thought i felt a big scab right behind my ear in my head, i kept picking at it and it was a tick! AHHH I didnt see it very long but it wasnt fat, and it had been just over 24 hours since i was last in the woods. I still got what feels like a little scab were he was embeded, i cant see it, should it be something to worry bout'? aj
  7. my prefered tools? GPS, camera, and backpack full of stuff ill probibly never use and gore-tec rocky boots aj
  8. thanks for all the help. i just bought a 60C, well sort of. Just got one off ebay, but its my xmas present so i wont be able to use it for a few months! aj
  9. well i was hoping i could get a bit more maps i nther then what was stated above (thanks sooo much for that info) but still thats quit a bit. I just wonder why garmin didnt copy megellan and use SD cards... one last question, i plan to use the software on my desktop at home, but if we go on the road we can take the laptop to update maps or anything if need be. Can i use the program on two different computers? I ask because it seems garmin is trying really hard to prevent 'piracy' of their software which is understadable but i hope i can use it on 2 different computers aj
  10. and you can 'custom' select certain areas of the map to put on the gps right? like say i was going from WV ot CA i find the route ill take then select maybe a 2 miles radious of the road all the way to ca? understand what im saying? lol aj
  11. yeah i ment the normal topo, lol. im in WV, i would like to have all of WV and VA in there, plus as much of the surrounding states. but i hardly ever leave WV. i am curious to see just how much 56mb will hold cause if its not that much then the meridian color will be my choice. nit u think a 60c would make me happier.... aj
  12. Yes i know im slowly flooding the forum with posts im sorry. lol i am torn between the cericolor and 60c. the 60c will cost more but has a much better color screen, but has less map space. and there starts my question if i buy a 60 c i plan to get City Select software. and what i want to know is how many states will the maps cover before it reaches the max memory? and if i use City Select and topo24k together about how many states will with both of those cover before i max out the memory? thanks so much aj
  13. I found a 10k gold fraturnity ring from a local college along the local pipeline a few months ago on my way to hide a micro.
  14. any idea when itl be coming out? or any other info?
  15. im am going to be upgrading to a meridian color travler kit gps package i na few months. I currently have a sportrak map. I am going to get the topo software for the my mericolor when i get it. BUT can i buy the software noe use it with my sportrak then use it with my meridian? im sure i can but i dont know if megellan would have some kinda feature to prevent you from doing that... aj
  16. TRUE! we have been working on a multi and one leg we used a altoids can (not washed (OPPS). well i went to put the coords in each micro yesterday to discover something pulled the canister under the rock and left it right beside it. Probibly a racoon, no bite marks or any thing. but we changed the cache to a different one. aj
  17. thatsa deal, i sold my NIB blazer 12 for $60 on ebay a few months back, I was shocked that equipment that old went for that much when some sportrak gps' were going for the same price! aj
  18. what exactly do you mean the backlight has to be on to view? all the time? in the field? i saw some other screen shots (not many) of the color andits doesnt look to bad. I wouldnt mind have a 60c, but it would cost over $100 more then the meridian color travler kit. plus the 60c memory is limited.... thanks for the info guys. aj
  19. Yeah, the unlimited map space is a big plus, although i rarely go out of state. Is there any place with meridian color screen shots? i have seen some for the 60cs and it looks impresive, but they only shots i have seen for the meridian are the stock megellan photos. as much as i like magellan products, the 60cs does look like a good choice, i just wonder about memory capacity... i got atleast 4 months to decide, so ill be studying each product. aj
  20. Hey yall. I have been using my Sportrak map since feb, and I have been wanting to get maps for it but the small memory makes it hard to have a lot of maps. So consiquently im looking to upgrade. I am looking at the Meridian color traveler pack. Its got every thing i would need, except topo maps. But can you use topo and direct route together? I have read the color screen isnt as great as the 60cs screen. But i am having a hard time finding screen shots of the meridian color? might any one here have one? is it easy to see while driving/brightlight? Do you like your meridian color? i have read a few threads but id figure i post one for new users to throw in their ideas. aj
  21. hey when i get 50 finds can you pay,,, ohhh darn i already paid for my membership Bum kids get a job! im 19, dont have a credit card but debit cards work just as well. and i have had a debit card since i was like 15. aj
  22. I don't mean to be a buzzkill, but it looks like that fake drain is supposed to be mostly buried in the ground. my opinion is if something is buryed you need a shovel or something to dig it back up. this is open, you can see it, you dont need tools to remove it, itll just pull out. in my book thats fine. i dont see a problem with it. aj
  23. Yup, there is going to be another Geocaching get together, this time in Dunbar, WV on Sept 12 at the Dunbar Winecellar starting at noon. Visit the Event Page for more info http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...&decrypt=y&log= aj
  24. i e-mailed you last night, just wanted to post that i did. aj
  25. I have a question that i cant seem to find the answer to. I have a new cache im working on, and i dont want it to be displayed on the site until X date. Is there any way i can make it to where it will display on X date? thank you aj
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