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  1. The listing should be as accurate as possible IMO. Intentionally using soft coords or a misleading size choice to up the difficulty wouldn't be appreciated from me. Just my 2 cents.
  2. I very rarely trade items. When I hide a cache I try to stock it with a few things for kids to trade. Swag deteriorates, sometimes very quickly. I've had finders innocently log that they traded a travel bug or geocoin for some piece of swag. I don't get worked up about it as I assume it's nothing nefarious, but that basically takes a swag item for nothing. I remember being confused about TB and geocoins at first as well (took a while to learn that you don't need to leave something to move one along) so I can relate to the confusion. Other people don't have anything with them to trade but a child with them has to have some little doo-dad from the box so they let them take it rather than deal with a possible tantrum. Maybe they throw a rock, golf ball, or leaf sitting a few feet away to even things out. One cache I found I noticed the finder above me wrote in the paper log he or she took a gift card and ceramic something or other in exchange for a coupon - the coupon was expired prior to their found date! I thought it was weird to log such a lopsided trade and not just do it without creating a record.
  3. You could touch base with the person who gave you permission for the placement and see if the moved rocks are troubling to him or her. If not, leave it.
  4. Have you asked the cache owner for help? Could be he or she wants to see a first to solve/find achieved before handing out help.
  5. That is a bummer. But I say don't stop creating quality hides, just maybe seed them with less swag. There are a healthy portion of cachers who don't trade even, I think it's just the nature of being able to do it with no one around to witness. You also can't be 100% sure the FTF raided the cache as it could have been someone else who found it without logging the find. Not saying that is likely...
  6. Campus Highlighter II: This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
  7. I had voted for that feedback item a looong time ago and also wasn't thrilled with the resolution.
  8. Love the idea of suggestions. I do think it is a better metric. For example, in my area (near DC) the top dozen+ favorited caches by total favorites are all virtuals on the mall with 1000+ finds. A ratio would certainly be skewed by caches with just a few finds, but hopefully Groundspeak can add this along with the total favorite count and perhaps require a cache have some minimum number of finds before it officially gets a ratio. Or at least let apps like GSAK have some way to know a caches total find count along with the favorite count so macros can handle the rest...
  9. I don't have a big problem with it as long as they properly back date the logs. When you get old finds that aren't backdated it can cause serious confusion on caches that have been AWOL for months with a string of DNFs. It is nice to log DNFs in a timely manner as they may alert the owner and fellow finders to a potential problem, but what are ya gonna do?
  10. It isn't completely true that once you've used your 10 votes, there's no more voting. I've changed my votes several times, so I could reassign my votes to a suggestion that was more worthy than one of the ones I'd already voted for. But there have been several suggestions that I thought were good ideas, but I didn't vote for them because they weren't as important as the 10 I'd already spent my votes on. I quickly grew tired of having to poach votes from one idea to support another. Make it harder for people to give feedback and they won't give you as much feedback...
  11. I would say no. I think of it as a hobby.
  12. I would like to see them added to the GPX file, but at least they did add them. Not sure if I'll use these new personal notes or continue to keep a private bookmark list to track solved puzzles online. I and many other cachers have requested something similar to this many times and it's nice to see something implemented.
  13. Just had a local cache disabled as the CO assumed this guy stole the geocache along with posting this log. (I did e-mail the CO.) Groundspeak needs to invest some man hours in preventing this BS.
  14. Just tested that: 'shared' lists do show up on your public profile page. Mr. Terratin I only see one list on your profile and it is both shared and public.
  15. Shared means other users can see it if you provide a link, but it doesn't appear on the cache page sidebar. I think shared lists should show up on your profile under the bookmark tab. Why don't they? Public lists are linked from the sidebar on cache pages. I agree it's not all that intuitive. Would be nice to have a little blurb on the page where you choose the settings explain the differences. I have one list marked public - My favorites - and a few other ones are merely shared as I don't think they'd add anything to the cache by cluttering up the bookmark tab. I link to the shared lists from my profile page.
  16. Actually, that's the same thing I am seeing when I look at that topic. Yeah, I didn't tamper with anything. It's easy to recreate. Just remove and reapply your votes.
  17. Noticed that GOF has figured out how to put 4 votes on one suggestion. How'd he do it?
  18. Is there a way to find somebody's userpage on the feedback site? The username links on the topics bounce back to the GC.com profile and I can't see another way to get to them. Would be nice to see what posts a user supports or has commented on.
  19. Have you clicked on your user name at the top of the right hand column? i don't see my name in any column, its only above it as "Signed in as t4e" and when i click on it in Activity there's nothing, in Settings there's "Deliveries" options and woow i have a Karma of 12 I see a list of the topics I've voted for on this page. Have you voted for any topics?
  20. Burned through my 10 votes in about 5 minutes. Can't create a new topic now without removing or reducing my vote for something else. Kind of a bummer. Probably see a lot of people rescinding votes on the issues that languish for weeks.
  21. I'm test driving the heck out of it. Log in and VOTE if you like my ideas. Make a suggestion! I only have 5 votes left!!! i don't like the limitation on number of votes, GC is not like any other business that uses this system where there are not many members and ideas are few and far between on GC there can be 10 new ideas in one day, so if i like them and vote for them but are never implemented i can never vote again also in an attempt to preserve ones votes, people will not vote for many ideas in case something better comes up, thus creating a false picture of agreement to the idea that has to be the most stupid method of attempting to control quality Well, it looks like you can change a vote back to 0 at any time to reclaim your vote points if they aren't closed out. But before I read the little pop up help "What happens if I run out?" I was wondering how long I'd have to wait after spending all the votes or what. I guess it will force people to decide what they really want to support. (Better keep sock puppet account leashed...) Doesn't look like you can reply to a comment either. That will make it hard to have a back and forth discussing finer points of an idea, but perhaps that is by design? Of course, it is just a test site and I have no experience with uservoice so maybe things like that are configurable.
  22. The event should have a physical log you can sign to "prove" you were there, at least the ones I've attended all have. Could be the organizer audited this log and didn't see your name (assuming here that you didn't sign a log at the event?) so she decided to follow up with you to make sure you really attended.
  23. Wow, that is terrible. I'm not sure I love the getsat site, but I'd hate for Groundspeak to be forced to abandon it over that sort of BS.
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