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  1. You got it! Newbie here that read the article. I got online the day i read it, researched models here and at Garmin and Magellin. I went out this weekend and bought a Garmin 60c and am now ready to go. Once I figure it out that is. I think I got it down and as soon as life settles down...I'm out there looking for caches. See ya out there!
  2. Hello fellow newbie and fellow Jeeper. I've got an 04 TJ and just bought the Garmin 60c. After much research I figured it was the best all around unit for what I wanted it to do. Caching, biking, on road navigation etc. Good luck on your purchase and have fun on your trip! Come on over to Jeepz.com. Some of the nicest and most knowledgable guys and girls around. I'm south442 over there.
  3. Man, I'm glad I checked this forum out! I'm new to this as well. I read an article in the paper last week about geocaching, visited this website, studied the Garmin and Magellin websites then went out and bought a Garmin 60C over the weekend. I couldn't find anything in the manual about entering numeric coordinates either. I finally found a way in the software for the PC where I could enter a geocach but nothing about just entering a waypoint with the coordinates. I'm pretty gadget savvy and was a little embarassed at myself for not figuring it out on my own. Oh well. Thanks Peachy!
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