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  1. Ok...so I now read everyone elses screen issues of the legend and a good whack seemed to have solved the problem....has anyone checked with Garmin....these units cost too much to have loose wiring or faulty hardware!
  2. Has anyone having problems with the legend and back ground lighting....when trying to use in the dark the screen lights up but the screen becomes blank...I am thinking I have a bad unit? Any suggestions?
  3. It would be nice if the each cache page had a spot to confirm whether geodogs were allowed on the property. A few caches in my area are placed in no dog allowed zones and my dogs were not happy especially after a long car ride. Oh well needless to say we did not do those caches. Bohemian Buttons
  4. How do you know what version your legend is operating under?
  5. It is really to bad that rude, uncaring persons caused cacheflorida to be shut down but maybe the nextgroup to attempt a state site will be able to rein in unacceptable behavior. And if anyone threatens another cacher they should be band from the list! Good luck to all who begin the task of a new site. Bohemian Buttons
  6. Just been involved with geocaching a month and it is sad to hear about cacheflorida being unplugged. It is sad to see the group hurt by thoughtless few. I hope we can all learn to be supportive rather than rude and mean!! Thanks Info Sponge for your hard work! Bohemian Buttons
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