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  1. Here is a question for you. Why does he have to be a jerk about making his point? You may ask why he shouldn't be a jerk and I'll tell you. So that more people will listen to him when he takes time on a rare forum appearance to make a post because for whatever reason he felt it important to do so. I happen to agree with his overall take, just not his approach in belittling people with no actual basis. I don't presume to know the mind of another. Therefore, I cannot answer that question. Why don't you pose it to him directly?
  2. First you tell me where I said it was his responsibility. I said that energies spent defending PB Jars would be better spent finding a better container. If I had said his energies would be better spent learning how to fold a hospital corner on his bed you wouldn't be accusing me of shackling him with responsibility. Perhaps you'd accuse me of being off topic, so I stand by my suggestion. He has! His containers at one time contained boiled eggs. One of the larger supermarkets here in Florida uses these plastic 1 quart clear containers to send hard boiled eggs to their stores. It just so happens that a member of his family works there and gets these containers for free and they actually work quite well here in our neck of the woods.Heh... yes, indeed he has come up with an alternative. I'm feeling it is a dubious one at best... Ever deal with a jar of eggs? Phew! What a stench! # Back to expended energy: ICM, instead of defending your dead horse, why not put your obviously intelligent mind to figuring out a better container than a peanut butter jar? Again why should he... which btw he has already. Quit trying to split hairs and answer the question!
  3. Yes I have. I work at the same grocery chain. The eggs in question are egg whites only and have no smell.
  4. First, I still want to know where I said he did use PB jars. Second, I bet your daughter's best friend's mother would have a different attitude about this than you. Fine, I will admit you didn't state he hid pb&j containers. Now you tell me why is it his responsibility to "find a better container". And as far as my daughters friend... she didn't have a problem with the kindergarten class having pb&j in the classroom at lunchtime. They just kept her table peanut free. 6 kids total at her table. If any of them wanted/brought peanut butter they would simply eat at another table and wash their hands after. So no I doubt she would have a problem with someone hiding a container in the woods that previously contained peanut butter. Her daughter would know NOT to open it. And if by some slim chance she did come into contact with peanut butter she has her epi pen and she and the adults she is with knows how to use it. Yes we are taught how before she was allowed to go off with us. You see we are responsible not the rest of the world.
  5. (unlurk) Please show me where he ever stated that he used peanut butter jars. He just defended them as a viable option. (back to lurking) (unlurk) DOH (lurk) Why should he solve the problems of others? Was he appointed keeper of all who are allergic to peanuts? Why can't the person who has the problem be responsible for their own self? Which btw was his original argument. Florida is full of snakes, six species of which are venomous. Snakes like to hide under objects on the ground. Should all caches in Florida be required to be hidden off the ground to remove the possibility of a snake being under it and potentially killing the cacher that unwittingly disturbs it when they pick up the cache? My youngest daughter's best friend is deathly allergic to peanuts. She at age 6 knows what is safe and what isn't, why do most seem to think an adult doesn't know how to?
  6. (unlurk) Please show me where he ever stated that he used peanut butter jars. He just defended them as a viable option. (back to lurking)
  7. Never mind; I finally found something. Weird. I Google search and search and get nowhere, then I Yahoo and it's the first link! --Dave
  8. Only if you can convert the GIS shape file to Lat - Lon pairs suitable for the GSAK polygon filter. GPSBabel may be able to do this but I am honestly not sure. That's what I was afraid of. Does anyone know how to do this? --Dave
  9. Is there anyway to use a GIS shapefile as a polygon filter? TIA. --Dave
  10. Thanks doc. I just drove 20+ miles round trip to get the #'s. Michelle PS. I don't know if the cache owner would like the solution posted publicly like that.
  11. We will be running by there tonight. Dave & Michelle
  12. Obviously they were expecting that when you took a TB you would leave a TB. Which sounds resonable to me. Michelle
  13. This was the only time I had the police called on me. Michelle
  14. I have it on good authority that, while they are randomly picked, they are randomly picked from the last 1000 pics posted.
  15. Here's one way to do it ... Filter to the criteria you want. Then select 'User Flags' then select 'Set for nn records' replacing the nn with the number of your choice. Then filter on 'User Flag set' before exporting to your GPSr. Thanks for the answer, guys. --Dave
  16. Forgive me if this has been asked before, but is there a way to select how many caches to include in an output file? For example, if I wanted to just output 500 to my GPSr? --Dave
  17. Does anyone know how to translate a shapefile into something GSAK can recognize as a filter? --Dave
  18. Merry Christmas to all from down here in NEFGA land! --Dave
  19. Why would it? . NEFGA is still up. And we are the one's offering to co-host the event. Edit: FloridaCaching refugees can go here to work through their withdrawls.
  20. Yes, you read correctly. Jacksonville, FL has banned caching in their parks. Read all about it here! --Dave Webmaster, NEFGA
  21. You can filter your cache list by "placed date" which shows as a user choice in the "set filter" screen. You can access it by clicking on the "search" icon button on your tool-bar or pulling down the "search" from menu bar. Once you have filtered your list then export it in whatever file format you require that is offered by GSAK. Hope I have helped. Olar I don't think it really helped. What I want to do is export a text file, which is then read into a MYSQL database, where I can do all sorts of fun stuff to it. However, without a "placed date" field to export, that info doesn't go into the database, and I can't sort out the ones placed in the last week automatically. I hope this makes sense; I'm not that great at explaining stuff like this; I'm better at showing than telling. --Dave
  22. Is there any way to output the "placed" field? I'm using GSAK to pull the data from my PQs to maintain a database on my website, and could really use the placed date field to sort the caches by the date they were placed.
  23. I have the same problem when I try to visit the site with IE. Try Navigator or Opera. That's what I have to do. --Dave NEFGA Webmaster
  24. Well, I was all excited about this sweepstakes until I got to the part in the rules about it being void in Florida. What stupid law does Florida have that would make the sweepstaked void down here? --Dave
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