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  1. Love this 76CS unit ! Loaded up ALL the topo data for CA State and National parks off Mapsource 24K Natl Parks West to the unit last night (270 something maps and 90 MB worth) Unit took it all without a whimper and I still have memory left over to throw in a few routes etc. Download time for all that data was only about 6/7 minutes via USB port. Now I won't have to keep loading and unloading topo data each time I go to a different park. Antenna works better under tree cover than my old Vista did. WOW !
  2. Its working now. I let it sit for almost 15 minutes and it still did not pick up anything. What I did to get it started was hit "Menu" on the sat page and select "New location" That unlocked the system and now it picks up the same 8 sats that my Vista does in the same spot. Good tip for anyone having the same problem-your unit is NOT defective. Looking forward to playing with it this weekend ! The Geocache mode is initiated by using find, select geocache icon, hitting enter, selecting a geocache you loaded, press enter which brings up the info page, then select GO-TO and hit enter. Then the compass page changes to geocache navigation and displays any added data about the geocache in a comment field. Looks identical to the geocache mode I saw in a 60C brochure but I don't own a 60C to confirm its exactly the same.
  3. Got mine this morning from GPS City. From looking at manual it not only has the geocache screens of the 60C models but also has the same games. Put in batteries and took it outside in an open field to initialize, however, and got absolutely NO satellite signals with a clear horizon to horizon view. My old Vista in same spot picks up 8 signals. Checked menus-GPS is on, turned on WAAS and still doesn't pick up a single satellite. NOT a good start-guess it goes back to GPS city or Garmin. Like the form factor-the buttons above the screen are very easy to use with your thumb when using one-handed and the screen is very readable-now if I only had a working antenna it would be great !
  4. GPS city has now updated the 76C status to "In Stock" as of today and left the 76CS in stock date of May 20th. GPS Now is also saying the 76C is in stock. Based on prev observations about the 60C/60CS we shouldn't have too mech longer to wait for the 76CS !
  5. I noticed GPS city as of this morning now lists the BOTH the 76C and 76CS as having a expected delivery date of Apr 30. Up until now they listed the 76CS as Apr 30 and the 76C as "Currently out of Stock". If I had to guess based on the 60C and 60CS history this change probably means the 76C will show up in early May and the 76CS probably in June. Looks like we'll be waiting a while longer.
  6. Here's a site I found which sells neoprene GPS cases which have large windows. Would give your unit sparay and dust protection plus a bit of cushion yet still allow button use thru the vinyl. I bought their Garmin 76S zipper case for the Garmin 76CS I have on pre-order. It looks like they have cases which allow for antennas to protrude from the top although the antenna hole is on the R side rather than the left. You could probably get the same case I got and just zip it up partway till the zipper hits the antenna. http://www.cartom.virtual-space.com/gps.htm
  7. I noticed GPS city has updated their ship date to Mar 31st for the 76CS. As in the 60C vs 60CS that's probably the date the 76C will show up, not the 76CS. I cancelled my 60CS order before it shipped too and am now GPS-less too and awaiting the 76CS.
  8. Sorry about the controversy I generated with my comments about battery life between the 60CS and 76CS units. I got my first info from the latest West Marine catalog, page 92, where it states the battery life of the 76C (not the 76CS) is 16 hours which would compare to the stated 30 hrs of the 60C. They also state that the 76C screen is 2.2x1.6 and 180x240 pixels which would be bigger than the 2.2x1.5 and 160x240 pixels shown on the 60c writeup on page 91. It makes more sense that the battery life of the two units would be similar and that its the use of the compass and altimeter that reduces battery life. Thats why I leave the compass off and use battery saver mode in my Vista most of the time-I get much better run times on the batteries. Probably West Marine got slightly misleading info from Garmin in an attempt to be the first to get it in their catalog before specs were finalized.
  9. I was sorely tempted to switch my 60CS order to a 76CS also but changed my mind after I saw the Garmin rated battery life on the 76 color models was a third less than the 60 units. Its only 20 hours on the 76C vs 30 for the 60C. I sometimes do multiple day backpacks or several dayhikes in a row where I am not returning to a place I can buy batteries. I want to try and minimize the extra batteries I have to carry. I guess that bigger 76 CS screen and memory eat up more battery power. Personally I prefer the 76CS form with its antenna in the case body-that protruding RINO looking antenna of the 60 C/CS will be tough to fit a case to.
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